22 March 2011

help kids learn project #11.

the 11th project of the help kids learn project falls on year 2011! :) wow. i can't believe the help kids learn project is five years old! how time flies!!!! what started out as a little personal project to share the blessings that have been so generously given to me, now seems to be growing bigger and bigger! what a blessing! ang galing ni GoD!

to date, this march 2011 project is the biggest we've done since this started in 2005. for this project, we visited signal village elementary school in taguig city, and as always, i chose the grade six students who are graduating, so that our little gift giving project may serve as inspiration for them to work harder on to high school! thank you to school principal dra. remedios antonio for the warmest welcome! and the biggest thank you in the world to mayor lani cayetano for making this all possible!!!! :)

welcome to one of the biggest schools in taguig city! they have around 1,200 grade six students, and here we are in their gym for their rehearsals for their graduation happening april 1! in the past, i have only been able to shoulder school supplies for anywhere from 400 to 600 students, but for this year, ate lani so generously matched my donation, so that we would be able to visit a bigger school! i'm so, so, so thankful!!!! :)

its nothing big, its a simple school supplies pack. a clear plastic envelope with a notebook, pad paper, box of crayons, pencil, and pens! more than the material gift, its the morale boost that we can give the students that we find more important. we give them a little pep talk congratulating them for a job well done in grade school, but also telling them what's in store for them for high school, with the hope that they will stick it out to be able to graduate high school as well. :)

the students were so, so cute because as we were distributing the school supplies, the pa system started to play music and they all started to sing bruno mars' 'just the way you are' and justin bieber's 'baby' in unison! a whole gym with over a thousand students happily clapping and singing all together! such a happy spirit in the air! :)

check out the cute, rowdy boys in the front row. they got their school supplies early and so they were just being makulit the whole time! i asked the students what jobs they would like to have when they grow up. a lot want to be in engineering, nursing, in construction, even showbiz, but also, uso na pala na ambition for kids nowadays is to be in i.t. or in the computer industry. i told them, "baka naman hindi computer programming ang gusto niyong trabaho, baka naman computer gaming!" hahaha, tawa sila lahat ng tawa. mukhang totoo. :p

at the end of the impromptu program, ate lani had a super bright idea! she asked the kids, to end the day, who would be willing to perform a song number! the kids all started to shout and volunteer their own friends and classmates! the students sang everything from miley cyrus, to justin bieber, to sarah geronimo, to jovit baldivino!

this was one of the most fun help kids learn projects ever! at the end of the program, as i was about to leave, so many students gave me handwritten letters, where they did small drawings and doodles! so, so, so touching. i told the students that they are the future. they have to believe that. i said i hope to see one of them become a future news journalist in abs-cbn, a future basketball player in the pba, a future businessman providing jobs for fellow taguigenos, or even the future mayor of taguig!

i truly, truly wish these students well. education is so important, i hope they realize this, and i hope they use it as their weapon to succeed in the future. :)


Nadin said...

Wow bianca. You have such a big heart! You're my inspiration.=))

b0ko15 said...

very nice

Lorita Java-Geronimo said...

WOW! bianca i didn't know you have this other side of you.You surely touched these kids' lives. You have a BIG HEART, congratulations!!! the rewards above are greater than this!!!

qaiqai said...

U got a huge fan here. Hope i can join u in ur charity works. :) GBU!

Claire Lou said...

Ms. Bianca, you really have a big heart for the children. as i read your blog and stare at the pictures i can imagine how greatful those children are because of the gifts they received. gift from small or big packages is as luxurious as diamonds especially when it's from the heart. continue to be an ambassador of the Lord, your an epitome of what really an icon should be. thank you for sharing your experience with us through your blog..

katherine macabia said...

hi Ms. bianca. thanks for helping my alma mater. how i wish i was able to help you out when you did the activity. thanks again! :)

Alexa said...

i really admire you Bianca for your passion in your advocacy:). you only proved that we all can make a difference in our own way. continue to be an inspiration!

Jazzy Jaz said...

Nice one, Bianca! God bless your heart! :)

Denzky said...

Wow ate Bianca, You are one of the few celebrities who are worth following. You are such a wonderful person inside & out. May God continue to bless you and your family so that you can help many more children.

YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD ROLE MODEL TO EVERYONE! Thank you being an inspiration.

Love you ate Bianca :)

PS- I hope you'll go to Davao, I'll gladly help with your outreach program. :)

GOD BLESS Ate Bianca!

Michelle said...

This is such an amazing thing you did! You're such an inspiration. :)

littlemisshomosapien said...

I've always known that you keep a blog but this is the first time that I've actually read through your writings. Which is a shame, because I know you to be a no-nonsense writer.

Keep it up with your advocacies, Ms Bianca. Sign me up :)

Anonymous said...

You're post just made me smile. Don't stop being a role model to a lot of people. :)

bratty21 said...

galing mo talaga bianca.... you have a kind hearted.... your one of a kind...
p.s. may basketball player talaga ha ;-D

Meggie said...

awww.. i wanna help to Ms. Bianca. :)

Arianne said...

I want to be helping children too hopefully after I graduate. You're really my idol Bianca!! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow u r very inspiring,one day if I become rich I will dothe same I wish there are hundreds of u in this earth...the world could have been a better place :) more power biancz;)

RF said...

I think you might like this. http://tc.ioffer.com/i/shower-curtain-peace-love-happiness-smiley-face-sign-137993913

RF said...

You don't need to publish my previous comment. I just wanted to show you the curtain :)

Vhincci Subia said...

Been reading your posts and following your blog, since I started blogging. And oh! Your twitter too. :)

You're such an inspiring person. I believe you have a genuine heart and the charity is in you. I really admire you a lot. I hope I can help or put up a foundation someday when I'll be already earning on my own. Glad you still have the time to do and blog all of these even you're in showbiz. :)

I need some of your thoughts and ideas for a comment on my blog... Thank you! :)

World of Vhincci

shey said...

Greetings everyone and Ms. Bianca!

We, Wildfire – recognized youth organization by National Youth Commission and the youth ministry of HISLIFE CITY CHURCH here in San Fernando Pampanga, Philippines, has been forefront in reaching out to young people – both schooled and unschooled for more than six years now. Wildfire’s aim is to teach and mold young people to be leaders with Christian values for the generation today and tomorrow.

Every year, Wildfire holds a youth camp/youth retreat at Mt. Peniel, Patling, Tarlac. And this year, the camp dubbed as “YEAR OF EXTREME FRUITFULNESS” is scheduled on May 26, 27, and 28. For the previous years, God has been doing life-changing things upon the excellence and many more others that have happened as a result of these youth camps. And we do believe, God is about to do more with these young people.

In line with this, I, Rachell Angela Tiotuico, would like to personally ask for your support. I am leading 12 young people and I want them to attend the youth camp. That’s why I am asking God to bless me financially so I could sponsor all my 12. The amount of registration fee per person is P2,000. This is inclusive of food and room accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights. I don’t want my 12 to miss this experience of encountering God. And so I am asking for your financial support to help me bless these youth.

It doesn’t matter how much you will give. Whether big or small, God is looking into your sincere hearts. “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Cor 9:7)

Here are the names of my 12 if in case God is speaking to you right now to bless anyone of them:

1. Ivan Christian Carlos
2. Angelica Magtoto
3. Arianne Sarmiento***
4. Billy Sarmiento***
5. Jennifer Muzada***
6. Shannin Miguel***
7. Nhey Pangilinan
8. Ruby Lyn Dagucon***
9. Gheng Vergara
10. Gladice May Alonzo***
11. Khimberly Rose Dizon
12. Regine Gopez***
(***Also leading 12 disciples)

This is my BDO Kabayan Savings account number:
5194 6313 1040 6258
Rachell Angela Tiotuico

I pray that God will give back to you what you will give in full measure, pressed down, shaken together, to make room for more and running over. Siksik liglig at umaapaw na ibabalik ni Lord. God bless you and your family!

Here's a clip of last year's youth camp, YEAR OF RESTORATION:

Kaye Sigua said...

You're really an inspiration to us fellow Filipinos. Such a big heart! ;)

Sam said...

Hi ms bianca. you are such a kind person. I really love reading ur blog kasi every entry i feel ur sincerity. Even captions sa fb pictures mo nakakatuwa kasi neffeel ko talaga yung emotions mo yung joy, excitement, appreciation sa lahat ng mga bagay o tao na binibigay or nakakasama mo. You are such an inspiration kasi you're continously trying to learn new stuff everyday (saw video with u in it on manila minds) advocate, and do all other great things to show your talent and express your wonderful thoughts may it be online or thru tv. Please dont stop doing these because you are such a good role model for all the youth out there.
Btw, do you know any orgs na looking for volunteers? I would like to help out kasi, ive been wanting to do this for a long time na..but since i got busy and all hindi naging possible.
Thank you and may God continuously bless you ms bianca :)

Sam said...

Pahabol heehee dami ko nasabi sa 1st comment ko pero d ko nasabi! Belated happy birthday Ms Bianca :D

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Bianca. Whenever i feel uninspired --- i read your blog to re-energize my mind, my heart.
I know that you're a dedicated supporter of the youth and education. I hope your family and frinds will to continue to support your advocacy and fight to keep children off the street and bring them to classrooms.
I'm a mother with 2 kids and can't bear to see pictures of street children in Manila. Street children deserve a chance, an opportunity to better their lives thru education. I hope leaders in the Philippine government recognize that they need to get these children off the streets first, then educate/ let them know that there is GOODness in this world. And teach/inspire them to better their lives and the only way to achieve this is thru EDUCATION.
I pray that you won't get tired of helping kids/youth.
Thank you for helping these children. May God bless you! I wish God create more YOU, so YOU can help more children.

m.cielo said...

Hi Bianca! you're such a good person. you aware o' that? Continue that because we're just here to support you. Just want you to know that you inspire me..a lot! I started blogging because of you and you're the only constant person that I always update myself with to what tweet/s you'll be posting.Not bec. I'm stalking you haha but bec it's interesting and worthy of my time. And y'know what? for me, you are the Maria Clara of this modern world. Such a perfect example. And if only I'm a guy, you're the one that I would wanna marry. Ideal girl it is. Unfortunately, I'm gay.haha! that's all.God bless and I love you.

-from a Thomasian. M.

Rhea Gulin said...

wow miss bianca! you have such a good heart! what else can i say? you're bright and kind and talented... your jam packed!
you're my biggest inspiration in the world of blogging.I hope you can check my blog too :)

Trish said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience!! I feel so inspired about life. I realized, I should be productive. This entry makes me miss my high school life! We used to have outreach programs back then. We help less fortunate every feast day of our saint. And now, I'm on my college, there were no more opportunities like that. I wish I could help less privileged people. Thanks, Bianca!! You're really such an inspiration to me and to everyone else! :) I really admire you not just as a showbiz icon but the whole you! You ate truly a genuine person. :"> May God bless you always and continue to inspire people! :)