31 July 2007

woohoo! super excited ako na ipakita sa inyo ang bago kong alaga, my very own canon 400D!! yaaay! my grrreeeaaatest appreciation goes to justin, lino, mori, and pepel, who so generously supported me and shared their cameras those times that i wanted to capture moments. naks! hehehe. photos coming very soon. :p

happy four years to my blog!!

wow. ang bilis nga naman ng panahon! i started this blog september 2003, that means in a few weeks, four years old na ang blog ko! wow.

i’ve never celebrated an anniversary for my blog, so this year, i decided to do something different. i am so amazed with the world of blogging kasi so many people can write what they feel and think, and in return, they find out so many people also feel and think what they feel and think. ang galing, galing lang talaga! i’m always left in awe when i think about it. hehe. anyway. i’m also so thankful for everyone who reads this blog and for everyone who leaves a comment, because it makes me feel na there are people interested in what i think and feel.. (diba ganun yun? hehe!)

so for my blog’s anniversary, i would like to answer any big or small question that you have been thinking about, that you think i might have an answer to! pwedeng tungkol sa philosophy, sa movies, sa life-in-general, sa dreams, sa shopping secrets, sa school tips, sa inyong personal advocacies, sa kahit ano!

of course i cannot promise that i will answer all the questions. but i can promise that i will read all your questions, and that i will give the best answer that i can to the questions i feel i can give justice to! i’ll be collecting all the questions this august, my first post for september will be my best attempt at answering the questions! :p hehehe.

naks, pati ako na-excite! and yes, if ever you have any, you can start leaving your questions now. :p


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alluriyah said...

I've been checking your web blog from time to time to check if you have posted a new entry since july 24. and yay! finally meron na at ako ang unang nagcomment!

firstly, nice camera bianca! i've been saving too just to buy one...dahil sa mga blogs na eto [and thanks to soo many photo blogs as well], parang may calling narin ako for photography. para lang! :]

secondly, advance happy 4th year anniversary to your blog. sarap magsulat noh? hope marami ka pa mainspire ng mga readers mo. continue sharing your life's lessons to others and show the world what it really is and what it should be - a better place to live in.

and lastly, na-excite din naman ako sa mga isasagot mo sa mga questions namin...hmmm napaisip ako ha, oh yeah, can you just give some health and lifestyle tips to us para maging as sexy and as beautiful as you are. naks naman noh?!

til here muna, keep us posted bianca! God bless you! :]

ForwardPinoy said...

Hi Ms. Bianca,

I know from the beginning that you are a purveyor of goodwill. Please help me spread the word about this blog which hopes to get the attention of the companies, agencies or people who have done our countrymen wrong.

More Power!

Yours Truly,

Anonymous said...

cool camera!

Anonymous said...

nice canon 400d you have there.. sayang di ka nag nikon hehe so anyway.. i read your blog most of the time and i browsed through a post wherein you said search-inner ka? random question lang what made you decide to study in ateneo for college? hehe.. no more lasallian spirit? hehe la lang -jaker

luirocks said...

first! hehe feeling ko lang ako ang first to comment nakita ko kasi na 0 comments so dali dali naman ako. You know Bianca your blog inspired me to do my blog as well, super hats off sayo for your 4 years of blogging, I am like nothing, I mean my Blog, grabe I get excited whenever you have a new post. So I'd like to greet you a Happy four years of being a Humble Blogger.Yey!!! (just to share, as much as possible I celebrate every month my Blog, its like a feel-good thing when you reached at least a month of blogging hehe) This is too long na for a comment so I just want you to continue what you are doing, Let's be Blogger and Bloghopper Forever hehe yay!

luirocks said...

oh btw, congrats!
and nakakainggit ang iyong new camera.
i have a new sony T100 pero mas astig pa rin yan girl.
God Bless!

desiree said...

bianca, what's the state of your heart?

-ChL said...

oh talaga kahit ano bianca?

ipo-post ba dito ang questions or email sau?

Anonymous said...

hi bianca.. ok.. thanx for the opportunity.. i would understand if u won't answer my questions..hehehe...but it would be better if u will..

ok.. my questions are ...(no offense ha)..i'm ur fan, i'm kc's fan and now direk lino's fan.. whoww.. that's a lot right?..hehehe...

1.) ARE YOU NOT HURT ABOUT LINO-KC relationship???...
2.) IS IT YOUR CHOICE TO KEEP DISTANCE WITH ZANJOE M.??? because as what i've observed, ur too safe to answer questions about zanjoe .. no offense again.. hehehe..

and lastly.. When will you make a movie??...hahaha..look at Mariel R., she's really trying hard to act.. so, if she can, why can't you??..right?...

godspeed bianca..tc. =>

Chibi said...

hey!! happy anniversary to your blog!ü its great how you've been blogging for 3 years and me.. im just starting! hope i'll be as devoted to my blog as you are.ü

question: how does it feel to be a rolemodel to a lot of people?

mhelai said...

you're really fabulous!

korean princess said...

wow! great travel companion ang camera. the photos are reminder of the good times and the good places.

ang greatest frustration ko was when I was in Beijing my camera got broken. I can't buy from shops kasi the salesladies can't understand me. Heart breaker! Sobrang sayang talaga yun.

My father is a professional photographer. Lahat kaming 6 na magkakapatid mahilig sa photography. Pero ako ang pinakamadaming photos because I travel a lot. Ang most number of photos ko was my two months stay in Thailand for Advanced Telecoms course. 360 photos at di pa digital ang dala kong camera noon!

Happy anniversary! Ako din na inspire sa iyo.Lately nagbo-blog na din ako. Dati kasi sulat-sulat lang. Dami pa naman akong kwento about my travels. I hope I can share it with you someday.

Anonymous said...

hi BiaNca,

wow, 4 years! Congrats! Aba, iilan lang nakakamaintain ng blog, so u deserve to be commended tlga.

questions to be answered- ang galing mo tlga, creative mind. nways, cge mag iisip kami, dapat ung malupit kc malupit ka sumagot eh ^__^

Anonymous said...

hello ms bianca!

na excite naman ako! hehehe.im sure babaha ng mga tanong 2ng blogspace mo. :)ask ko lng wen was the time na super down ka and ano gnawa mo pra maka move on sa phase na un?? hope nakuha mo ano ibig ko sabihin..medyo malabo lng tlaga ako(im sure kuha mo naman kasi ur not superbianca for nothing! hehe)

be safe ms bianca and stay beautiful always :) GOd bless..

lalai of NCCC -Davao

carloycruz said...

Ate Biancs,

Uhm, my question is this: How can you get off your mind that your present companion (my first girlfriend) (gf, bf.whatever you call it) had previous companions before you. I feel like breaking up and meeting someone who's going to say that i'm her first boyfriend? I feel bad not being first. PM nyo na lang po sa akin yung sagot sa carloycruz.multiply.com. Thanks


i dunno, but i dont want to leave her, yet, lagi nasa isip ko yung past niya. Sakit sa akin

GreenMangoes said...

Did You Know...

You inspired me to have my own blog!

It was concieved because of your passion towards writing and also because of your persuation for me to make one... so in return...



Last month, it was also my 4th year anniversary here in blogging world! :)

I guess, for as long as the ideas are flowing, i will be blogging for the rest of my life!

Bloggingly Yours,
Ccigaux Green Mangoes

Robert Dan said...

Hi bianca:

two questions....

1) given that most people choose to work abroad, or migrate for good, where do you think our country will be (or what shape it will be in) 3 to 5 years from now?

2) i noticed that your blog keeps evolving (been reading it since 2004) and this is the first time i left a comment. anyway, would you mind helping me improve my blog? i mean, tips on faithfully updating it, etc. Feel free to e-mail me.


anne said...

hey bianca!!!u don't know me...i'm one of your blog's greatest fan!!!I read them all...and it's one of the best!!!happy anniversary to your blog...hehehe!!!by the way, i'm anne...:-)
...just want to ask a question!!!hehehe...

...im taking up my philo class right now ( philosophy of man )...

...just wonderin' what's your philosophy of man!!!heheheh
i appreciate if you reply...thank you...

carloycruz said...


Another question. Uhm, why do some girls fall in love with some guy, though, they're in a relationship na..

dyan said...

yey! First comment! Happy Blogiversary! Hehe. Okay, question: You seem like the person who rarely gets mad. Have you ever been really, really mad? What are you like when you're mad?
P.S: I've always had a crush on your Kuya JC. Where is he na? :)

Anonymous said...

hi ate bianca... Do you know that your soooo beautiful? I like the way you smile and report on the PBB season 1 and 2 also in teen edition.. can you be my friend? pls reply!!!

Kathleen Joy Nastasha G. Reyes

eplanner said...

i always visit you blog bianca! i really admire you as a person.


1) what was your dream ambition when you were in elementary, high school and college? (i know it changes from time to time)

2) what do you want to be few year from now? 10 and 20 years from now?

hope we could meet again soon! i always hope you're well and happy. you deserve it.

-Joy (one of the organizers of the Convergy's Christmas Party 2006)

freyti said...

wala akong Q pero gusto ko lang sabihin..HAPPY 4TH BLOG ANNIVERSARY!!!!.yeeehaa!

Zobel said...

hey bianca,

wow. four years of blogging. congratulations!

medyo generic yung question ko, pero i find it interesting how people answer it. so here's my question:

how and where do you see yourself ten years from now?

thanks. i hope to meet you soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Bianca!

I've been reading your blog for quite sometime now. Just want to greet you a Happy Blogsary! :P

Hmm.. Ano ba pwede ko iask sayo?

Siguro eto na lang. At this point of your life, alam mo na ba talaga yung gusto mo gawin sa life mo? Yung certain ka na talaga sa mga gusto mo, like 10 years from now. Tsaka, how do you keep yourself motivated? Sana may sense yung questions ko.


avril said...

hi, bianca. i'm april. i always read your blog because i find your entries very interesting and natural, very you. i'm happy to get to know you through your blog. you seem to be a very nice and genuine person. keep it up. nakakatuwang malaman na somebody of your stature actually shares some experiences ordinary people like me go through. my question is: what keeps you going, especially during those challenging moments in your life? thanks very much. happy 4th anniversary to your blog.

atomicgirl said...

sige nga... ma-try ko nga... eto na lang. What's the best post you've ever had so far sa blog mo?

happy blognniversary bianca!

dhez said...

hi bianca!wow! im the first to great your blog on cyberspace! :) happy four years of blogging!!!! lam mo bang isa ka sa mga blogs n binabasa ko and nag encourage to do blogging as well! thanks tlga!
traveling is such a wonderfyl experience db? i know you love traveling so much, what's the best travel/country you ever visit/done so far? more entries to come, as always, God loves u and bless you even more! :)

mhey said...

yahoo............!kaunahan ata ako!!!hehehe...hi ate bianc'z..

liz said...

hey bianca! happy anniversary sa blog mo...

Dito related ang tanong ko kasi I am currently reading a book entitled The Dylanist (it refers to someone who doesn't believe in causes, only in the power of emotions) and coincidentally I found your blog & noticed na mahilig k rin pala sa philosophy...

if you will be given a chance to create a philo name (like maybe biancaness haha!), what would it be at ano yung magiging details ng philosophy mo in general? thanks! :)

orange said...

bianca!! i don't think you willremember me but during our benefit concert in ateneo you hosted it with my dad, d.j. jasion of wave89.1. i was the one who asked for your picture sa may parking lot nung pauwi ka na. anyways, i've been wanting to know ever dsince yung model ng cellphone mo. wala lang. mababaw pero that's what's bothering me :D hehe. salamat! GoD bless!!

Joni said...

Hey Bianca! Happy Blogniversary! :) I get from your blog posts that you're a Christian. So my question for you is, when did you become and Christian and how? :)

eeennnaaa said...

happy anniversary!!! whats four years ba?...wait... i looked it up. appliances daw! hahaha. soo i guess your new cam is kinda like your gift to your bloggeh. congrats on your new cam btw. puurdy cam... :) name it! name it! :)

okay... my question... *ehem*

uhh... where do babies come from?? 0_0 hehehe. im keeeeeeding. cant think of a question right now. hehehe.

keep blogging bianca!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, new toy, new passion. :)

in line with that.. questions! hehe!

what type of photography are you most interested in?


what is your dream subject or concept for a photograph? :)

enjoy ur new camera! take care! :)


flora said...

Hi bianca. I don't really have a question but I just want take this opportunity to be the first one to comment. Hehe... First time kasi! I hope you're doing great.

Ah, now I have a question. What are you going to do after PBB? Projects? Hehe...at naging instant chismosa ako. :)

God bless! I hope you don't mind. I have linked your blog to mine.

KrisAblan said...

congratulations for four blogging years!

here's my question. mori is not a common name. by any chance is the last name of your friend mori, "rodriguez"?

I have a brod kasi named mori rodriguez and i know he works for studio 23. Just checking the six degrees of separation rule of Kevin Bacon (or sumthin to that effect).

again, congratulations, and do continue blogging!

ryce said...

Hi gorgeous bianca. Ryce here. Happy anniv to your blogspot! I'm always checkin' out your blog coz ur soooo pretty! hehehe! Anyway i'm juz wonderin kung my site ka na andun lahat ng pictures that you took from your camera...coz i'm love takin' pcitures as well...also nag-aral ka ba ng photography? Galing mo kc kumuha ng pictures, maybe you can give some strategies or techniques kung pano kumuha ng right angle..I know ur a nice person and I wish u all the best! More power to your career! Take care always! Mwah!
again. its ryce, juz an ordinary guy workin' in a callcenter world d^_^b

bianca said...

hi ms bianca! i'm also bianca! hehe :) i love your site. super humble and down to earth pa... add the beauty, well i guess all biancas are beautiful.joke! haha. take care always! i love reading your blog :)

paradise philippines said...

hi ate bianca, i found your blogspot just a couple of weeks ago.. ala lang.. nag prapractice lang akong magblog din, kaya gusto kong matutong mag english.. wheheeh anyways this is my site www.nolimirador.com, e-infanta.blogspot.com...

By the way ako nga pala si Noli Mirador, one of your fan. Bat wala ng Y Speak??? or nabago lang ung timeslot nia, the wazzup wazzup din di ko na mahagilap. ehehhe get inform naman po me if anong ngayari sa mga dun. Thanks.. nice meeting your site..

kae said...

hi bianca! can't think yet of question to ask.. =) I just wanna say thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. i think it has been 2 years since I started reading your blog. I wish to meet you one day. Pero nakita na kita isang beses sa USTv awards. You are truly an admirable person. :)

Anonymous said...

hi bianca. ang cute ng hair mo sa dati mong globe commercial, yung me bangs at chin length. yun ang pinaka-naalala kong look mo, so refreshing. ang question ko ay, saan ka nagpagupit? joke. me posibilidad ba na bumalik yung ganun mong haircut?

she said...

wow. sige. mag-iisip po ako. hehe. nag-isip talaga e. pahirapan ba?? ;)

mahirap ba mag put-up ng project (like the one that you have po) or foundation that caters to street kids?

one of my dream kasi yun like you. :)

gusto ko magtayo ng foundation pero ang alam ko, it needs huge amount of money at dahil simpleng mamamayan pa lang ako, i just settle in giving donations/volunteering my time minsan sa church's minsitry namin. :)

when i learned about your project, lalo ako nainspire at humanga sa'yo. i am not saying this just to flatter you. we both have that advocacy of helping kids and making a difference that's why upon learning it, lalo akong humanga sa iyo.

continue mo lang po. :)

yun lang. God bless. :)

she said...


pwde mo ba ishare some of your beauty regimen/some beauty secrets (na hindi na magiging secret kasi isshare mo na)? hehe.

salamat! :))

Pia Adela said...

ate bianca...(can i call u ate?)=) anyways i enjoy reading ur entries...ang cute kasi nang mga pics at may natutunan ako...i get sumthing out of it...just like you i like to travel...godbless and take care po! hope we can be frends kahit d2 lang...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca!

Good day!

I'm so excited to know about your plans for your blog. I'm looking forward for all the questions and for your answers as well. Hope this will be fun. I also want to create my own blog coz I dont have enough time. Kain, tulog, work at konting exercise lang yung routine ko every single day. I'm a call center agent, that's why I love to sleep more.

So i think I'm the lucky one who will ask the first question. Hehehehe

"What simple things makes you happy or smile? And what can you advice me to have a motivation with my job?

I'm happy with my job but i think i lack motivation to be promoted. I think i can do even better.
I'm already contended with my salary coz i get something from it and i share it with my family in Aklan. Hope you can help me with these . Really appreciate it!

By the way, i envy your camera. Wish i had one too!

Peace out....ciaoooo!


cool_as_ice said...

happy blog anniversary!!!! i've been reading your blog since last year and i must admit i look forward to every post you make... medyo nagiging short and not so frequent nga lang recently...medyo nakakabitin! =) but its understandable considering your hectic sched...

anyway, i would like to pop a question...here goes...

"what is the best experience you had so far in your life? what is that "event" which you would want to re-live over and over again?"

more power to you bianca...
please do visit my blog too, it would mean a lot if you will leave a comment..

hehehehe... thanks....

Anonymous said...

hi bianca,,i am emily fremista,what are the brand of skin care that ur using all these time and any make up brands that ur using as well. more power MISS B. mwah

poppy said...

how do i ace sir garcia's class??? i'm having such a hard time understanding him *tear* oh, and what comm electives did you take?? :)

mary said...

what's your best ateneo moment?

up for no drama said...

hi! i think you inspire a lot of girls and i personally believe that you should run for president! hehe.=) seriously, you're doing a great job and i admire you po,ate!XD
hehe.much love.

Anonymous said...

have you had friends who backstabbed you? hmm.. i don't know kung un ung right term dun kase in my case hindi naman talaga xa nagbaback bite. she just tells people about my emails. she is a nun, actually. parang i trusted her with almost everything. personal life & all. nakakaupset lang kase i thought she is the best friend i could ever have. :(

Anonymous said...

hi bianx...any advice on study habits? you've mention before na super nerd ka talaga...i'm not that good in memorizing kasi ... give tips naman... thanks

Anonymous said...

by the way, i really love seeing you on tv. very pleasant, decent, very simple and very beautiful bianca...i love the way you talk, manner of speaking, di masakit sa tenga voice mo unlike others...hope to see you in more shows... -majee

Palito said...

I check your blog almost everyday. I'm a lurker. I visit without leaving any marks (or my marks were just additional numbers on your site meter, if you have any). I want to say thank you. You're inspiring.

At dahil binigyan mo kami ng opportunity to ask you a question, my question is - what's the most important thing to you right now?

Thanks again. Keep on writing.

mheemsical said...

hmmm, Hi ate Bianca.
question ko po.
What do you think about daydreaming?
Minsan sbai nila.. wala daw pupuntahan, but I don't think so...

abBhy said...

hi ate biancs..katuwa naman po ang post mo... pede bang beauty secret ang itan0ng...hehehe j0ke lang po...wanted to ask lang IF MAY RELATIVES KA PO FROM SAN PABLO CITY, LAGUNA...? Proud San Pableña po kasi ako...alam m0 po ate bianca, i admire you so much...s0brang nage-enj0y po ako basahin ang blog mo... dami ko rin natututunan... sabi ko nga sa br0ther k0 i wanted to be like BIANCA GONZALES, tapos s0brang crush ka pa po ng br0ther ko...

basta po good luck sa iyong career... always take care, at dahil 4 years na ang blog mo, wish ko marami ka pa p0ng mai-share sa amin...hehheeh, take care of your health and HEART.. musta nga po ba ang lovelife ni ate biancs? hehehe basta po TAKE CARE, at sana makita na kita for REAL...hehehehe mwaaaHHH ^_*

[nathalie] said...

ooh, a D-SLR!
i'm jealous.
just kidding.Ü
sorry kung feeling close ako sa unang comment ko ah.
just can't help it.
i've been wanting a D-SLR for some time now, but i have yet to save up for it.
Lord knows when i'll finally be able to save enough.
btw, congrats on your blog's upcoming 4th year anniversary.
that is so cool.
kaka-start ko pa lang ng sarili kong blog dito and i hope makatagal din ako pagma-maintain nun kagaya mo.Ü

>>>>angge said...

haloo bianca!Ü actually,i don't have anything to ask pero i just wanna thank you for being an inspiration to the youth lalo na sa kin.like you,i'm also morena at gifted with a not so gorgeous pair of legs and i used to be insecure about it.pero when i learned na you wnet through the same thing and you made it out alive (haha!torture ba ito?),it made me see myself in a different way and i owe that to you,salamat!God bless you and your family!Ü

ay,happy anniv pala sa blog mo!

Anonymous said...

bianca, this isn't a q but i just wanted to say that if i ever got the opportunity to do a film, my very first film would be about you... you are such an inspiration. anyway, my question would be: how do you make it so easy for us to like you?...... mmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca! Though I've visited your page a few times these past months, this is my first time to comment here, so I'm welcoming myself! Haha! :))

I do have a question... Bianca, since you're in the very competitive world of media, how do you choose your friends? How do you spot the real from the fake?

Happy 4th Anniversary to superbianca and may it continue to inspire and empower and live on and on and on!


gale said...

hey bianca,

happy 4th year anniv to your blog. :)i agree with you, blogging makes you realize a lot of things about yourself, but the better part is you get to realize more things about the world!

anyway, i wanna ask you, since you love travelling and seeing new places.. do you ever keep travel logs (a diary or some sort) when you visit places? do you keep tickets, magnets, soaps from the places you stayed or anything from your trips and put it in one corner of your room? haha! coz i wanna do it one day, when i get the chance to go to lotsa places around the world. :)


arnie said...

HI ATE BIANCA....finally ako ang first to comment... i have lots of questions. Ahm eto na lang...why GOD let man invented money?...kasing nowadays man become sinners because of money..madaming nagnanakaw, pumapatay,nangaabuso,madaming ding families na nagkakawatak-watak at nasisira,at and sad to say especially now its like we're buying our lives...great example of this is when your in a hospital,is there any hospital that will accomodate you if you have nothing even a cent in your pocket? even in pgh eh napakaimposible...anyways if you don't want to answer it...its okay but it you want to share your opinion...i'll appreciate it with all my heart..
by the way,,,i really enjoy reading your blog...grabe sana kasing tsaga mo akong magpost...mas type ko kasing magbasa na lng...keep it up...ikaw ang talagang GOOD ROLE MODEL NG YOUTH!!wala ng iba hehe LIVE JESUS IN OUR HEARTS...FOREVER

~sPaMqUeeN~ said...

hi bianca. been reading your blog since you got back and i find your blog really inspiring! congrats.=) i'd just like to ask... why is self mastery needed?
teehee. goodluck.=)

Anonymous said...

hello there, bianca! i cant think what to ask u about. but i'd like to know u somehow. be back in a few days.. im just around. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog, Biancs! ;) -Ish

desiree said...

there are a million and one quotes about love and friendship; kindly share your definition of both.

Lorenz Christopher said...

ATE BIANCA! hello.... LORENZ here... (you still remember me? yes! that would be my very thought provoking question! hmmm... I HOPE SO!)... wow! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to your BLOG! (even i couldn't update my own!)anyway, hmm... let me see... I wanna ask some school tips on how to make friends easily because there are times that I don't know how to start a converstaion! :)) thanks ate biancs! love you :P

Anonymous said...

I think you are trying SO HARD na gayahin ang approach ni KC Concepcion to her audience and blog readers. First, it's audience participation through your cliff hanger questions, then next youre getting yourself a camera? Well, whatever you do Bianca, you will forever be the EX GIRLFRIEND of Lino. And KC is now the apple of his eyes. Just because she's sooo much better.

Anna said...

was a fan of your blog for years, just stumbled across it, back when comments were nil, even before the fame hoopla! =) congratulations! i've always wondered how you got to manipulate the title heading and the links/archive tags and stuff on blogspot!

meggano said...

hi bianca....
i am so excited with the question and answer portion of this blog... :)
i'll think of a question muna...
i'll be back soon..

ps. i love reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm really amazed how you keep your morena skin even-toned. how do you maintain that? and what shade of foundation (u can name the brand if you want hehe) make up do you use to make it natural? thanks bianca! goodluck on your career and lovelife =) - hilarie

biancs said...

wow! first comment! :D
oh ghaaaad! gustong gusto ko ang cam na yan! bigay mo na lang sa 'kin. toinkx! haha!

btw, i'm bianca. remembr mo yung nag-ask about sa blog? dynamicdrive...ü.


Anonymous said...

hi ate bianca!
happy anniversary to your blog.
haha, i'm so glad i dropped by today kaya i got to read your post kagad.
i don't know if this will really qualify as a question or anything but here goes...

how is it that a single person can make you feel so bad about yourself...can make you feel so small and insignificant?

I watched a short film once, i forgot the title but the main character said that in this big big world, we are but a spec...we are so small.we are but a part of the bigger picture...that in a sea of faces,people don't even know each other...we pass each one as if nothing happened...not knowing every story or pain that each one gone/goes through.
Strangers can hurt us.
But how can a person we love and trust be as heartless and indifferent? A person who knows our every pain bring us hurt? how can they do precisely the things that scarred us in the first place?


I hope you can share with me a bit of your optimism. I've been really feeling down lately. I need a new perspective on love and life in general.

Thank you in advance.

Sana you continue updating your blog.
Many of us are inspired by you and the words you write.
More power!


angela said...

congratulations on your new baby :)
in case interested ka to study photography, just go to this site:


..baka sakaling makatulong.

plus, you can also visit this site for your basic photography info:


-ChL said...

nyak hindi mo ni-post yung unang comment ko as anonymous? why why why? di mo ba kayang sagutin yung questions ko? ;)


http://www.indexingmusicandlife.blogspot.com <--- my nth blog.

meron akong 3yr old weblog, pero ako lang nagbabasa hehe as in lahat ng thoughts ko..be it good, bad, nasty, suicidal etc..ayoko lang i-share sa iba.

bianca said...

wow! nakakatuwa naman, salamat sa lahat ng inyong mga tanong! :) and just a reminder, this is a peaceful, anti-bad vibes blog. :)

Anonymous said...

im katrina, well i'm really checking your blog everyday...i have a multiply site nga lng its kattii.multiply.com....(sana u can visit and post din, can u also be my contact sa multiply???...)

im juz inspired by your blog that i try to develop my writing skills..hehe...

last time, i read about ur blog, ung MAKE ROOM...gosh, when i went to manila, first thing, went to atc, bought din ung shoerack..supernice..hehe :)
God bless u..

im hoping to see u in person...

-ChL said...

sagutin mo yung questions ko ha, di ko makita dito eh. or naduling nanaman ako..hehe tenchu

desiree said...

Kumusta na kayo ng daddy mo? How's your dad's health?

Anonymous said...

sana magkabalikan kayo ni justin ventura... :) bagay kayo...kiliiiiig!

niki said...

hi bianca!

wow, 4 years of blogging! congratulations! more years of inspiring posts to come =)

ako naman, my question is...


what is the square root of 789548222651189 raised to the tenth power divided by .22 percent plus 1?

teehee. seriously.

what are your secret fears and how do you intend to face them?


*kris said...

oh my goodness! *jumps for joy!* woot! ayan, we can be (superstar) photo buddies na :D i'm so excited for you. you can post your fun pics sa dressing room na rin like Ma ;)

happy blog anniv! i created a blogger account just for the occasion :)

can't wait to see your pics! i miss ya superstar. see you soon <3

alluriyah said...

hay naku, there are just people who can't get enough of IT.

yes this is a peaceful blog, and all blogs should be. this is your personal space in the cyberworld. Whatever you say, do, post, etc. - it is your right to do so.

Yaan mo miss bianca, magsasawa din yang mga detractors na yan!

keep us posted!

maxine said...

hi bianca,
even though i have not subscribed in blogger i always check on your site because i love reading your thoughts on life and everything else.
you inspire.
you are beauty and brains combined.
I've got three questions in mind:
1.) What is your thought on long distance relationships (including those married people... think millions of miles or continents apart)who has been apart for years?
2.) How do you picture yourself when you are 70 or 80 yrs old?
3.) When will you visit Cagayan de Oro? coz i definitely want to see you in person. Papakuha talaga ako ng picture with you, gamit yung bago mong canon. (joke!) =D

that's all i can think of for now. maybe i can think of more thoughts that you can ponder on. Hehehe!

Congrats on your 4th Yr.

(Pahabol... who is big brother in PBB?) =D

saisho said...

Just like the others, I really love your blog and also was the reason why I decided to make my own as well.

Here’s my question for you Bianca: How do you deal with stress and rejection?
Weird question. lol. Peace. Later.

Anonymous said...

Oprah's favorite question: At 23, what do you know for sure?

If you were to come up with lyrics to your own song, what would three lines be?

Favorite moment in the past year? in the past month? yesterday?

Your three most important, cannot-be-compromised values and why.

Is there anything in the past that haunts you? No explanation needed.

Guess that's it!

All the best,
A curious mind! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ate Bianca! What a great blog anniversary gift for your readers and fans =) My question is:

1. Who was your first love?
2. Have you gotten over it? If so, how?
3. Where do you see yourself 3 to 5 years from now?
4. What's your perfume?
5. What country do you plan to go next?

Thanks! =)



Stay humble and gorgeous!

irish_joy said...

hello! ang dameng nauna! hehe.. cheers to your new baby... i guess more pics will flood this blog soon. :) for the blog... happy anniversary! parang show lang eh. :) my questions are... of all the places you've been to as of today, which is the most memorable & most meaningful to you... and why? at meron pa pong isa.. ung title ng song that was played along with samson back in the last days of pbb2? ang kulit ko ba? and last, after a tiring day or when you just wake up in the morning, what makes you smile to make your day feel good? i will be so much glad to read your answers soon.. (kung possible lang naman.) thanks again for making us all smile with your posts! take care. good day & keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

hi der, bianca! how come i posted a comment sa last blog entry mo tapos it didn't showed up and u also didn't replied to it? :( did you even received it? i was really excited p naman because that was my first time to check your blog and was really psyched about it that i left you a comment and called you one good soul. hope you got it. i had a lot to say then... but if you didn't really received it... better luck next time for me... hehe
anyways, congrats sa 4th year anniv ng blogsite mo. & nice cam... :)
erica iris d. raquel here

JP said...

Hi Bianca,

I haven't post for a long time in your blog. But since it's anniv is getting near, I would like to participate by sending a question.

"If God is omniscient, then He predetermines whether a certain person goes to heaven or hell at the end of his life, if so, where does free will fit into all of this?"

Just something philisophical, free will vs predetermination.


bhitzs said...

BIANCS HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SA BLOG MO!woohoo!dapat may online party dito ehehe :p

question ko: what is your most unforgetable experience as a kid?

**sa mga bad vibes sa blog na 'to, ito lang masasabi ko...respect begets respect...ang respect hindi yan ini-impose...ine-earn..act your age! (bea mode)

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that you really have much faith in Him, most especially when you've mentioned your love of reading the bible. I'm a member of a Christian youth group, and I really try to keep up with what I believe, and that's HIM. :)

So for my question, What do you think is the reason for some not to believe and not to have faith in God?

BTW, nice blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Bianca On The Spot...

first off, congrats on the 4th anniv of your blog...as for the questions, i figured to ask you 10 questions
that you have to give four answers to, 4 being a tribute to the four wonderful years of blogging...:)

1. 4 best moments in PBB as a housemate
2. 4 favorite episodes of Blog
3. 4 interviews you want to do this year
4. 4 characteristics that you're looking for in a guy [as a future bf]
5. 4 people that made a difference/impact in your life [family, closest friends, Backroom people excluded]
6. 4 sweetest things that somebody ever done for you
7. 4 best advice someone said to you
8. 4 places you want to go to this year
9. 4 things you want to have this year
10. 4 guys you think are hot [local na lang and jairus is not included hah, minor pa un!]:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity, Bianca. I do have a question for you, that I have been wanting an answer to:

There are times when love with the right person is found at the wrong time, where following what your heart desires is entirely out of the question because you exist in a world where every word that comes out of your mouth, every action, and every move are of interest by those that surround you and by the whole world that watches you. At this point, does Love become a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th priority in life – and you choose to let go of the one thing/person that may actually make you happy? For the sake of what?

"And when the future hinges on the next words that are said, don't let logic interfere, believe your heart instead." -- Philip Robison

Anonymous said...

hay bianca... u really are just not gorgeous, u have brains and character (most important). di ko na umpisahan ang blog mo.. but inumpisahan ko talaga sya.. whoo..

u are so blessed! grabe..

question? hmmmmmmm... simple lang..what does your closet look like? :p since you have a cam... pakita mo naman closet,clothes,shoes.. and kikay stufs you have! hehe.. thankyou. im sure many would like to take a peek. thanks in advance! :)

bianca jr said...

hi miss bianca..

just want to share kung bakit 'bianca jr'.. my buddy and I decided to have our pet name, she likes mariel so much, and obviously, i really like you, i mean, idol talaga kita.. and accidentally, buddy din pala kayo ni miss mariel and dun na nagsimula yun.. siya si mariel jr at ako si bianca jr.. hehe, la lang..

ahmm.. sana ma post na to, kasi last time na nagtry akong magbigay ng comment, hindi ko nakita dito..

i really appreciate you.
and i really look up you as a good daughter, friend and a citizen..

(one thing na hindi ko makakalimutan nung naencounter kita eh yung tinawag mo kong "supergirl" dahil sa nakasulat sa shirt ko.. =YSPEAK UPLB episode= hehe.. overwhelmed talaga ko non! :) hehe)

ahmm, hope you're really ok.. napanood ko kasi yung episode ng boy&kris na guest kayo 3 nina toni.. hehe, go super bianca!!!

congrats for having your camera.. kasama din yan sa wish list ko, na pagiipunan ko pag may job na ko..

thank you!

J-A-M said...

Try to visit my site, eventhough im nOt as popular as you.. Just you know.. i'll be very glad if you will.
"stars are part of the heavenly bodies, Nora Aunor is a star; Nora Aunor is part of the heavenly bodies."

she said...

hi bianca. ako ulit. :)

ang dami kong tanung, pasensha na. naisip ko lang bigla.

kapag nastuck ka sa isang island for 100 days (parang PBB lang hehe), sinong gusto mong makasama (isa lang ha?) at anu mga 3 gamit ang dadalhin mo?

hindi kita nabati. sorry. happy 4th anniversary sa blog mo. :))

tsaka yung bagong alaga mo camera, yep. mukhang maganda nga. may friend po ako na photographer. dahil sa kanya, naimpluwensiyahan ako pero hanggang simpleng camera lang ako. pakiramdam ko kasi wala akong talent saphotography. tsk tsk.. may tips ka ba na pwedeng ishare?

nakakaaliw kayong panuorin nila toni&mariel kanina sa boy&kris. hehe. si toni, yung video. aliiiiiw! :)) alala ko tuloy nung maliit pa ako, madalas ko din kantahin sa church namin yung kinakanta ni toni sa video.

wala lang po. kwento lang. hehe. :))

God bless you, bianca. :)

leonito_goto said...

hi bianca,

for my question:

when are you coming back to cebu? i read like 2 years ago that you were here with ryan. have you been back ever since?

ayo ayo! :)

Arie said...

Congratulations on your new 400D. Enjoy!

kacheena said...

i love your blog! i only found out about your blog a few weeks ago, but i have read all your blog entries already. ^_^'

advance happy 4th birthday to your blog!

lilith said...

I have TONS of questions for you, Bianca, my numero uno favorite showbiz personality(in the entire universe...monica bellucci is a very far second). Pero since I don't want to be such a burden, I just have 3 questions:

1)Are you happy/contented with your life right now? (Coz sometimes I'm worried whether you're feeling down or not)

2)Got any plans to do some acting?

3)What's the thing (can be person, incident, thought, etc.) that scares you the most?

That's it for now. =) Happy anniversary to your blog! And, I must say, I'm like 4 or 5 years older than you, but I'm learning a lot through your blog. You've inspired me to look for a deeper meaning in my life; you've inspired me to take steps that will not just help those around me, but the whole world. More power to you!

Mhay dela Cruz said...

Hi Bianca, this should be my third post of comment (not in this particular topic), unfortunately, my second was not approved maybe it was included on the comments you accidentally rejected but its ok. Aside from my interest to join on your question&answer anniversary special,hehehe, I would also like you to know how you inspired me, I already have my own blog now, yeheyyyy...http://eiflayam.blogspot.com, I'll be happy if you will leave any comment on it hehehe.. pero ok lng kung hindi, will not expect it..I hope its ok to put you on my favorite links, everyday ko kc talaga check blog mo eh, late n ba humingi ng permission sorry, hehe..hindi p sya ganon kaganda as your site, pero...i'll try my best to make it good..Anyway, Happy anniversary on your blog! I wish n marating ko rin yan..thanks for inspiring us!
Sorry haba n, pero here are my questions:
1. (showbiz), from pep.com, magkakaron daw kau bago program nila toni at mariel? is it true? sna nga, wen kaya to, sana ipalabas un sa tfc ha, kc once n lng kita nakikita sa tfc connect lang, btw, i'm here at riyadh.
2. (politics) what is your opinion about trillanes issue? Dapat lang ba talaga n mawalang bisa n ung kaso nya or mapalaya n sya bec. he's a senator now?
3. (politics) do you think you have a call for politics? you're really a role model for the youth.

hope may sense mga pinagsasabi ko d2, hehehe..good luck ms. binaca, more power and god bless!

therese said...

woooooowww!!!! nice cam.. hehehe ;) im drooling..
happy 4th anniv to your blog!!
anong name ng bago mong baby?? hehehe

Lexi said...

Hi bianca! nice camera.. im saving real hard to buy a new one.. what im usingnow is the 350D.

we'll look forward to your pics!!

stay safe and God bless!!

Happy anniversary sa BLOG mo! :)

Ibyang Sanchez said...

hi bianca!
happy 4th blogsary! good on yah for spreading good vibes on your blog. kepp it up.

i only have one question for you:
may we know who's the author of the travel book you mentioned previously called BEACHES?

thank you and good day from down under---hope you visit sydney too! :)

ibyang :)

paula said...

okay.. sabi mo yan ah.. questions? hmmm.. pano mag-guest sa y-speak? (kidding!)
seriously, pano maging audience? ;p

KatWoman said...

Happy Anniversary to superbianca.blogspot.com!hehehe

well, alam mo naman siguro na you inspired me to create a blog(mas religious ako dito kesa sa friendster blog ko)--di ko nga lang nilalagyan ng posts(busy sa OR)..but i always check yours..i learn a lot of things from you--hmmm..You have my respect--like buddha--joke lang..ok na iyong mga philosophies mo..and i know you could share more..

Para bang God answered my prayer na sana magask ka ng questions from us ..then you would answer..siguro if you didnt have this post..and if nagcomment ako sa iba mong posts di mo mapapansin iyong comment(question)ko...

ive got two questions...HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO PURSUE ON A DREAM YOU THINK IS SLOWLY FADING?iyong tipong..feel mo wala ng pag-asa kasi youve taken another field..and if by chance may opportunity..feel mo naman meron mga kokontra and theyll do everything to pull you down..ive alwys wnted to become a writer(iyong bigtime at di lng sa school paper namin)..but ayt now..im graduating sa nursing--hmmm..kulang pa nga lang ako ng cases sa DR and OR..as in superlacking..wlang gana..dont like this kasi...but its really funny and ironic to excel on something you dont like..i dont know if nursing will ever bring me sa field ng media..

hahaha..ngayon ko lang napansin..i had an old issue of chalk at candy(super addict ako with this mag..cute ng site nila..gagawin talaga lahat para mafeature dito!hehehe) din na ikaw ang nasa cover..as in di ka pa gaano sikat noon..nothings changed..same humble..smart girl ive come to know..

my second question..i wanted to ask you if you still believe in true love...pero duh..i think everyone would be asking for that..so, heto na...HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DEAL IN A SITUATION WHEREIN PARANG MAY ANTIBIANCA CLUB?i mean like gee-ann's situation before..people tend to be really judgmental..im one of those peepz who hated those na kahit ano na lng sinasay sa kasweetan ninyo ni zanjoe...ive got the same share of frenemies..they tell others that you shudnt be their friend..theyre nicer to you when they need you..and hasslefeck..they shut u out when you dont obey their way..i dont mind them anymore..pero sometimes nakakainis when everyone knows that that group are the ones wrong..napakaobvious at visible na..pero there's still this thing na biniblame mo iyong sarli mo for not pleasing them...

LOVE THE CAM>>k lang ang Canon..pero i think i heard mas nice ang nikon..pero ok iyan..kesa wala..sira kasi iyong sony ko..hahaha


Anonymous said...

hello! happy 4th yr anniv to ur blogsite! ahm... my Q is are u dating someone?
could you enumerate mga countries na na-visit mo? thanx!

Anonymous said...

hi bianca!!

first comment.. WOW!!! Ü

advance happy nniv to ur blog and soooo nice cam!! i love taking pictures too, lalo na wen i took photography class sobrang na inspire talaga ko.. and also films, i love films, i love to produce one kung kaya ko. prob, ive no cam!! :(

2nd, wow naman mag answer ka ng questions! excited ako na sana ma answer mo din questions ko. so many questions.

pero before dat.. just wanna say na big fan mo ko as in! and ive watched boy and kris kanina. ders you mariel and toni. Ü

next, u're from zobel ryt? kahit na ateneo kana ngayon college, alam ko you still have green blood! Ü oh! were you der nung launching ng one lasalle? wala nga ako eh sayang. pero maganda daw eh.

and i heard yung song ni gary v. entitled we've won. have you heard it arlready? ganda noh? pati yung message na sinabi niya dat nyt. astig!!!

third, comm arts din yung course mo college dba? ano major mo? sobra pareho tayo course.. nalaman ko lang yun last year hehe..


1. ano yung mga possible job for comm arts major na marerecommend mo?? malapit na ko graduate, until now dko alam kunin ko kung san ako focus, kung advertising ba, film production or ano.. gusto ko sana malaman yung mga possible choices.

2. ano ma advice mo wen it comes to writing? (btw i admire ur writing) i love to write.. but im so afraid to show it. kasi baka bad composition ort grammar. both filipino and english. hirap din kasi ako makapag isip ng topis and ng first line.

3. i saw how you take down notes. can give us more tips on how to take down notes creatively?

4. do you also love to read? hus ur fave author and why? oh i know ur reading bible everyday.. are u born again christian or catholic? ano advice mo para dko ma forget na magbasa ng bible and pano maging mas close kay God? and pano ko share word ni God sa iba?

Shoo Bee said...

congrats on your blog anniversary.... i wish you post that often, i mean i really like reading your entries and photos.

questions? i do not know if i get an answer on this one but its better to try.... what made you and lino c. decide to call it quits. sayang kasi. how are you taking his new relationship?

Anonymous said...

hi ate bianca. my name is kaye. :-D you're blessed with so much happiness and success. and oh,btw i just want you to know that i find your blog very inspiring.. :) and here's my question:

Do you think we create our own reality? ..and what is reality?

thanks ate bianca. enjoy and godbless. :-D happy birthday, superbianca!! cheers to you!

ANDREiA RAKS said...


Some years ago, on a hot summer day in south Florida, a little boy
decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind his house.
In a hurry to dive into the cool water, he ran out the back door,
leaving behind shoes, socks, and shirt as he went.

He flew into the water, not realizing that as he swam toward the
middle of the lake, an alligator was swimming toward the shore.

His father working in the yard saw the two as they got closer and
closer together. In utter fear, he ran toward the water, yelling to
his son as loudly as he could.

Hearing his voice, the little boy became alarmed and made a U-turn
to swim to his father. It was too late. Just as he reached his
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That began an incredible tug-of-war between the two. The alligator
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passionate to let go. A farmer happened to drive by, heard his
screams, raced from his truck, took aim and shot the alligator.

Remarkably, after weeks and weeks in the hospital, the little boy
survived. His legs were extremely scarred by the vicious attack of
the animal. And, on his arms, were deep scratches where his father's
fingernails dug into his flesh in his effort to hang on to the son
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The newspaper reporter who interviewed the boy after the trauma,
asked if he would show him his scars. The boy lifted his pant legs.
And then, with obvious pride, he said to t he reporter, 'But look at
my arms. I have great scars on my arms, too. I have them because my
Dad wouldn't let go.'

You and I can identify with that little boy. We have scars, too. No,
not from an alligator, but the scars of a painful past. Some of
those scars are unsightly and have caused us deep regret. But, some
wounds, my friend, are because God has refused to let go. In the
midst of your struggle, He's been there holding on to you.

T he Scripture teaches that God loves you. You are a child of God He
wants to protect you and provide for you in every way But sometimes
we foolishly wade into dangerous situations, not knowing what lies
ahead. The swimming hole of life is filled with peril - and we
forget that the enemy is waiting to attack. That's when the
tug-of-war begins - and if you have the scars of His love on your
arms, be very, very grateful. He did not and will not ever let you

Please pass this on to those you love. God has blessed you, so that
you can be a blessing to others. You just never know where a person
is in his/her life and what they are going through.

Never judge another persons scars, because you don't know how they
got them. Also, it is so important that we are not selfish, to
receive the blessings of these messages, without forwarding them to
someone else.

Right now, someone needs to know that God loves them, and you love
them, too- enough to not let them go.

beekeetot said...

wow i love your camera. :P i want to have one of those, yet my mom won't buy me 'cause it'll be a tad too expensive,and i'm still too young daw for those kind of cameras(mag'f-fourteen palang ako) and it's too expensive for my own good. sayang rin at baka hindi ko maalagaan. heheh.

anyways. questions questions. pretty exciting...

first question. what is your shopping philosophy?

second question. how the heck did you get to where you are, famous and all? was it by accident, or did you really audition for stuff? 'cause i want to do what you do someday.

third... what course did you take/are you taking in college?

bianca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

my question. When will you visit me and JC? =)


aisha said...

hi bianca! i love to travel too. i just wanna ask kung saan yung next country or place na balak mo puntahan para iexplore? naiinspire ako sa mga post mo lalo na pag about sa pagttravel sa ibat ibang lugar. dream ko din magtravel talaga..well im looking forward sa mga next post mo..thanks for sharing them with us. God bless you!

mejas said...

Hi Ms. Bianca,
I love everything about you. You make the imperfect world PERFECT!!!
but anyway my question is:
"what should we do for the world to be a better place?"
I'm just curios in your oppinion on that matter. I want this world to become a better place, so kindly tell us, what should we do??
Thank you..
God Bless you, your blog, friends and your family.

GreenMangoes said...

For some blogging reasons, i posted this before pero it won't post e.. hmm... let me try my luck today...


And for the question...

Bakit mahaba ang salitang "Abbreviation" ?

nahh.. hehe! i was just kidding!

here's the real question/s...

1. If you are a biographer, which personality/ies, living or dead, will you choose to make a biography?

2. Give me one irony in life that you can't live without.

That will be all, for now, Ms.B!


Anonymous said...

iv been a reader of ur blog since u were just startin out..my questions have already been asked..il just ask a personal one..is there anyone special in ur life right now? i mean we hope if u hav a new found love u cn share it here in ur blog..hehehe

eeennnaaa said...

question! question!

why do people get bored??

kaye maligaya said...

hi bianca g. congrats 4 years ka na sa mundo ng blogging pati narin sa new camera mo. astig. :)
question: how are you? haha.
god bless you and always be a blessing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

Been reading your blog for quite some time now but this is my first time to post a comment. Nice thoughts by the way.

My questions would be...
1. If you could look ahead 1 year into the future, will you do something to change it? Explain why.
2. If you can ask God ONE yes-or-no question, what would it be?

- Robbie

Anonymous said...

wow! happy anniversary to your blog! :) super idol talaga kita ate bianca :) an org based in UP, where i'm an applicant, invited you for an activity, but too bad hindi ka pala pwede nun :( anyway, hope next time pwede ka na :)excited na akong magtanong sa'yo,hehehe... curious lang talaga ako kung pano mo namamaintain ang pagiging calm and collected mo despite all the intrigues that came your way? hope to know you more, sana makapg email ka rin sa'kin ;P iska_jskelly@yahoo.com.ph
> jean :)

monte carlo said...

hi miss bianca!, just like you i am also taking up Communication here in Baguio grabe you inspired me po talaga especially when it comes to overcoming my insecurities hanep i do collect all the magazines na ikaw ang cover and of course malilimutan ko ba naman ang mga shows mo diba i even promote ut sa classroom heheheh promise! at kahit late na me matulog ok lang mapanood ko lang replays ng Y SPEAK at BLOG anyway ate Bianks give me some advices naman when it comes to overcoming my insecurities physically kasi low self-steem ako eh paano ba ako magi2standout kahit pangit ako hayyyy and advices po pagdating sa studies at buhay estudyante Salamat! more POWER! and happy anniversary

bhitzs said...

i forgot to ask..

di ba your Laptop(Ouibli?) and Car (W.., di yata pwede sabihin hihi) has a name, have you given a name to your new digicam? :-)

gyk said...

wow! i also dream of having my very own camera.. but it's too expensive, so pag laki co nalang. hahahaha.. anyway, keep posting! and hapi anniv to your blog!

Anonymous said...

ate bianca! gandang gabi!

1.anong apelyido ang pinaka nakakatawa para sayO ate bianca?

2.ano masasabi mo sa movie na LOVE ACTUALLY?...

3.top 5 mOng favorite movie?


5.kung nagpakita sayo c god...anO una mong tanOng?

6.eh sa horror movie?..ano sayo nakakataKot?

...thanx ate bianca..sana po masagut niO...mahilig kc ako manuod ng movies eh...22o yang apelyido ko ate!hehe..thanx idOL!


fleda said...

first off, a happy anniv to your blog. i've been reading it even before you went inside the PBB house and had loved it since ever. Kaya nga i missed reading your posts when you went in. ;D

you've been such an inspiration when it comes to writing, ranting and sharing your thoughts to other people and i hope you never get too tired of it. :D

as for the question..

Can i be one of your travel buddies?! hehehe.

I share the same love for traveling as much as you do (thanks to a plane ride to france) and i really envy that you've gone to lots of places in the world already. That's why i love your blog too, i get to see the world in your eyes and i continuously hope and pray that i get there too.

so i hope you could accomodate my question. haha. but seriously, i just wanna ask, which among the places that you've visited did you fall in love with?!

thanks for the opportunity! and nice camera! :D

more power and God Bless

- dOiNkSkY - said...

Hi Miss Bianca! Reading your entries makes me realize that you really are a person with a good soul(like your words speak of your being). I have always admired your sincerity. I would like to commend your entries because it always makes sense... you are always driving to a certain point and I'm really impressed and getting inspired by that. You get my applause for that. ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi bianca!
wala akong tanong pero gusto ko lang sabihin na you're so blessed.

gusto ko rin sabihin na ang suwerte mo dahil bukod sa kita, napunta sa'yo ang trabahong mahal mo.

til next time. aabangan ko ang future show mo... show mo meaning ikaw na ang director! :)

-just a fan

-ChL said...

Geeezz flooded-comments ah. Hehehe

Nakalimutan ko yung mga ni-question ko sau, asan na ba yun bkt wala dito? Hehehe


BB_ANNE said...

naexcite nman ako dun sa question and answer....well i've got to watch all your interviews on TV..kaya nothing has left for me to ask..i'll be reading the blogger's questions and your answers nlng.

Poinks said...

uhm la lang, just wanna ask if have you ever thought of parang forgiving yourself for loving a person too much? ewan ko ba, parang right now that's how i feel eh, or is it just a phase... na when your heart gets broken tas maiisip mo na ganun nga.. na you gave your love to the wrong person... haha love doctor ba ito? haha

rainbow said...

hi! congrats sa four years of blogging!=)

i have two questions...
-anong brand ng shades mo with white frames na gamit mo sa singapore? cute kasi =)
-gusto mo ba papinta ng chucks ke cj de silva? ang gaganda kasi ng gawa niya. she can jazz up your old chucks =)

thanks and more power!God bless =)

Anonymous said...

with this anniversary special, i hope you'll answer now my queries regarding your blog style. i sent it thru multiply two weeks ago. oh and yeah, i know now that you love travelling, can you suggest top 3 spots (in the phils & outside the phils) that are worth visiting? thanks a bunch.

jaywalker said...

I've had a 300D and a 350D. I haven't had a 400D yet but I'm sure it's a good DSLR camera. Love your photographs. What lens do you use btw

tric said...

Hi Ate Bianca! I've been reading your blog for years now, ngayon lang ako nagkaron ng lakas ng loob na magcomment. :)

I super love you.


1. When was the first time you felt that you were really independent? :)


2. Who are the 5 people you want to meet in heaven? :)

Anonymous said...

hey bianca,

i've read all the entry in your blog and to me you appeared to be a very level-headed, simple and smart lady. i hope you don't get offended by my questions yet what intrigue about you is the fact that when you were inside the big brother house you were ready to fight for the "feelings" you found inside. in fact i don't think it would have gone deeper if not for your persuasion to the guy, right? yet just after a blink of an eye and right after you stepped out of the door you metamorphosed into a different indidividual. there are pieces of you that i can still see when you were inside but that doe-eyed romantic girl i was rooting for has turn 360 degrees. what made you change your mind? was it all part of the strategy to stay in the game? i'm sorry i'm just curious. you really not need explained yourself to me. i just want to let it all out after all i happened to spend much just so you two could be together even just for awhile just to figure things out.

Anonymous said...

here's my question: are you gonna answer our questions? hahaha.

stay cool. be who you are and say what you feel...those who'll mind don't matter and those who matter won't mind...goodluck in everything!

Tracy. said...

Wow. Bumaha ng comments ah. Hehe. Cool camera. :) What's its name? :)

As for the questions.. Why are you so good at public speaking? You enunciate your words so well. You talk on television too, so it's as if you're talking to the world. Sometimes when speaking in front of people, my voice becomes softer at some point for some strange reason. You're just so good. :P

Oh, and have you actually considered running for office? I mean, considering the fact that you have all those advocacies and such.. and there a lot of showbiz people entering politics.

Wala lang po. Just curious. :D Happy 4th anniversary to your blog, by the way! :D

Ken said...

Hi Miss Bianca,

I'm just an admirer, or a fan, especially on your thoughts about life. I guess those many units of Philo (plus the back and forth with the profs during class and orals) is really a big plus, no.

Anyway, let's get to it. I have a thought that goes like ...

"The best way of feeling good and fulfilled about one's self (more than accumulating all those wealth, power and fame) is do go out and help others, in effect touching the lives of others." Is the basis of this altruism and the belief that man is inherently good? Or is it just man's selfishness, since the end goal of his helping others is himself?

Hey ... sorry if I don't make sense!!! But I never had run my argument yet with a Philo guy.

Thanks and best wishes,

*oh for a good prose on being for others, you'd might like to take a look at "A Life That Matters." I saw it as one of Dr. Ernie E's tribute to Max Soliven published on the Phil Star daily around November last year.

Margarita said...

Hi! Ako rin yung nagcomment about the movie, Donnie Darko years ago. Ang hirap nga makakuha ng original DVD nun dito sa Pilipinas. Eto pala ang tanong ko: Ano ang reaction mo sa Donnie Darko?

o baka hindi mo na masagot yan kasi baka matagal mo nang napanood yung movie na yun.. =(

Sana masagot mo! Thanks!

e L i said...

where do you usually hang out? :D

Anonymous said...

what was it like to graduate from la salle for high school and from ateneo for college? =D

Marco said...

hapi anibersari! yup bloggin is mind boggling hehe...

excited na ko para sa'yo... hoping to see eye popping pics from your travels...

take care! good luck!

marsymallows said...

hey ate bianca! I saw you in uste when you shot 1 y-speak episode there! Haha! yung naka-brown ka, dumaan kami sa tabi mo as in sooper a meter a way from you kaya gusto sana naming mag-hi kaya lang you look serious kasi nag-re-rehearse ka ng lines ata.. anyways, what happened to blog, breakfast and d-tour? thanks..

marsymallows said...

another question, is patty laurel really a pre-school teacher now?

Anonymous said...

shocks.. ur really really pretty!! ur like the epitome of beauty.. wow!! hope u could post more pics.. i like ur fashion sense too.. keep it up!! God speed! ♥

Jam said...

Hello po! Just wanna ask kung how much yung cam nyo.. Ganda po kasi eh! :) and happy 4 years to your blog!!! hehe..

Nicole said...

Ms. Bianca :) I've been an avid fan of your wonderful and interesting blog :) YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERBIANCA.BLOGSPOT.COM :)

I haven one simple question :) Since you went to my school (La Salle Zobel) where should you think I go for college? La Salle or Ateneo? I'm currently in my junior year in DLSZobel :) I'm aware that you went to Ateneo, why? :D

Love lots,
Nicole :)

songhee said...

hello bianca :) i've been reading you blog for quite some time now and you write great entries! and oh, i love your canon 400d! (nice choice) i'm also a photography enthusiast and i can't wait to see your pics :)

anyways, i want to ask you something :) you're a model right? uhh i'm an aspiring model actually (hehe) i've done a few sets for some photographers and a clothes store. i want to expand my capabilites so my friends say i should try ramp. i don't know where to sign up or apply to or whatever. can you shell out suggestions? :)


irish_joy said...

hello! let me lift your spirit from the negative vibes that entered this blog.. u don't have really to post that one, pero ina-approved mo pa rin. i salute you for that! bow po kameng naniniwala sayo.. maiba naman tyo, congrats for the new show. nakita ko lang ngayon sa teaser.. sorry for me nalang, i cant watch the pilot ep tomorrow... congratulations po ulit nalang... continue to be strong. take care & keep the faith. (it's enough that u've read this, no need to approve for posting.:)thanks!)

kingofchocolates said...

Grabe, 137 comments!
I'm a huge fan by the way. Hindi naman ako umaasa na magiging close tayo sa pagcocomment ko dito, haha!

Hmm, coincidentally, may Q&A portion din ako sa blog ko dati, thrice!

Doon na lang ako kukuha ng questions.
Read it if you have time.

1) Do good things really last?
2) Is love a social construct?
3) How do you know what you need to know until you know it?
4) Would you risk your life for a cause? And for what cause would you die for? -dindin

jaycee gliff said...

wow..fave bianx! afvance happy anniv to your blog! i love your life's insights and its some kind of inspirational to me. i also made blog for myself nung nabasa ko yung sayo! haha..naiingit aq eh! pano mo nagawa ung ganito ka gndang blog? im amazed!

emman..Ü =D said...

wow! nkaka 4 years kna?..neweiz, hapy anniversary to your blog! hehe..mmm, panu mo nggwang ndi tamarin sa pggwa ng blog?.. [answer this on my blog..tnx bianca]

Anonymous said...

Hi bianca! This is my first time to comment on your blog but i always visit your blog. Wala naman akong question in particular. I just have thoughts about guys moving on so quickly after getting out of a relationship. I feel disrespected when my ex did. I'm happy for him but why so quickly? Just wondering. Anyhow, Happy 4 years to your blog! Godbless!

tin said...

I really like you.

I'll ask you lang sana
What's the best color(dress) for tan girls like us..??

she said...

ako ulit. hehe. nagging hobby ko na ata mag leave ng comment dito.

wala naman limit kung ilang question diba? you can't choose not answer po. hehe.

naisip ko lang po, since you love travelling, anu sa mga narating mo ng lugar here sa pinas ang pinaka nagustuhan mo? tsaka san mo pa gusto makarating dito sa pinas?? :)

i'll watch you later on entertainment live. :))

Anonymous said...

1)what's your secret in saving money?
(how kuripot are you? kasi i just started working and i really want to save)
2)what's one thing you can eat everyday?
3)what's one beauty product you can swear your life on?
4)do you have a beauty regimen?
5)what's your view on pre-marital sex?
6)who's the most "non-showbiz" celebrity friend you have?
7)who's your biggest crush?
8)who's your dermatologist?

THANKS!:) Happy anniversary to your blog!:)

tragic_seven said...

hi bianca,

im zahara from cotabato city. baguhan lang ako sa blogging. i saw your blog in candy mag so i checked it out. ang ganda ng blog mo. i want to ask sana how do i get people to read my blog. how do i join a blogging community?

emygirl said...

hi bianca! happy 4th anniversary to your blog. here's my question: what do you consider was the highest and lowest point in your life?

emygirl =)

imroanne said...

Kamusta ka na? I saw you sa Kitchen (sa G3). Gusto kitang tawagin pero I resorted not to or else I would look (and sound) ludicrous sa resto annd obviously you don't remember me na coz we've just come across through our blogs way long before. Ha-ha, miss ko na rin yung updates ni Russ on her blog. stay happy!


guia_franco said...

Hey, Bianca! Happy 4th anniversary to your blog! :)

Like you, I'm also a Comm major in Ateneo. :) How was your college life like? What orgs did you join? Where did you usually hang out in school? Aside from Dr. Garcia, who are your other favorite professors?

Thanks for answering my questions! God bless you! :)

Anonymous said...

hello ate bia!!

i love your new show with ate ma and tin! hehe! watck ako kanina! i love it!

matagal ko nang winish na mag ka show kayong tatalo!!

i hope magtagal super!

mylene518 said...

HI!!! your blog dispels the notion that showbiz personalities have hollow brains. I appreciate your thoughts and tidbits about life. They're the thoughts of a "thinker". :-)

Anyway, I really loved your shoes during a show last August 4, I forgot what show it was, what I remember is that it was right after Wowowee.

Where can I get those shoes?!? :-)

Thanx. :-)

Anonymous said...

cute bi! show me your pics man! hehe.


hiddenprincess said...

bianca, ive been reading your blogs, and to what ive read, i can say that your really good christian..

you know what, matagal nako nagpplan magblog but ngayon ko lang nagawa..
you were one of my inspirations in making my blog..
umm, can you do me a favor??
pano mo ba ginawa yung nasa title ng blog mo?? i mean your picture is there and all..
can you share it??kung okay lang po sana..

advanced happy anniversary to your blog!:) and im really wishing you all the bests in life..coz i know, you're a great person in and out!:)

godbless you always!:D

eunice. said...

hi bianca!

do you see yourself in a hosting career for the rest of your life or do you have plans of venturing on another industry-- i mean, a different one...far from broadcasting or whatever on-screen. kasi you don't look like the type who would want to stay forever in front of the cam.. or maybe you are..i dunno...

Anonymous said...

Hi Beautiful Bianca Gonzales!!

I saw u first in Y-speak--with Karen Davilla and Ryan Agoncillo--it aired wednesdays at 11:00(i think). the nest thing i knew you are in PBB, Dream Academy, Y-Speak on 23, and other shows.

this may be personal, but i really wanna know ur YM id/e-mail address!! i really hope you can give me your YM!

macky scharer said...

Hi biancs, im macky.. i met tita ofel in bene one time. she's a friend kasi of tita alice and they go to mass together every morning. Had the chance din to chat with her in my tita's house in inner circle once and tita ofel promised to introduce us. Sayang nga eh one time u went with her to my tita's house for the umbrella, eh i just left the place! I've long been wanting to meet you. Hope to see you soon. take care and say hi to your mom. ☺

btw, please say hi to mariel, she was my schoolmate in monte. hope she remembers me!

cris said...

bianca! i love the new camera!! :)

how've you been na? :) haven't dropped by here in ages -- good to know you're still writing! come visit new york soon (even if pel abandoned us na haha)! take care :)

Anonymous said...

i like your dress sa entertainment live! saan mo siya binili?

Anonymous said...

i like your hairstyle now...

u look beautiful...


kattii... :)

Anonymous said...

hey bianca!

first of all, congrats on your 400D! i own the same camera and it's really good for an entry-level camera. the 50mm fixed lens is a good buy. cheap but takes super great portrait photos. :) anyway! your blog has truly inspired me in a lot of ways. i'm a high school student and because of your blog, i felt that i have a lot of questions in my mind too, and i think i could take up philo in college. :o

as for my question, for all the people experiencing a lot of adversities in life, the children experiencing poverty every single day, the people who've felt like they're the worst people in the world, those left behind, those physically being hurt, those who never felt they've been loved, those who don't know that God exists. what's your side on this? do you think it's the will of God to see people suffer? i've read in your previous blog entries how scars make a person beautiful. by scars i know you mean pain and suffering. and beauty, strength. in these cases, do you think it makes them stronger?

hope you'll answer these questions. oh, and all congrats on your blog's 4th anniversary! here's to more blogging years!:) take care!-chel

Anonymous said...

hey, bianca..i enjoy reading your blogs esp about travel..i have questions:
a) since you've been a MAC user..what are its advantages and disadvantages?
b) you seem to be a very simple & level headed person...what is your trait that you don't like or wish to improve?
c) which is your ultimate travel destination?
d) sorry this may be a bit personal...will you ever give Zanjoe a chance if he decides to court you or something?
e) before the issue on KC & Lino has been out, what do you think of KC Concepcion?

Thanks and more power!!


Francesca said...

b, i think i have the most important question of all -

when will i get to see you in manila? haha :) didn't get to make it to mitzi's thing but after this weekend, i think i'm pretty much free!

love, cheska

Anonymous said...

I want to ask you one question, Ate Bianca... and it's kinda personal. What do you do if your stuck between your best guy friends at your neighborhood and your best girl friends at school? I'm kinda in this situation where my other friends don't like my best guy friends because their not so nice to them and their first impression can always be faulty. I love my best guy friends, their like my brothers. Should I stick to who I feel comfortable with, or do what my best girl friends want me to do? Please help me! Thank you so much, Ate Bianca! Lotsaluv...

Allane Christmae Roc said...

I definitely love your Canon! My Kuya had the same camera as yours, except that he's been putting stickers from Baguio, Subic, and Boracay all over it!

choco.smoke said...

hi bianca.. :) to be honest, my best friend is the one who idolizes you a lot not me. but when i browsed into blogs, i found yours., read everything.. and then i was like.. 'whooah'.. it never crossed my mind that you are that spiritual.. grabe! :) role model na kita ngayon.. my mom is as spiritual as you, kaya lang di siya active sa orgs or anything. pero ako, ewan! :) hehe..

siguro, it's time for me to change.. dami na kase nangyayari sa life ko and i know God is the only one who can help me. pero minsan di ko pa rin magawang humarap at humingi ng tulong sa kanya.

uhm, pwede humingi ng advice? nasa gitna kase ako ngayong ng malaking chismis.. mismong grupo ko nga, daming pinagsasabi-sabi tungkol sakin. i know na everybody talks sh*t about anyone, pero parang.. over na.. sobra na. tas ako alam ko dapat binabalewala ko nalang, pero nakakasakit na eh.
halos di na nga lang ako umiimik, pero wala pa rin.. yung gulo at chismis, nakabuntot palagi..

di ako naiinis.. napapagod lang.. pls help me.. sana malampasan kong mga to..

oranges said...

hi bianca... i've always been reading your blog. but it's my first time to leave a comment. i was your classmate in Theo, but i doubt if you would remember me. you're really a nice person, i just regret not knowing you more. anyway, i wish you all the success in your work...

and for my question, where do you buy your sunglasses? :)

haha babaw. ingat parati. :)

beatlebum said...

hahaha! goodluck sa mga questions bianca! ;)

creativejenny said...

sana maging maganda pa yung career mo para lagi kitang nkikita at para mainspire mo pa madaming tao and isa na ako don. pati sa blog mo, sana maging kasing ganda din ng blog ko ang blog mo... GODBLESS...

Mhay dela Cruz said...

Hi bianca, another question, ipapalabas ba sa TFC middleeast ung entertainment live nyo? inabangan ko kc kagabi wla, how I wish ipalabas and sana sa night as in katapat din ng startalk, para mapanood ko.. ingit ako sa mga nakapanood..wahhh..thanks again..have a nice day!

aerol84 said...

hey bianca, it's been a while since i last posted my comments on your blog.

first of all, nice camera, ha? so it seems u really have the passion for photography... hehe =)

secondly, i just wanna greet happy anniversary to your blog. grabe 4 years na pala blog mo, ha? i really enjoy reading your blog. your posts are really inspiring. i can say that you are really a sensible and intelligent person.

lastly, here are my questions for you, bianca.

1. You've been posting in this blog that you're interested in taking up philosophy. What made you drawn to philo? Do u envision yourself as a philo professor?

2. Where do u see yourself 5 to 10 years from now?

3. Do u have plans of becoming a newscaster in the future? Actually I have this feeling that you will really excel in this field considering that you're really articulate and well-versed in current events.

4. You have been involved in many advocacies. Do u see yourself getting involved in politics someday?

hope you get to answer all of my questions.

take care and god bless, bianx =)

Charlize said...

hi, bianca!Ü

we've met pero hindi mo na siguro ako naaalala. we met through tara. hiniram nya yung cd ni quark ata yun. haha.

ito ang question ko, ano yung code para hindi pwede mag-right-click sa webpage mo. gets? haha. salamat.ü

hannah said...

wow gusto ko rin ng canon 400D!!! cant wait for your pictures!!! =D

Anonymous said...

miss bianca! i watched your episode of Y-speak kagabi. and i so loved it. GOD bless.

oblivious.insanity said...

Parehas tayo ng camera oh!
Canon EOS 400D. XD

Happy blogiversary! XD

Shoo Bee said...

hi! 2nd question: if God will allow you to be another being or another personality, who would you want to be and why?

Anonymous said...

hi bianca! your offer to answer our questions was really tempting.. since I do see you as a smart person and the best part is I know that you thank our God for that :)

I do have three questions :)
1. Aside from Ateneo, where do you think you could have studied college here in the Philippines? (just curious..)
2. What can you say about "ex-bestfriends"? You know, from best girl friends in childhood, to being just another friend to being not so friends anymore, through the years..
3. What Scripture from the Bible do you just turn to, esp in those really, really hard moments in life? how about in the really, really good ones? I like asking that to people, helps in adding to my favorite verses :)
God bless you more!

ps. love your camera! :)

king said...

hi there!
i just love reading your blogs...congrats you made it this long,hehe.
stay pretty

Anonymous said...

do you find yourself giving in to a particular fan base that's bent on getting you and and a certain model (who, um, let's face it, isn't exactly as cerebral as you are, or fit in with your college/high school social set)to work or romantically be together?

I've seen some of the forums, and sometimes I'm amused by it all. They claim to know what's in your heart. They believe you're destined to be with a certain person. And they call that faith - and/or hope, instead of what it truly is...a fantasy they choose to nurture! They scrutinize every detail of your PBB experience, when maybe all it whittles down to is a bad case of "cabin fever".

But to each his/her own. I guess that comes with the territory of being a celebrity: you're the character they build up in their own heads.

I admire you for being true to yourself, even if playing up the masses would have bagged you millions.

Rock on, Bianca.

Anonymous said...

woooow! blockbuster, as in sold out! 193 coments! hehe!

nawiwili na akong magcomment, mas gusto ko na lang magbasa blog mo kesa magsulat sa blog ko:)

nways, sana maging kasing bait mo ako sa mga detractors, d lang tinapay ibinato mo sa kanya, chocolate na (hi detractor, sarap ng chocolates no?)...

like what i've said before (sa 1 corinthian 10:13) don't mind those people na lang. dun sila masaya sa pangdodown ng ibang tao, let them be, just continue living ur life clean and inspiring others. at least, u can sleep well sa gabi, d ka nabobother dahil wala kang ginawan ng masama, un ang isang tahimik na buhay, kahit me mga nang aaway.

sana wag ka paaaffect sa mga pangdodown nila sau, don't let those people ruin u, what they are telling and thinking of u are not true, alam mo yan, alam naming lahat yan. Grcefully stand & move on, always, after every fall. sabi ni God, wag mo hahayaang manalo ang kasamaan, db?

ok, move na tau sa question ko, hehe! tungkol ito sa what ifs & if onlys. most people say kasi na never natin dapat pagsisihan mga ngyari na sa buhay natin, kasi fate tlga mga un at kc me mga matututunan tau dun, tama naman db? khit ako ganun naman pananaw ko, but then, me mga bagay pa rin sa buhay ko na i tend to regret, madami...

kaw, what are your points of view regarding this matter, and me pinagsisisihan ka ba? furthermore, me what ifs ka ba sa pagpasok mo sa PBB? sa mga work na tinatanggap mo?

BiaNca, pde mo d sagutin mo, i will understand- ja

PS, sori if my questions do not make sense, wala ako maisip malupit para sa isang malupit sumagot, hehe!

God bless U! ingat palagi!^__^

Anonymous said...

hey bianca!

1. for your new camera! nice one! :)
2. for your 4th year in the world of blogging - congrats! i hope you'll continue blogging,because very inspiring ang mga sinusulat mo :) I remember you taking a blog break when you enter the PBB house and then came back just recently -- good thing kasi we missed you! :)
3. for your new show ENTERTAINMENT LIVE - i was able to watch your new show! nakakakilig sila Toni and Direk Paul! I hope you'll find the RIGHT GUY for you.. soon! :) Congrats to the three of you! u deserve it! :)

1. Are u going back to a morning show? you did great sa Magandang Umaga Pilipinas before :)
2. When can I see you sa movies? or kahit sa teleserye lang? or sa Your Song? :)

God bless and I wish you more success and happiness :) I hope you have peace in your heart :)


marge said...

hi ms. bianca.,

i've been a reader of your blog eversince.
pero nahihiya po talaga akong mag leave ng comment kasi sa dinami-dami naman po ng nagco-comment sayo po diba, baka di mo lang po mapansin yung akin. kaya yung one time na nag-try akong mag leave ng comment at na-approve nio pong i-post, sobrang saya ko! di ko po alam.. basta tuwing nagbabasa po ako ng blog mo, lagi akong may natututunan.
basta po, kahit yung nakita ko pong determination nio pong mag-aral dati when you were still in ateneo, grabe na-influence nio po ako. kahit po sobrang busy nio na, nagagawa nio paring mag post sa blog nio po. asteeg po talaga kayo. wag nio po kami iwan ah.
happy anniversary po pala! can i leave 2 questions?

->can you still remember the moment you turned 18? legal age?
pwede ko po bang tanungin kung pano po kayo nag-celebrate? kasi po by september i'll be 18! haay. i hope makareply po kayo.

and last question ->what do you think of beautiful girls who drink and smoke? one time po kasi pumunta ako sa bar, hindi ko po kinaya yung mga nakita ko.

salamat po. thanks for reading, stay beautiful and humble!

Have a blessed day!

eigea said...

elo te bianca wow this is my first time mvisit blog mo.. by the way link kita sa blog q..hehe uu nga pla gnda ng camera mo.. my mom like that one too kso expensive e..heheh zge po till here n lng visit n lng ulit me.. God bless TCA

eigea said...

ate bianca its me eigea again..hehe i wanna ask pede ba tayo mging friends?i will be happy if u say yes..heheh visit my blog po if ur not bz...God bless again..

mhimsz said...

hi ate bianca..
nbasa q p0h ung mga pnost moh..nd i definetely enjoi reading ur blog..
im looking forward sa mga bgo mong ipopost..hehe..pti sa mga pix moh..haha..
nga poh pla,fan nioh qng tatlo nila ate toni,ate mariel nd xempre ikaw..ang qt niong tatlo tignan..hehehe..sna mging close teoh khit d2 lng..gud luck p0h..nd take care..

Anonymous said...

Praise be to You Bianca.

My question is, do you agree that Filipinos should return to the instructions and examples of the bible in order to halt moral degradation and wipe out corruption and poverty in the country?

If you believe so, please help our organization Students Of Destiny for the Observation of Morality in its goals of a widespread bible-based ethics.

We are a group of concerned college and high-school daughters who have taken vows to live fully in the way the bible teaches and to thus bring ourselves closer to God.

We are glad to say that most of us have performed in the exemplary way of the daughters described in Genesis 19:30-39.

We also enjoin female readers of this blog to please read the biblical story above and to emulate the examples of the daughters therein. Ask your sisters do do the same.

Though Lot lived in a city diffused by sin and evil, God saved him and his daughters to serve as examples of the salutary effects of living a Godly life. We urge female readers of this blog to please read the passage above, to emulate the examples there and to urge your fathers and sisters to do the same.

May God bless you in his wisely ways. And may our tribes increase.

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