07 February 2007

and after over a year..

finally i am back to blogging.

am happy to be writing again!


what a year 2006 has been for me.

what a year, i tell you.

lahat ng posibleng maramdaman ng isang tao sa buhay, naramdaman ko lahat sa loob ng isang taon.

extreme happiness, extreme sadness, love, extreme love, fear, guilt, excitement, peace, uncertainty, certainty, denial, longing, comfort, security, satisfaction, embarrassment, pride, confidence, strength, anxiety, jealousy, helplessness, reassurance, courage, faith, hope.. and the list goes on.

and as the list goes on, life goes on as well.

we’re only human, we’re allowed to make mistakes, we’re allowed to wallow in our hurts.

but we just have to keep going. we actually have no choice but to keep going.

life is beautiful and GoD is good!

life is a non-stop rollercoaster of a journey, a continuous reassessment of priorities and values, and the one and only chance we have to be the best us that we can be.

everything else is actually a bonus.

roundtrip ticket to the states, over a thousand dollars.
shopping at urban outfitters and h&m, a couple of hundred dollars.
a cup of coffee and a magazine at borders, around nine dollars.
subway fun pass, seven dollars.
the time spent with my brother, priceless.

here’s to a great 2007. cheers!

most wonderful texts received that helped me start my year right.

“that was really the best birthday gift ever!!”
from my brother

“you will make it for one reason: GoD will sustain you.”
from my pastor

“and the best is yet to come.”
from my tita sandy

“walang palitan.”
from my best friend pepel

“no one said that you have to do it alone.”
from my good friend pam

"remember that GoD wants nothing more than your own happiness, in fact, He wants it more than you yourself want it! isn't that so awesome?"
from my good friend rina

i like listening to “show me” by john legend.

i realized as i lay down to sleep
we haven't spoke in weeks
so many things that i'd like to know
come have a talk with me
i need a sign, something i can see
why all the mystery?
i try not to fall for make believe
but what is reality?
where do we go?
what do we know?
life has to have a meaning
show me the light
show me the way
show that you're listening

show me that you love me
show me that you walk with me
hopefully, just above me
heaven's watching over me

guess it's funny how i say thanks to you
for all you've given me
sometimes the price of what you gave to me
i can't stop questioning
o GoD of love, peace, and mercy
why so much suffering?
i pray for the world, it gets worse to me
wonder if you're listening
when people go
why do they go?
why don't you choose me?
but someday i know
i'm gonna go
i hope you're waiting for me

show me that you love me
show me that you walk with me
hopefully, just above me
heaven's watching over me

maybe we'll talk
some other night
right now i'll take it easy
won't spent my time
waiting to die
enjoy the life i'm living

show me that you love me
show me that you walk with me
hopefully, just above me
heaven's watching over me

what i’m obsessing about right now.

..travelling.. waaah!! it makes me so happy thinking that one day, i’ll reach my dream destinations like japan, egypt, brazil, greece, kenya, cambodia, spain, and any aman beach. (ay grabe, matagal-tagal pag-iipon ito, but if ever it happens, it will definitely be worth it.)

..the bisaya words “kapuy”, “kaluuy”, and “pataka”. (which mean pagod, kawawa, and what-the-heck-you-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about respectively.)

..totally spies and hannah montana on the disney channel!

..the original motion picture soundtrack of “the last kiss”.

..lola prints.. as in like floral designs, lines, swirls, dull and faded colors, as in lahat ng binili ko while shopping in the states were lola prints. bags, wallets, tops, dresses.. i love it!

..having good dinners with great company in serendra.

..the thai crunch salad at cpk.

..the warmth of the sun at 8AM.

..travelling.. (yes! obsessed talaga ako to travel! haha.)

..reading inspiring, human-interest stories!

..the anticipation and excitement of catching my brother or my best friend online to chat with them.

..quick talks throughout the day with my LoRd and personal savior.. whether to say thank you, to ask for something, to apologize for something, or to give glory to His name, he’s always there.

thank you to those who used to read my blog and are reading it again right now, welcome to those who are new to my blog, and thank you to calc and ven for my super cool template!


Neve said...

Hey, Ate Bianca! It's me Neve... Well I doubt you still remember. Lol. Met you at Araneta during the PDA Grand Dream Night. I was the one with Calc. And so yeah, I'm friends with him and Chigo.

It's nice that you're now back to blogging. I guess I'm one of your first readers (if not THE first, haha) on your comeback... It's 'coz you've made your first post past 12 today and it's only 2.17 right now. Haha, so there. Anyway, hope you check out my blog, too: http://angelslashbutterfly.blogspot.com

Leave me a tag also... If it's okay.

Hoping to see you soon! I wanna be friends with you, too! Heehee. Take care of yourself! :)

abi said...

hi!!! buti nalang ure back to blogging na :) my blog life is not complete pag wala ung blog mo hehehe :) dis is abi by the way ;p

Linnor said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging... I pray that you will soon be granted with all of your heart's desiressss. :D

Have a good day!

calculus said...

Parang blog version ng 'The prodigal son (or daughter)'. Hehehe!! Saan ka ba nanggaling at nawala ka ng matagal?

Ganda ng template!!! Galing talaga ni ven =P

chocomanik said...

waaaaah! been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for you to come back to blogging biancz! welcome back!! finally, we hear your voice, again :)

this is choco/niki by the way. ingat lagi and hope to see you again soon! :)

Joanna said...

thank god you're back in your blog now!!! haha,. i miss reading your blog,.

pbb_adik said...

hi bianca! you really express yourself very well here... it's nice to know you are back to blogging. Thank you for letting us know your innermost thoughts and feelings.

like you, i also have the passion of travelling. My dream is to become travel show host. This is the reason why i watch Discovery Travel and Living a lot!

i hope you find the happiness you are deserve with the man of your dreams! fly free! fly high and proud!

bhitzs said...

wow! Supergirl is back!

its so nice naman that you're back to blogging...isang taon ko ito hinintay Biancs hehe...nway COOL template! you rock girl!

Inchiqueko said...

Hi Bianca!

It's nice to know that you're finally back to blogging. I've been waiting for this.

Inchiqueko said...

and oh...I find it funny that you're obsessing on those Bisaya words. Here's more :

1. Pastilan!(An expression that translates to "Hay Naku!" expression in Tagalog. ex: "Hay Naku! Ang hirap naman gawin nito!".

2. Maayong Buntag, maayong hapon, maayong gabii (which means good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, respectively.)

3. Way sapayan. (Equivalent to "walang anuman" when someone says "Thank You" to you.)

4. Daghang Salamat. (Thank You)


LmooRe said...

welcome back to blogging :)

your thoughts brighten my day as always. it's so nice to read it.

you are a great influence in my life.

skulgirltrx said...

wow! congratulations! you're back! i've been reading your blog way,way back pa bef. your unexpected hiatus.

about your post... yup, certain people or circumstances come into our life unexpectedly but these should make us braver and better 'coz everything happens for a reason and nothing stays the same forever. but do remember GOOD things can evolve to something better! ^_^

God bless and more power! =)

Sophia said...

Finally, you'reback.

Superbianca. The beauty cum brains goddess =)

Your first entry for 2007 is such an inspiration to us all. Very interesting, nice to read.

Just wanna leave you message from the great Maya Angelou:

"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow."

Good luck girl! More Power!

chuchie said...

hi bianca... it's nice to know that your back blogging... i really like you..

Aleia said...

hi bianca, am a newbie here so i hope to learn new things about life in reading your thoughts! take care! have a nice day!

freyti said...

lola bianca,your back!and im back also in reading your blog..waah..
for how many years?!?char lang..for one year lang pala..
haha..natawa ako nung nabasa ko yung obsession mo sa bisaya word na kapuy!im imagining how will you going to say that word?!?paturo ka pa sa mga kasambahay mo...para marami ka ng language na malalaman!at tyaka sa susunod na post ko dito,in bisaya na!hehe..ayos bah?!
@ Inchiqueko-hey..your bisaya din pala..pero hindi ko alam yung way sapayan-malalim ba yan na bisaya?!ahmp!
if you have time..pls visit my multiply..www.freyti.multiply.com
thanks you!hihi

jassy said...

Wow! Welcome back! And now that you're back, don't stop writing and blogging again...okay? :)

camolle said...

galing naman.. blog na ulit.!!
kaya mo yan! :p wahahaha

_kaRen_ said...

woohoo! welcome back to blogging Bianca :)

nice post.. lalo na ang mga "bisaya" words... see you sa brazil Bianca haha.. love to go there too.

Anonymous said...

you are finally back bianca! tagal kong hinintay ung pagbabalik mo sa blogging! I'm one of the millions of people who is really inspired by the way you write! you're actually my role model! fan mo ako! hehe! tagal mong nawala! once in a while i'm checking kung updated na ung blog mo! yehey!finally! I'm sOoOoOo happy you're back! keep up your good works! tc! God blezs!

Chenchelle said...

You've been in my Bloglines for so long. I'm glad to see your name's highlighted on my list which means you have a new post. :) Keep on writing.
You're a good model for the youth. You're a natural and very intelligent (which is very rare among today's personalities).

venice said...

Hey Biancs! So glad youre back! *apir* buti naman nagustuhan mo ang iyong bagong template. galing din talaga ni calculus!

just remember, when God closes the door, He opens a window. ;p God Bless you...

claire said...

hey bianca, im glad you're back to blogging... :) it's been a while hehe take care always :)

May Ann said...

tnx a lot biancs for taking time once again to post in your blog, i'm one of the thousands who are looking forward for your blogging again
btw, from where did you learn those bisaya words?
do take care biancs,
hindi pirme magpa kapoy!

Pebs said...

... so the moment we've all been waiting for... finally came true!

Wow! You're back and you've done a pretty great job with your first post.

Inspiring, motivating and captivating. Simply makes you superb Superbianca!

Life maybe fast or slow paced, people come and people go, there maybe lots of crossroads, but always remember whichever road you take, the Lord will never leave your side.

Take care and happy blogging... again! :-)

radiculous said...

Velcome Back!!! :D

tracy said...

Hi Ate Bianca! :)

Congratulations on the blogging comeback.. :) I'm Tracy, we met in May last year in Y Speak. :)

I really want to thank Y Speak a lot! And I don't know how to get the message straight to you (not sure with the e-mail address). Anyway, thanks. You did specifically 2 episodes that really, really, really helped me in my oral defense this year. I'm a 7th grader in Miriam College Grade School. So thanks a lot! And I mean a lot! :) Couldn't have submitted my paper without the information you gave on those episodes. More power to my favorite TV show! :)

I really hope you could read this despite your busy schedule. Thanks again! God bless and take care. :)

PJ said...


its great that you're blogging again.

i was a reader before and i thought you completely discontinued it although your blog break message kept me hopeful. and i also used your blog as a jump-off to other great young filipino/a bloggers.

cheers to you as well!


kat sullan said...

i super duper miss reading your blog!!!! i always drop by. haha! and wish you'll be back. yey! remember me? nah... i dont think so. haha. atleast your back. :)

Anonymous said...

hi bianca,

wow! at long last your back in blogging! nice thoughts, continue sharing us this habang di ka pa busy uli :) nice to see you more often on TV especially now that PBB will launch soon...

congrats as well with Blog, you and the blog team is doing a wonderful job!

God Bless! Inspire us more! Mabuhay ang bagong kabataan!

B: Buhay!
I: Inspirasyon!
A: Alam ang nais puntahan na
N: Nanatiling TOTOO sa TUNAY na
A: Akala nyo ha... hirap mag isip ng Tagalog...


Thanks again! :)

Anonymous said...

hi bianca im mai. ive been an avid reader of your blog as in way before u were in pbb pa. phew tagal na! and i enjoyed evrything u wrote. and im happy now that ur back. amidst all the trials that life offer us, magiging steady rin ang lahat. yep, i always say that to myself even if how hassledeck life is at me. but i still look at d brighter side of it..kaya steady lang bianca alright?!

dvyn said...

hi bianca!

Welcome back!! ^^V

ron said...

my officemate looks a lot like you. im just sayin'

Anonymous said...

SWEET:)It's nice to know that your back with your Blog, Bianx. I hope to see you soon again in PBB Uplate... more POWAH and GOd Bless.:)

Ria P. said...

Heya SuperBianca :p

Welcome back to the blogworld! :) I changed my blog URL; the tinkerbell thing is gone. Haha. http://prettychaotic.blogspot.com/ is the "new" one.

Keep your head up, pretty woman. XD God bless!

jhenny said...

hi there! im just an avid fan :) good to see you back online...

Neve said...

Hi again, Ate Bianca! Don't you wanna put up a cbox or whatever tagboard so it'll be a lot easier to leave messages? Haha. Just a suggestion. Hope you consider.


Kathy said...

Hi Banky! How are you? Glad to see you blogging again. Was wondering what happened to you. H&M is great, di ba? :)

Ben-Ariel said...

whoa! you're back! i'm obssessed about traveling too! iba na 'to... and thanks to budget airlines like air asia, it seems to be so much of a possibility. hehe. oh yeah, when i get back there let's go to serendra again. by that time (july maybe) i'm sure it'll look much better. see ya!

karen said...

hi, i really admire the person you are... You've been an inspiration to me... sobra!!! thank God that a certain Bianca Gonzales exist in this world..

Roxanne said...

Hello Ate Bianca.
It's my first time to comment here. I am super glad your back ;)
Take Care

kleng said...

ang ganda..you're right, we have no choice but to keep going. at tama rin pala, nakakapagpatibay ang hurts na pinagdadaanan natin.kasi hindi na tayo takot humarap sa anumang problema dahil alam na natin kung hanggang saan ang kaya natin.at ang akala nating hindi natin kayang pasanin, kaya pala pag andiyan na.
im one of your supporters and you have been in my prayers since you left PBB house. I always pray that your beautiful, feminine heart remain intact whatever comes your way.and i will still continue praying for you. God bless!

kae said...

I'm glad your back!!!=)been waiting for you to update your blog.

Whatever comes along your way, just stay strong. Madaming nagmamahal sayo. =)

Kathy said...

I passed by H&M today and thought of you.

Keep writing girl.

Stace said...

http://lifelessmob.blogspot.com .. Hope you'll visit there

chinitareese said...

shux ate bianca. glad ur back! :) nagulat ako nung nakita kong bago na ung header ng blog.

sherry said...

Bianca! you're back to Bloggerville! what a hiatus! =) I super love your new template =) It's great to know you're movin on.. Hope you're havin a great '07! =) Cheers! =)

bhea said...

grabe idol... kip smylng

kae said...

hi! i'm glad your back. been waiting for you to update your blog. it's been a while..

whatever comes along your way, just stay strong. madaming nagmamahal sayo. =) God Bless!

Anonymous said...

haluw bianca!!!

salamat naman at bumalik ka na sa pag blog!!! na miss ko kasi mga opinions mo!!

Anonymous said...

helow!!! congrats and welcome back, lookinf forward sa mga entries mo... reading your blog is like reading a good book... God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Waaahhh.... thank you and you are back. countless times binibisita ko blog mo and bigla nalang ON LEAVE before you joined PBB. siguro you receive my messages thin when i txted you sa 2366! I miss you, your blog entries and everything. visit my blog and hope you can comment too! vjruado.blogspot.com ---VJ

Anonymous said...

reading kc's blog too.. & i just noticed her inkling now for " cupid & psyche" "across the universe", w/c you blogged since 2005..hehe. i like your blog better though.. take care !

GreenMangoes said...


I miss your "bianca thoughts".

It's not everyday we talked by your thoughts kaya im super happy that you're here na ulit! =)

craggyrecess said...

woohoo~ welcome back! i'm Lnzville from your previous blog :) god i miss this!!! (and hoorah for Hannah Montana hehe)

just L.E.E. said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Bianca,

I've seen you in PBB. In fact I see you still even out of PBB. You don't know me but nakikita tayo once in a while in the building where I work in. Read your opening in the blog. I was one of your great voters while you were in the PBB house. Hirap nang nasa showbiz. Too many things to consider, too many things to follow, too many people who believe you have to be answerable to them or to whatever. Well, somehow, being close to where you are, people like me who believe in you -- we get to feel what you're feeling, hear what youre not saying, and hope that like all human beings you find the enlightenment and kindness everyone in life rightfully deserves. We're all on our journey somehow to some place or some state of mind and spirit where we know better -- that's what I call 'enlightenment'. The journey there can be a tremendous struggle...specially pa you're in a world where every move is being questioned and measured and judged. But just remember, you are solely responsible for your happiness, and answerable to that journey -- no one else. Go where your heart is at peace. No one can touch you there -- not the so called "regrets" of the past, nor the fears of the future. Twin thieves that rob you of enjoying the moment, enjoying today. Go with God Bianca....at pag tinanong ka nila bakit masaya ka na. Sagutin mo nalang ng: "Conditioner ko lang yan".

Seriously, Julia Roberts once said when asked: "Do you regret having undergone the mistakes with people, with career, etc?" She replied:"Everything, everyone that I've passed is part of the sum of who I am now. Things shouldn't reduce who YOU are. They're all part of who you are now, what you know better."

Nothing in this world should make you feel less than a person. Suportahan kita in your journey to your enlightenment. No one can touch you there.

JiLL said...

Welcome back :)

JiLL said...

welcome back :)

b|acrose said...

love you bianca!!! im so happy, you are back!!!

Ria Hazel said...

welcome back to blogger! yay! parang one year ang hiatus mu. hehe

Take Care. :D

And yeah, Happy Heart's Day!

Ria Hazel said...

welcome back to blogger! it surprised me after your year-long hiatus. hehe.

here's to more posts and adventures, supergirl..

Happy ♥'s Day!

bhitzs said...

Happy Hearts Day Bianca!

a gentle heart like yours deserve all the LOVE and BLESSINGS GOD has bestowed here on earth :)

see you soon girl...

andy said...

oi, hi bianca! i have just recently found out about your blog and i really read all your posts from from 2003 to the present in one sitting only. i must say i really enjoyed reading your thoughts. i wasn't surprised at all when i found out that you write really well. keep writing and inspire us more. ps. i always watch your shows. big fan.

andy said...

oi, hi bianca! i have just recently found out about your blog and i really read all your posts from 2003 to the present in one sitting only. i really enjoyed reading your thoughts. i wasn't surprised at all when i found out that you write so well. keep writing and inspire us more. ps. i always watch your shows. big fan.

Anonymous said...

hi Ate biancz!!
i'm happy that you're back on blogging!!
masaya ako pagnababasa ko ang blog mo...nakakainspire talaga...
whatever happens nand2 kmi nagbi2gay ng suporta sau...
kaya mo yan!!!
happy valentines...
from one of ur fans in gensan..

Bob said...

Hi ms bianca!! wb wb wb wb wb!!! finally, an update! (cue sad music...ngek) i check ur blog every chance I get, hoping to read a new post. kumpleto na ang araw ko.

btw nice template. :)

Anonymous said...

happy valentines!!!
i'm happy that your back on blogging...
your thoughts gives me inspires me...
whatever happens we're here to support you!!
kaya mo yan!!!
from one of your fans in gensan..

rene said...

it's funny you pointed out "pataka" as one of your favorite Bisaya words. i think i say it everyday. hehe. and i like the way you translated it to "what-the-heck-you-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking". right on the money! :-)

janet said...

hello bianca.. im glad you're back to blogging... i miss you on BLOG, but i like Iya too though... wow, im gonna see u in PBB uplate again :) the last time i wrote a comment on your blog was before PBB celeb edition.. whew, it's really been a long time..

God bless..


Anonymous said...

hi ate bianca! wow! u know
wat? were the same,, im a supergirl wannabe din. kc i
have so many problems, btw,,
im chin 16 years old. i hope
we could be friend-close friends.
thank you! Godbless!

Anonymous said...

waah!!! ate bianca... inabot na ko ng anong oras kakabasa ng blog mo.
but its worth reading for. grabe!!! i've been dying to see u, and to get close to u. grabe!! Idol tlaga,! cge... -chin

Mae said...

Hey there Bianca! how are youuuuu? awww~ what's the name of that cute pomeranian on your beautiful banner? ^_^ hihihi welcome back! i miss your blog~ lezz go to Japan ^_^v <333 xoxo loves, Maeeeee

~kHrYzEtTe~ said...

Hi Ate Bianx!,
I've been waiting for your blog for almost a year and I'm glad that you're back..I'm looking forward for your other posts.
Anyway, I feel happy for your overwhelming career, and that's good, so much for that, good luck to everything. BTW,I can relate to your post about travelling..hehe..amazing..If you have time you can visit my blog and post a comment as well,
alright, good luck again.. and happy valentine's day!Ü

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

first time to read your blog and i felt that 2006 was indeed a "growing-up" year for you. All the lessons you've learned will hopefully make you a better and stronger person. Remember everything happens for a reason...

May you the find the happiness you truly deserve!!! GOd Bless and remember you are loved.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

first time to read your blog and i felt that 2006 was indeed a "growing-up" year for you. All the lessons you've learned will hopefully make you a better and stronger person. Remember everything happens for a reason...

May you the find the happiness you truly deserve!!! GOd Bless and remember you are loved.


Anonymous said...

hi bianca!
thanks for sharing!!

everything happens for a reason! remember you are loved!

cheska said...

hey biancs! im so happy that you're blogging again :) It's nice to have something to read again. Too bad i didnt get to see you in Manila! I miss you dooood and i hope everythings going great for you! Remember, its 2007! And im declaring it as a year for all of us to SPARKLE! mwah! :D

lady june said...

hey bianca! you're back from a loooong blog leave ha! hehe. it's nice to read your posts again... IDOL! :)

oNaNg said...

Hi! congrats and welcome back to the blogger world! Hope to read more of your literary pieces!

looking forward to a greater year!

Anonymous said...

I super like you!!!!

Saw you laugh, saw you cry, saw you fall in love...I am 100% with you! GoD Bless you Biancs

Robert Dan said...

I'm sincerely happy you're back! :-) Have a great 2007.

~ eDs said...

yey!!! ur back... yipee!!
very inspiring...

king said...

often times things never turn out as what we planned and sometimes we get things quite far as what we expected. it gets into us too bad and we ended up in a situation we never imagined we have to go through. it feels like we're a prisoner of a dungeon we did built with our own hands. but remember that almost everything has flaws in it and there are things that are truly far beyond our control.we dont have to apologize for being ourselves. what's important is that we learned from it and basically it makes us a stronger and better person.
all odds are just part of the process...

go bianca.. keep standing.. keep kicking a****!!

Anonymous said...


I'm sure your blog draws a smile in every readers face, cos it does lift ones spirit to see an energetic lady with dreams, hopes and aspirations bloom into a successful career woman that can share the brilliance of her mind.

I've been a regular reader of your blog, and you have encountered me before in another forum, and i'm not saying who I am - Just as we say in Ilocano, JACK IBAGA ...

jéssä said...

hiyah!! it's nice to have you back after your blog leave..ü And nice page you have..ü

Allane Christmae said...

Hi, Ate Bianca!
Matagal na akong wala sa Manila, pero pinapanuod ko parin mga dvd ng pinoy bigbrother.
Idol talaga kc kita!
Tungkol sa traveling mo....
I adore your passion in traveling. And oh-so cute that you watch Hannah Montana. I'm in U.S. now (New York) but I'm still a full-blooded pinay!

cath said...

welcome back to the blogging world. :) super missed your posts.
take care and goodluck in all your endeavors...


treexee said...

hi bianca. :) i'm happy your back to blogging again. :)

Anonymous said...

When something is loss another is gained. There is always a time for everything. Always look at the brightside of life. Past is past, but still there is the future. May God shower you with more grace.. GOODLUCK and GOD BLESS!!!!

Alexis Cabigao said...

Glad that you're back to blogging! i was actually browsing Ala's (Paredes) page and took a shot in hitting your link. Happy that I did =)

Padayon, Bianca!

secretlife79 said...

hi bianca,
I was very happy and surprised last Sunday to see you at ASAP(I was there at Aliw in my orange shirt hehehe...)what makes me super happy when I found out that you're finally back with blogging. I know that you will be very busy with your career but I'm hoping that you will continue to do your blogs...

I hope you will realize how much you inspire us and I personally believe that you are one of the greatest influence of this generation.

God Bless and PLEASE KEEP ON WRITING...Fight for your happiness...

Bdw, next week PBB na naman..for sure 2am na naman matutulog ang mother ko and believe or not she's a fan of yours at taga gising ko sya if I want to watch uplate...part ka ng bonding namin...hehehe...Keep on smiling...

monique said...

hi bianca! ive been reading you're blog ever since and was glad youre back again! this is my first time to give you a message coz i was like...uhm...shy?!haha. anyway, takecare and stay pretty!! :)

triszh said...

Hi Bianca! It's nice to know you're blogging again.

I was like this when you were on blog leave
--> -_-

Now I'm like this--> ^_^

I love travelling too! I also love H&M! Weee!

I watched you on The Buzz last Sunday!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts! :)

starstrucked.:) said...

hi bianca!
just wanna say that you're entries
are so cool..
you're a good writer!
im such a big fan..
that's all for now..
God bless and stay pretty! :D

KikayC said...

welcome back to the blogging world!!!

pepel said...

kapuuuuuy gyuuuuuuuud

Michael said...

heya bianca, nice to be back in the world wide web wave again. Well weve met na but i dont think you remember hehehe. But any rate, im glad your back blogging again! Yep, i agree with calculus, maganda ang bagong template mo ;P

mightykenneth said...


joanne said...

hey biancs you're back!!! :)

I'm wondering, how'd you learn those visayan words like kapuy, kaluuy, etc? Coz I'm a Cebuana. :)

I can so relate with your post. Year 2006 has been a year of total changes for me... I've been having a hard time, but I know, like you, magiging okay din ako. God bless...

By the way, buti ka pa may nakakausap na pastor. I've been wanting to talk to a spiritual adviser lately but I can't find eh.

Anonymous said...

hi ate bianca! its nice to see you back blogging. . .
i like your entry 'bout your trip in Europe, its also my dream to be there. . .i wish i could also fulfill my dream. . .
keep blogging hope to see more fantastic blog entries. . .=)
from jodel of pasig

allyn..^_^ said...

ei poh,,
avid reader ako ng blog mo,
kalungkot nga poh nung
nagpahinga ka blogging,
now ur back...yehey!!^_^

thnk you for uplifting
children's spirit
in striving more,
and inspiring
them to learn...

idol ka poh talaga!!

continue the good deeds..

Joannie said...

hi bianca.. :) nice blog! it's so nice that you actually included bisaya words in your blog! as in.. hehe i'm from bacolod so i know (and use) those words.. it gives a cool feeling to read that on your blogg.. (and to think you're obsessing about it pa) hehe :)

chartreuse said...

haha i wish i couldve gotten hold of this link a long time ago.. im amused by how you seemingly are amused by those bisaya/cebuano words. haha im bisaya kasi, thats why =) anyway, your blog is such a read =)

Dexter said...

Hello Bianca.. i don't know if true.. sabi nila Pinsan tayo..Are you related to Panganiban in Taal batangas..

You may check out my blog at www.dexfamily.wordpress.com

If pinsan good..

Popoy said...

fantastic blog. i love it. very insightful.

archduchess said...

hi bianca..im sooo glad ur back online! truth be told, prang I didn't want to share all the bruhaha about you when you became an instant star in PBB. Kasi you're too good for all the craziness in showbiz..I know coz I've been in the PR business of it all and been in production..

but Im glad ur ok and still hosting..God bless you!

Faina Daguio said...

hei ate bianca..im faina from maui hi..18 yrs. old..!you knoe wat u inspire me a lot..i wana be like you someday!..matagal ko ng hinahanp blog mo but i cant and now na nahanap ko na hope na araw arw akong bibisita dito..! alam mo bang sa laht ng shows mo inaabangan kita from..ur ypeak, blog,mup,entertainment live..uber pbbce2 at sa TFC connect..hope mameet kita someday! ur my no. idol and im your no. fan! ingat lage..and sana keep in touch with me..love yah poh!

Faina Daguio said...

hei ate bianca..nweiz lemme introduce my self first..im faina from maui hi. 18 trs. old and im your no. fan and you my no. idol!..you inspire a lot of people sa iyong mga ginagawa..i hope laht ng kabataan maging katulad mo and me too. i wanna be like you someday but b4 that i wanna pursue my RN career first..lolz!..Ngayon nagkaroon na ako ng chance para magreet kita coz b4 wala. matagal ko ng hinahanap ang site na ito pero ngayong araw ko lang nakita. so anytime at araw arw pwede na akong bumisita dito..b4 pa sana gusto kita mameet but can't kasi nga nasa ibang bansa ako..bat lagi lagi kita pinapanood sa TFC.kaso nga Lng yung iba mong shows wala dito..keep in touch nlng sana! sana mareplyan mo tong msg. ko sau!pls. and sana maging kaibigan kita.. or sana tanggapin mo ako bilang iyong no. fan! tccic and gudluck sa career..luv you ate biancs..xoxo!MAHALO!

florence said...

hello again, im an avid fan, late ko na kasi nalaman ang tungkol sa blog mo so im catching up, ur blog is so informative and it inspires me a lot, im glad u liked the terms kapoy, kaluoy and pataka, are actually hiligaynon/ilonggo terms, spoken by Ilonggos and Bacoleños...

kai said...

strange how somehow i felt we were leading semi parallel lives. (hahaha semi talaga! :P) all the drama - grabe - 2006 was an extraordinary year for me too.

it feels great though to be all happy and *alive* again. actually, it feels greatest when you're contented...

wishing you more success bianx! (close tayo! hahaha) God speed!