12 November 2007

being in our 20s, in the middle of the so-called “quarter life crisis”, my friends and i always find ourselves meeting up for dinner for what we would like to call “life talks”. from getting married and having kids, to working and moving abroad, to career moves, investment plans, our next big getaway, giving back to the community, to faith, hope, love.. yep, that’s a whole lot of “life talks” for me and my friends this year.

life talks part one: on purpose.

my friend rina made sure that i understood.. “remember, every single person in the world has a different thumbprint. there are no two people alike, at all, in the whole world! GoD has a reason for doing that! because each and every one of us has our unique purpose in the world.”

how amazing is that?? it sounds sooo simple, but if you think about it, totoo!!

i remember how our philosophy professor in college told us, “you are everyone you meet in your life”. i so believe in that. every single person we meet in our life is a part of us. whether they were someone we shared our life with, they influenced us in a good way, they hurt us and made us learn a valuable lesson, they were mean and so we vowed not to be mean like them, whether the person wore something we liked, smiled and warmed our heart, made us laugh, or cry, all that, is part of us. and so how can any two people possibly be identical?

imagine. all of us have a unique contribution to the world precisely because of the unique person that we are. we may have our insecurities and shortcomings, but given that, we still have our strengths and good works that we can use to contribute to our family, circle of friends, community, country.

we may not be as goodlooking, rich, educated, famous, influential as other people, but in our less goodlooking, less rich, less educated, less famous, and less influential self, we can touch people’s lives, make a difference in our own little way, and love others big time. that, no one, as in no one, can ever take away from us.

so if you ever feel down.. if you ever feel like you have no purpose in the world.. if you ever feel like asking “will anybody care if i’m gone?” just remember that we are all made uniquely, and whatever effect we've had on the people we love, on the people around us, and on the world, is our effect alone that no one else can replace. we are irreplaceable.

i still don’t know what exactly GoD’s purpose for me is, i’ve felt down, i’ve felt neglected.. after i had this life talk, i told myself that when the low moments hit me, i will remind myself to look at the pattern on my thumb, and take comfort in the fact that i am the only being in the world that has that mark, to make my mark.


tinapots said...

wow, ang ganda naman ng post mo.. wala nga tayong kapareho ng thumbmark. thank you for inspiring people like me. ngayong nalulungkot ako at kapag naging down ako sa hinaharap, i'll just look at my thumb too. tapos iisipin ko yung last 2 paragraphs ng post mo. gumaan ang pakiramdam ko pagkatapos mabasa ang iyong isinulat. salamat! :D

summer said...

i always check your site for new entries and I feel good to be the first one to leave a comment..i just finished doing my blog entry but mine is at multiply and your blog is one of my inspiration to start blogging..though you are a better writer simple words and topics but you touch other people's life thru the things you write about and this entry made me feel hopeful again...thanks! you just don't know how you are a gift to someone. God bless!!

Jez said...

You have probably read the book The Purpose Driven Life.
It has done so much good to me, to my Christian life.

The first step on finding our purpose is to start with Whom it all started--with God.
It is not about you.
It is about God.

Live the purpose, bianca!
God bless you :)

chris said...

hi bianca!i usually just visit your blog and browse through some pix and entries, but now, i can't help to leave a message because i was totally encouraged and moved with this entry of yours! well written!!! as in thumbs up! yeah, from now on i will be reminded with the thumb mark that i have!i am UNIQUE! God is so EXTRAVAGANT an SIMPLY AMAZING!isn't it? thanks for the sharing!

Anonymous said...

nice post again biancs, very inspiring..

fertle said...

awhile ago, i felt depressed.. now I'm hyper.. lol! buang daw ba. joke lang. great article.. just so true.. :) you touch people's lives, you just did. thank you. take care.

Boyet1980 said...

Minsan dumadating talaga yung napapaisip ka kung bakit nga ba at ano ang ginagawa ko dito sa kinalalagyan ko, o kung saan ako pupunta after, and I really dont know the answer. You just rely on yourself kung ano ba ang susunod na mangyayari. Its nice to know din na pwede ka palang mainspire kahit for a while ng mababasa mo.

cheesy said...

what's your height, bianca?
looks like you're of the same height as toni's or a little taller..si mariel ang maliit!

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this beautiful blog. by far, one of the best ones i've ever read.

Richelle said...

I always enjoy reading your blogs. This blog made me feel happy again. Thank you.

Slick said...

sa pagbasa nito, naalala ko tuloy yung one of the famous quote I've read in a book na "we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". which is a fact base on my life experiences, prolly also a fact to anyone else's standpoint.

Kris Ablan said...

Don't forget also that every single person has a different "earprint" (just watched a show on Discovery).

Kidding aside, I just turned the big three-oh, and also had my own personal life crisis. Questions like "Have I done Enough?", "Did I do the right thing?" and "Did I make the right decisions?" bugged me my whole birth month. Minsan nahihinayang ako sa mga lost opportunities. Pero as I keep telling my GF, "ganun, eh." "Yun yung lumabas sa gulong ng palad." Can't change that anymore. But there's still the future. We can still do good. So we just pick ourselves up and move on.

When you feel down, Bianca, remember Invictus na lang. You are the master of your fate. You are the Captain of your soul.

Anonymous said...

This is my 2nd comment in your site and I must say that this latest blog of yours was an inspiration. I’m not in the Philippines right now and for me I have ups and downs as well. Feel so blessed coz I have a stable job and everything happened to me was like a fate. But I still considered myself unhappy and everytime felt sad I always ask myself the same question in your blog "Will anybody care if I’m gone?” I always tell myself…Sana iyakan ako ng mga taong iniyakan ko. But that was before; I can say that as soon as I start reading your blog, I always feel good. Different topics, different points of view but it’s all inspirational. Now I will always remember your last words: When the low moments hit me, I will remind myself to look at the pattern on my thumb, and take comfort in the fact that i am the only being in the world that has that mark, to make my mark. Looking forward for the Life talks…part two.



Anonymous said...

well said......

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Ang alam ko, an angel brings out the angel in you. That said, you're angel Bianca, because you bring out the angel in all your readers. God Bless!

0052019 said...

same as with zebra... no two zebras have identical stripes :)

very inspirational blog, tnx!

Lucia said...

Bianca, I hope you're okay. (:

dhez said...

i like what you've said:we are irreplaceable, God is so amazing that he makes us unique on each and everyone of us.. Wow, galing talga niya..thanks for reminding us.. ;)

apples said...

hi bianca. i knew about your blog in yahoo answers..
anyway, i love reading your entries! =D makes me think on what i should blog about next in my own site

essa said...

hi superbianca..youre really an inspiration! super,super,super nakakarelate talaga ko sa mga posts mo lately especially this one! Hayy thanks for reminding me that I'm special and irreplaceable in Gods eyes!thanks for setting me back on track..(:
im essa nga pala..third time to leave a comment here!
so happy that i saw your site in yahoo answer,dahil kung hindi,di ako maiinspire ng ganito.hayhay..
Godbless you!

question:whats your favorite book?any recommendation..?thanks!


Anonymous said...

i was moved by your entry. you made me cry! im such a crybaby. hehe. kanina lang nagpray ako kay God.. at mukhang etong entry mo ang naging sagot niya sa prayer ko. now i dont feel so alone and sad. thank you so much. may God continue to bless you.

Anonymous said...

that was beautiful.. looking forward for more..:)

Anonymous said...

God Bless your heart Bianca!


icy said...

Nice post Bianca...

Share ko lng from a friend....
"Do not place your mistakes on your head,their weight may crsh you.Instead place them under your feet and use them as a platform to view your horizon."

Life is a continouos learning and searching process.Dont get tired and believe in God's plan,for He wont allow us to be broken and crshed.


icy said...

By the way,yaan mo na yung video sa previous post mo...heheheh.
Sana di macurios yung iba,katulad ko,I thought kc gawa nyo pa din yun...nyahahahah.
Still your doing great for uber...it fits you,really....=)

Wag u iwanan si mariel pag labas hah....mahihirapan ata sya kc she is already judged by people.

Godbless and take care!!!


cooLeT said...

inspiring post...it really strike the heart of ur readers...keep touching someone's soul,,thanks for reminding that we are all unique in this amazing worLd..ur such an OAK!!!One of A Kind

steph said...

wow. very insightful! i completely agree... we are who we are because of all the experiences we've had and all the people we've encountered in our entire lifetime. :) and i so, so, so love the last part. i'll do that too! like everytime i feel bad and sad and stuff, i'll look at my thumbprint and think the same way too. niiiice! haha.

desiree said...

I had a bad day until I read your post...

Dyan Aimee said...

in a way, you found your mark --- you are using your influence to inspire other people. salamat, bianca. your words made my day. God bless you.

ryan padilla said...

i need that,pero kada isa naman sa atin minsan d maiiwasan ang mag "aning-aning" at magisip kahit papano.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Bianca,

It is difficult to be in an industry where the measure of ones worth is gauged in superficial ways. It is even more difficult to be in an environment where real people and the truth are difficult to find. Seeing beyond all of this is the challenge and the road to understanding how we can be way above it all. Julia Roberts did say: Everything is part of an equation. So, I guess, the point of it all is never let anything that comes our way subtract from who we can be as God’s creatures, but add to what we are. Can time heal the wounds? My guess is time won’t but our pursuit of happiness will. Only happiness that is more real and pure to us will heal wounds. Learn to forgive yourself and learn to let go. There are many blessings to count, and many more to find. The universe is listening …so let it hear your dreams, what is good. Good day to you dear Bianca.

Di-an said...

sabi nga sa Neil Gaiman books, when all the people who knew you, and you knew are dead, then that's the time that you are truly dead. Because no one will be there to remember you at the very least. ^__^

jingkat05 said...

i search your site cuz sobrang idol kta dahil ang talino mo lgi kta pnapanood wla akong namimiss sa mga palabas mo...sana mabasa mo to...gusto kc kta maging pren...ingatz ka lgi god bless

Anonymous said...

grabe... ang galing... more!! more!!! very inspiring... beauty and brains ka talaga bianca.. sana aq dn gnyan.. hehehe... ilang years na din aq nagbabasa ng blog mu..


JayE said...

very insightful, indeed! God bless and take care always!

mwuah ^^ smile always =D


Mon said...

I remember my Philosophy professor reminded me one time tha, "Cheating is only wrong... when you are caught."

Grabe... wag daw akong pahuhuling nangongopya sa klase nya. Lagot dawako.

Shirleen said...

hi bianca! i've always been your fan. sobrang natuwa ako nung nakita ko na may blog ka after reading it i decided to make one (i hope you could find time to visit my blog..i hope this isn't too much to ask..pero comment ka na rin kahit a simple "hi" will do) anyway, i just want you to know na yung post mo yata today yung answer ni God sa prayer ko kanina. ang galing nga eh after praying wala na kong maisip gawin so i just checked your blog and eto nga yung nabasa ko.. "When the low moments hit me, I will remind myself to look at the pattern on my thumb, and take comfort in the fact that i am the only being in the world that has that mark, to make my mark" --it helped me THANKS SO MUCH!

ann said...

hi bianca! nice post,,its worth reading and inspiring,,hence, ur making ur mark already,,(",)


thanks for reminding the special person in everyone of us, this post of yours bianca is really inspirational and so are the others here...keep it up^^

eNocH said...

nice entry! very inspiring! keep it up bianca! wag ka ng mag-uber, mag-blog ka na lang! hahaha! :p godbless po!

essa said...

super ganda nito...since were on purpose right now, related din ang mga advices na i2!

hmm..may "lifetalks part1" so may part2!!

Rick Warren, the Purpose Driven Life

Don't date because you are desperate.
Don't marry because you are miserable.
Don't have kids because you think your genes are superior.
Don't philander because you think you are irresistible.

Don't associate with people you can't trust.
Don't cheat. Don't lie. Don't pretend.
Don't dictate because you are smarter.
Don't demand because you are stronger.

Don't sleep around because you think you are old enough & know better.
Don't hurt your kids because loving them is harder.
Don't sell yourself, your family, or your ideals.
Don't stagnate!

Don't regress.
Don't live in the past. Time can't bring anything or anyone back.
Don't put your life on hold for possibly Mr. Right.
Don't throw your life away on absolutely Mr. Wrong
because your biological clock is ticking.

Learn a new skill.
Find a new friend.
Start a new career.
Sometimes, there is no race to be won, only a price to be paid
for some of life's more hasty decisions.

To terminate your loneliness, reach out to the homeless.
To feed your nurturing instincts, care for the needy.
To fulfill your parenting fantasies, get a puppy.
Don't bring another life into this world for all the wrong reasons.

To make yourself happy, pursue your passions & be the best of what you can be.
Simplify your life.
Take away the clutter.
Get rid of destructive elements: abusive friends, nasty habits
and dangerous liaisons.
Don't abandon your responsibilities but don't overdose on duty.

Don't live life recklessly without thought and feeling for your family.
Be true to yourself.
Don't commit when you are not ready.
Don't keep others waiting needlessly.

Go on that trip. Don't postpone it.
Say those words. Don't let the moment pass.
Do what you have to, even at society's scorn.

Write poetry.
Love Deeply.
Walk barefoot.
Dance with wild abandon.
Cry at the movies.

Take care of yourself. Don't wait for someone to take care of you.
You light up your life.
You drive yourself to your destination.
No one completes you - except YOU.

It isn't true that life does not get easier with age.
It only gets more challenging.
Don't be afraid.
Don't lose your capacity to love.
Pursue your passions.

Live your dreams.
Don't lose faith in God.
Don't grow old. Just grow YOU!

God is good all the time!

glams said...

hello my new-found-friend bianca! hehehe maybe you're wondering why i called you my "new-found-friend".. for everyday of my life i am fond of reading your blogs, as if i almost know you already. I also read your yesteryears posted blogs (yung si justin pa ang bf mo) hehehe hanggang sa pinakalatest mong napost. And it really makes my day so greeeaaaaatttt!!! (ayan ha.. pati style mo sa pagtype ng mga words nagaya ko na rin.:D ) If some of my friends have some tsikas about showbiz..and they would mention your name, sabi ko kaagad ah.. my friend bianca. hahaha

I have your cp number already. Got it from kuya bona siat. I don't know, if you still remember him pa.. he's one of the lighting staffs of PBB before. Matagal ko nang gusto magtext sayo kaya lang baka di ka magrereply. hehehe

Anonymous said...

We all have our moments and the only thing that we can do whenever we're down is to look up and say a li'l prayer.

Great post bianca, very inspiring indeed.

Keep the faith,

Anonymous said...

wownesz.. i needed this one! thanks..

freyti said...

awww...love this!love this entry
i just need it right now...
buti na lang...hahay....thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi bianca, how has it been? you know what, i really think that you are a good person. :)) the way you talk,the way you think it seems to me that you believe that life is beautiful which is so true! i am amazed everytime i get to see in atc. heheh! you are so simple and very beautiful. no offense but, i think your not over him yet. pero i believe na you are moving on and so inlove with the Lord. inspiring naman when you said that sa blog mo. i, too,is deeply inlove with Him. :)) bianca, i hope you are okay. honestly, i miss you being with Lino. i don't know pero talagang i like him for you. you guys belong! sorry kung i mentioned him pa. can u greet me on my b'day this friday,16th? donna_blue02@yahoo.com hahah! thnx. God Bless! xx

April said...

now I really wish I had Philosophy classes too. a brief alarm clock! just when I need it most. thanks!

kim said...

nice post! it made me cry..cause
it made me realise a lot of things.
though we don't know each other(well i know sa tv) i want you to know that you've touched my life by just reading you blog.:)
God Bless and more power to you!

jo said...

me and my friends are also in that stage where "quarter life crisis occurs". We have this coffee sessions which we always call "What is Life Session" . Hehehe.

This entry really express on what's goin on n our lives now.

Thanks Bianca!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca:

i really like you... very inspiring ang blog mo. i hope you are one of my friend..

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca! Just recently find your blog & I read it from d start till ur latest post it so beautiful and inspiring, it really touch my heart, thank u…:)

faina said...

ur ryt ate bianca..u probably read the book THE DRIVEN PURPOSE LIFE!..oh when i read that book it chance my whole life...we are not an accident in this world we're here for a reason...-our purposes...our dreams, ambitions, goals and those responsibilities we need to accomplish!....think about your purposes..!!..tcicc!
godbless you always!

Anonymous said...

haay, you're definitely the best. thank you so much. -marge

Anonymous said...

i'm so proud to be a fan of yours bianca..grabe i'm a fan to the point na pati sa blog ko sinasali kita hehe and i always check yung mga thread mo made by fans sa pex! updated din sila dun..
you're so smart! i really like you! keep inspiring people! God Bless you! :)

Anonymous said...

ang galing. very very inspiring. ang galing. :)

yes, uniquely and wonderfully made by God. that's what we are. tama ka sa lahat ng sinabi mo. ang galing. :)

live life according to His purpose. continue to search for that purpose. sabay tayo. ;)

God bless you bianca. :)


czarinah. said...

nice post bianca. you do make a mark on a lot of people's lives through your blog and one of them is me. continue to inspire a lot of people and you should now that you are much much loved and cared for than you are judged.

whatever our purpose is in this lifetime, im sure you have served it by touching the lives of your readers and viewers.

smile na! =)

karen said...

aww bianca, i agree. very inspiring post.

jansci said...

You've made me look at my thumb ;-)
Inspiring words. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hello there,

i'm currently abroad and kinda feeling sad and lonely with crazy thoughts inside my head one is the love i cannot have..through your entry i was able to feel glad about myself despite the flaws i have and mistakes i made..thanks a loat

god bless always,

roxAnnE trIxiA said...

hehe.. grabe ate!! i love this post!! tama naman yun..wala naman talagang parehong tao!! diba?? kahit kambal nga may iba talaga..!!hehe..love it..posh na posh siya talaga!! owkey?? hehe.. grabe ate.. seryusu.. gorgeous ka talaga!! i dont know why "SOMEBODY" hates you..or may i say inggit lang sila! basta we love you.. hehe!! Biancadikz yata toh!! biancanatics pa.. tapos..may bago.. BIaNingNig!! hehe.. pero hindi pa naman na gawa ang group na yun..plano palang!! hehe..God bless you ate bi!! keepon shining.. dont forget topray!!=P

Anonymous said...

na-inspired naman ako masyado sa post na to. astig.

MER said...

Wow... I have just read one of the best blog posts I have read so far. A lot of reasons for me to say that and one of them is that I now in a state when I have been questioning myself if I have done something worthwhile with my life. And for the past few months, life hasn't really been easy for me. But when I read your post...wow it moved me. And because of this, you have become a bigger part of my life. From now on, whenever I feel down, I'll think about this post. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

wow! one of your nicest posts ever! thank you...you nailed what i'm currently feeling.

ps: i know everyone has his or her own insecurities, but i still can't believe you too.=)

beetledom said...


Description said...

yippee.finally natuloy na rin ang pag comment ko on your blog ms. bianca. i'm hesitant before but everybody's doing so why can't I :-) nice post, actually almost all your post was a nice one.
totoo talaga, lahat tayo may purpose sa life, lahat tayo ay gift sa isa't-isa.


pls.click.this.link.t.y. said...

great blog, Ate Bianca! two thumbs up!

i would like to ask something. it's not related.. meron pa po bang auditions for the pbb teen edition 2 para sa mga taga-manila? when & where?
GoD bless!

irish_joy said...

great blog! just drop to congratulate you and the rest of y speak squad for bagging the golden dove award for best in current affairs program... great job bianca! keep the faith and God bless...

Anonymous said...

ate,pls help me make my own blogger.how do i bring my posts to the right like yours?kasi mine's in the left eh.

cooLeTbait said...

ms.bianc_g uber sa ganda ang post na to..really inspiring,,u really touch the heart of ur readers..we are all unique..thanks for the thumbs..hehe

btw i put ur link at my blog..is it ok??tnx in advance!!

Yeni said...

hi bianca =) thanks for inspiring and making a lot of people smile and helping them appreciate life a little bit more. =)

Anonymous said...

you're blog entries are so great bianca.. and this entry is sooo inspiring! you inspired me..again.. :)

and you have brilliant friends! you're in good hands bianca.. i'm sure your parents are so happy you have friends like them..

continue inspiring people like me! and please don't stop blogging..your blog is one of OUR inspirations..

God bless bianca! :)

mayee said...

hi ate bianca!
i really admire how you fearlessly share your insights and insecurities like this.. it's also great how through these, you are able to come up with inspiring words and lessons for all of us to learn from. kudos to you talaga!

p.s. ang gaganda ng mga gowns mo sa PBB celeb edition! i love your fashion sense, you really know what suits you! :) wala lang.

angel_alone said...

hi poh ate bianca...I was touched by what you wrote...kasi I keep comparing myself to other persons especially my bestfriend...I keep thinking that she's prettier than me,she's more talented than me and so on...I can't see myself as unique and I don't know why...but somehow because of your post...if you have time poh please help me poh to prettify my blog...hehe...i read poh kasi sa candy the tips you've given on how to prettify your blog eh...that issue was i think last year...thanks! ", btw..ate bianca you're one those who i look up to...and i always watch u s uber...godbless and more power..

carl said...

ako rin. di ko pa nahahanap ang purpose ko sa buhay. pero bata pa naman ako... marami pang adventures!

arnel said...

very inspiring post, indeed. :)

you write very well ate. your posts are that of an artistic writer. i'm your fan through your blog. :D

lemondrops said...
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repah said...

uu nga! ang galing noh! hanggang ngaun tanung ko p rin bakit iba iba ang mga thumbprint ni lord.. cguro para kahit papaano my hindi dw tayo mapirate!!

Anonymous said...

awww..so inspiring..
i feel down too sometimes but i will now remember to look at my thumb.
i think i can also start leaving my "thumbmark" on the people i meet. :)

acciemaj said...

i'm not really into blogs and stuff but i can't help myself reading your stuff. it always leaves me something to think of which is good. i'm so stuck in a moment for i'm in the stage of life you're talking about. this realization is somewhat surreal. i'm still sort of struggling,trying to get out of the box and face the hits of reality.and it's good to know i'm not the only one. also what you're doing is really great..there's really gotta be more to life..

comely-loren said...

nice one! really really nice. =)

Anonymous said...

hi 'te biancz!!!
i am really inspired of wat u hav wrote...it makes me feel that i can a mark in this world!!!thank u poh talaga...

hope you're ok..

jazz up said...

saw your new commercial (lipton milk tea) with sam, no less! wow! imagine, 2 GREAT POWERS COMBINED! i can't believe it!

nyanya said...

hi bianca, ive been readin your blog for some time. I find your entries, really heartwarming, adventurous, wholesome at inspiring! keep on writing!:-)

Anonymous said...

Ur right each of us has our own mark and life to live with to make a different, like what u’ve said my friend and I also come to that point….talk about life on what our purpose is? It makes me realize that I am blessed w/ the people surround me and thankful for what I have right now and in God coz I know he hold my hands & never let me go. …You’re such a blessing it really touched my life, thank you…

Q: the word “UBER” in PBBCE2 was it your idea coz’ I read it & u used dat word in some of your past blog?

At last! tagal ko n kasi gusto I ask syo, tnx:)nie

jaiskizzy said...

wow. you blog. cool.
celebrities who are smart off-cam are pretty rare...
anyways, may i link you up?

kelloggs said...

go,go,go superB! ure the best!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTY and BRAINS... that's BIANCA GONZALEZ! you're such a GREAT CATCH! **crinkle** :)

harrington said...

i finally saw your new ad with cute guy, sam! u and sam look great together! imagine, 2 BEAUTIFUL FACES ipinagsama sa isang commercial?!!..WOW! todo na'to! it's like PRETTY BOY MEETS PRETTY GIRL, huh!

and as a whole...SOSYAL ka talaga, b! kaya sosyal din ang mga commercials mo, like this one with sam! congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

bianca, galing mo talaga. idol kita! HAHA :)

Macoi said...

wahehe parang yung explodingdog work:

"just remember you are unique, like eveyone else..."

cathy_bythesea said...

hi bianca, i blogged about your visit to my daughter's school here -- http://nancydrewandme.blogspot.com/2007/11/bianca-gonzales-proudly-pinay.html the girls absolutely loved you! thank you for doing that for them :)

p.s. your uncle Fr. M, the Jesuit is a good friend of mine. he's very proud of you too!

Anonymous said...

hello!i like the message on your blog!and you make me inspired.thank you so much...more power on your career!God bless!

Anonymous said...

I always visit your site to check travel guides, pictures, and tips but now, I'm inspired by your writings. You are one good soul and thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

Anonymous said...

well said.. so, inspiring. my cousin told me, lage ka daw pinagmamalaki ng prof nila sa philo. super bianca ka daw talaga. hehe!:D

Anonymous said...

hi,like oher people said you inspired me as well so thank u for that. sana magkakilala tau personally... continue writing coz u inspire a loy of people!!!

Anonymous said...

heya bianca!
i just want to know if you are belonging to any religious group? i l0ove your post.
i wish i can contact you thru emails, bet you can be a good counsellor. hugsss :)

D said...

hey bianca! wassup?

just a thought, were you the one behind your show's name Uber?

I was reading the previous entries of your blog and cant help but notice the tremendous use of the word "uber." hehe!

thanks for always inspiring your readers. may God bless you always!

majesticjam said...

hey bianca! i always read your blog (and leave comments too) but this is the first time na i'm leaving a comment UNanonymous.. hehe.. :)

this is my favorite entry! i was (and still) soo inspired when i read this.. it made me feel better..you reminded me na i, indeed, have a part in this world..maybe not that big but at least, i'm making a difference.. so, thank you so much! :)

you are great person bianca and i admire for that.. you're an icon! :) i'm hoping na i can see you one of these days.. hehe.. take care! and God bless! :)

ps. why do you spell "God" "GoD" ? hehe.. just curious! :) and what can you say about the trillanes thing? :)

gNa said...

hi bianca! i've been hearing about ur blog on chico & del's program & now i know why..i've just finished reading this one and sobrang totoo..i reposted some lines from here in my journal..(http://-imogen-.tabulas.com/) i hope its ok.. ^^

im one of ur avid readers now.. Godbless & take care! ^^

Anonymous said...

wow!! ;) ver very nice! :)