09 December 2007

i am a hope warrior.

i love cebu. i really do! there is something so magical about that place in my opinion. and the other week, i was fortunate enough to have something so magical happen in cebu once again!

8.45AM: cebu international airport.

i am picked up in the airport by commissioner mike lopez of the national youth commission, the one who invited me to be a keynote speaker for the event that night, along with other nyc staff members, and a police escort as well. so sosyal.

on the way to the hotel, we talk about politics and the youth’s role in the political scene in this day and age. we share our opinion on the stand off of the group of senator trillanes in makati. i tell them about my great passion for education for the youth, and they tell me about the workings of the office of the nyc. then, out of the blue, “ayan! diyan ang taping ng deal or no deal mamaya!” they point out to me the set of the show in the parking lot of the mall as we pass by it. “wow, ang bigatin naman nila. so lahat ng 26K, lilipad papuntang cebu?” i asked in awe. sadly, di kami nakanood nung gabing yun kasi kasabay nung function namin. sayang, saya siguro nun!

3.30PM: university of san carlos.

after resting for a bit, taking our lunch, and meeting some local journalists (hi nathalie! hi orly! hi vanessa!), we headed to the famous university of san carlos. nalaman ko lang nung araw na yun na ang usc pala ang oldest university in the country! astig no? we were ushered in to an auditorium that was filled with students. napaka-warm ng welcome nila sa amin, nakakataba ng puso.

that day, the tingog carolinian party, a political party in the university, was celebrating their 20th anniversary. and in line with their celebration, they were launching a movement called hope warriors. it was my honor to be declared that afternoon as a “hope warrior”. someone who will work to hopefully spread hope to every person he or she encounters in his or her life.

they asked me to say a few words on stage. i really didn’t know what to say, but i guess was just so inspired by all the students in front of me, that i just shared stories that would hopefully push them to face their fears, to go for their dreams, and to be the best them that they can be. ang mga nasabi ko sa kanila, sa totoo lang, parang pinaghalo-halong past topics sa blog ko. about how each one of us is different, and unique, and how no one else can do what we do. about how we can make a difference if we really want to. and i ended by sharing what i saw in the ‘unicef world wall of peace’ in california..

“the person who says it cannot be done should not get in the way of the person doing it.”

7.00PM: cebu international convention center.

dressed in a black mini with a white collar, black tights, and black baby doll heels, i shivered in the uber cold aircon of the holding area, waiting for my turn to deliver the keynote speech in the event for the asean ten outstanding youth organizations. students from all over the south east asian region were there to represent their country and to show how they have been doing their part in making a difference. just being there, seeing them, listening to the program, was so inspiring. and it was an honor as well to be delivering the speech that night with one of the most authoritative public speakers in the country, media mogul boy abunda.

our speech tackled the most pressing issues we, the youth, are facing today. kung gaano kahirap maging bahagi ng kabataang pinoy sa panahon na magulo ang pulitikal na sektor. kung saan kahirapan pa din ang pinakamalaking problema, na isang malaking dahilan din ng ibang problemang kinakaharap natin. kung saan napakadami pang dapat gawin para maayos ang educational system ng bansa. and the list goes on and on.

but, we were there to take a stand, and to say that in actuality, this is a very exciting time to be young and to be filipino. the opportunities available to us are bigger and better. the information access that we have is actually unbelievable. now, more than ever, we can really be what we want to be and make things happen if we want to. then again, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. and i ended by saying..

”with firm conviction and belief in my fellow youth, i say we are ready. and if we feel we’re not so ready, we will make ourselves ready. ready, willing, and very eager to take the challenge.”


Anonymous said...

ate pbb!!

your such a good model tlaga saming mga youth..

the best ka tlaga kahit saang aspect!!!

hope to see u soon!!!!

love lots....

Anonymous said...

Cebu loves Bianca not only because you are gwapa but because you have a big heart!!!

im happy to know that you had a great time here in cebu. =)

i hope you had the time to visit one of the beaches here.

balik unya diri sa cebu, biancs! we are proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I love cebu too...esp. the southern provinces di pa expose and abuse....

USC is the oldest univ. not UST....

lemme share this:
somewhere in cebu there is a "turtle ride" literally. May range lang kung gaano kalau ung aabutin ng tali at gaano ka lalim ka dadalhin ng turtle...


Anonymous said...

Bianca :) You are such an amazing and beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for being a great model! Keep up the good work. Take care. And more power on your career as a youth ambassador.

andy of cebu said...

sus,sayang naman! i have always waited for you to visit cebu and now that you did, i missed it pa! anyway, i just wanna tell you how big a fan i am. i always watch your shows, whenever i have time. i think you're one of the realy few intelligent and sensible personalities in showbiz. i make sure to read your blog regularly (i might be one of the first few to read this entry). i would love to see you doing more current affairs shows, where your own opinions are heard and not scripted. im a bit sad to see you in one of your shows where you have to read a script. i think you are fit to do more intelligent shows. kasi with most shows you're doing, nagiging regular and average personality kana eh. i love it when people recognize your role as a youth advocate. keep it up, be different and always strive to be a cut above the rest . God bless!

Anonymous said...

hey bianca! hope you can post a copy of ur speech. would love to read it. :)

teena said...


Anonymous said...

hello po. you're indeed a role model to the Filipino youth. you inspire a lot of teenagers of our generation to make a stand, do what is right, to make a difference. personally, i admire you for your advocacy for youth's education, and your stand in making a difference. continue spreading the will to stand and surely, with the help of the Lord and the people you inspired, you can reach your dream of change! God Bless.. and more power!

Anonymous said...

hello ate bianca

i study at university of san carlos but unfortunately i wasn't able to attend that event. sayang

hopefully when you come back here and have another seminar or something maka-punta na ako. hehehe

god bless po ae bianc

James said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Biancs. I really love the way you spread the word.keep it up and God bless you. And, I LOVE YOU!!! I love you so much from the bottom of my hopeless heart. LOL corny ^_^

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Miss Bi, you have been a hope warrior since the day you decided to share what your dreams, philosophies, and aspirations are through this blog of yours.

nessy said...

sobrang happy ko na nandun ako sa forum na yun! sobrang nakakabigay ng hope mga blogs mo.. but hearing u talk, mas nahigitan pa!

thank u sobra coz honeslty, ang dami kong natutunan syo..

im really happy na nemeet kita..

PS: ako na yung agnes sa stage.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

hi biancs, super maganda talaga ang cebu, d2 naku manila nagwowork pero ders no place lyk hom, mis ko talaga cebu, sana next visit mo sa cebu u hav tym 2 visit moalboal, cebu...ang gaganda ng mga beaches dun.....

MonKey D Luffy said...

Hayz...........Bianca sarap maging CoCa CoLa mo...hehehe

majesticjam said...

hey bianca! yeah, what's your opinion on the manila pen stand off? i'm really curious.. hehe.. take care always!:)

ann said...

ur such an inspiration,,Stay


keep up the good work and

more power!

Dane said...

It's great that you had a really great time here in Cebu. Too bad I missed the opportunity to see you talk about issues like these (and as an addition, you set a VERY good example). We hope to see you very soon. May unta nga makabalik ka sa sunod. Ayu-ayo!

Anonymous said...

i think UST is the oldest university.. while USC is the oldest school in the philippines..

im from USC, btw. :-)

Anonymous said...

bianca, you were ehre in cebu? OMO! nabasa ko nga sa isang flyer na you and mr. boy abunda will be having a symposium at the main campus. too bad, i missed that event. i am a student in usc too. but i was in the talamban campus. did you happen to visit the other campus. arrgh! i missed the event, and worst i missed seeing you in person! sayang naman! sana bumalik kayo dito. dapat updated ako, hehe.

jc oh said...

kelan ka babalik ng cebu?sa susunod di na talaga ako matutulog.haha!

Anonymous said...

Biancs, Daghang Salamat!

You are such a beautiful and an amazing person. You are a blessing and an inspiration to all of us!

As a form of gratitude, I wanted to share this with you.


ACCEPTANCE everything in life that we really accept undergoes a change. (Katherine Mansfield)

CHEERFULNESS is the rich and satisfying result of strenuous discipline. (Edwin Percy Whipple)

CONTENTMENT do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hope for. (Epicurus)

FORGIVENESS admitting we are like other people. Saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits. (Hannah Moore)

HUMOR is laughing at what you haven't got when you ought to have it. (Langston Hughes)

SERENITY comes not alone by removing the outward causes and occasions of fear, but by the discovery of inward reservoirs to draw upon. (Rufus M. Jones)

GRATITUDE one of life's gifts is that each of us, no matter how downtrodden, find reason for thankfulness. (J. Robert Meskin)

Sabi mo sa Uber, Happiness ang wish mo this christmas..and that's my prayer and my wish for you too biancs, not only on Christmas day but everyday. You're a wonderful person. You deserve all the happiness in life :)

Merry Christmas! God Bless You Always!!

http://essa-rosero.blogspot.com/ said...

wow.how i wish nandun ako para sana narinig ko ang speech mo.hehe.
dami talagang issues or political issues na dapat concern tayong mga kabataan..dahil tau rin ang naaapektuhan..

gusto ko na tuloy pumunta sa cebu.
dahil di pa'ko nakakapunta dun.


kaRen_myxmatch said...

i really want to hear you talking sa mga forums, talks, seminars or conventions... hmmm kelan kaya? hehe... parang npaka inspiring kasi pakinggan...

is this the same with the event with the youth in Baguio last year?

Kris Ablan said...

Wow, naman!

So, who won?

Anonymous said...

hi there.. are you sure that USC is the oldest university? I think, it's my alma mater: UST. In fact, it is the oldest in Asia.. tama ba?

bianca said...

nathalie!! hello!! you're nadele? what's your blogsite, sorry? :)

Anonymous said...

congrats for spreading your brilliant thoughts to the youth of today,
i love to hear that you are having speaking engagements around the country - you give inspiration and encouragement to everyone who listens to you
as a hope warrior, i know you will be doing your task dutifully and with conviction at that!
when are you coming to iloilo city and talk to us too,


cooLeTbait said...

the last message..ang galing,,!!!
a youth advocate and a role model..continue of what you're doing and more blessings para madami ka pa ma-inspire na katulad nmin..stay humble and beautifuL '^,)

Keng said...

I admire you for being a celebrity with a passion for youth development. Sana dumami pa katulad mo.

out of nowhere said...

all i can say is WOW!clap clap clap!

zainy brainy said...

hey, B! wonder why some of my previous messages didn't get through???!!! hope i'll make it this time..haha!!
just to let you know that by reading this latest blog of yours makes me ADMIRE you all the more!!
the GREAT BIANCA GONZALEZ!! i'm so PROUD of you coz you're so IN-DEMAND when it comes to invitations in giving speeches, public discussions, inspirational talks and the likes!
you're such a RARITY in showbiz! NO ONE in showbiz can beat you like that especially in that category! at di ako magsasawang sabihin na you're OH SO PRETTY and OH SO PHOTOGENIC! isama ko na rin ang pagiging super TELEGENIC mo rin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca, I'm lucky enough to handle student organizations and the youth in one of the universities here in Manila. We are currently facing apathy and discouragement among youth. Can you suggest good resources on how to make the youth more active?

thank you!

Anonymous said...

what you are writing is just a common idea of youth nowadays. what you have said are very very very very redundant.

Anonymous said...

hi bianx!

thnaks for visiting my school and cebu! i didn't know u love it as much as we, the cebuanos, do:)

freyti said...


visit this..someone posted it in BFF!

during your visit in cebu!hehe

The Henvironment said...

My prof in literature shared his experiences during that same event in 2005 as an ambassador from the Philippines. And by his mere sharing, i thought it was really great to be there. His all-expense paid travel to 6 different countries in Southeast asia and Japan and meeting friends of different nationalities were all very inviting. kudos talaga sayo! keep inspiring people.

Anonymous said...

ur d best!!!!

Anonymous said...

nakaka inspire talaga blog mo.....perfect hindi lng para sa mga kabataan but 2 ol, bata, matanda man....may ISA PANG kulang n lng sa blog mo bianca, at yun ay abouT ur "LOVELIFE"

Lucia said...

Bianca, you're such a nice person inside and out that's why I look up to you! May you have more blessings to come! Merry Christmas! :)

nineafter909 said...

to anonymous:

aw, really?! Bianca's being very, very, very, very redundant in writing???!! RUBBISH! Completely a TRASH! fyi, anonymous, Bianca's not just gifted with Beauty and Brains, she's also VERY ARTICULATE IN THE WRITTEN WORD. and i repeat, VERY ARTICULATE! now to say that she's being very, very, very, very, very redundant in writing her thoughts is completely an UNFAIR REMARK! or shall i say you're just being ENVIOUS of her coz YOU COULDN'T DO MUCH TO BE AT PAR WITH HER!!! tsk..tsk..how pathetic!

mind you, anonymous, Bianca's an INSPIRATION to many people, from all walks of life...her every entry in her blog is always "KAPANA-PANABIK" because her writings are SO PHILOSOPHICAL, so RATIONAL so that people draw so much inspiration from her. THAT'S THE BEAUTY OF MISS BIANCA GONZALEZ!

so anonymous, if you can't take the heat, or simply can't say anything fair and right...JUST **** YOUR MOUTH!! and for you, biancs, just keep up your good deeds! luv u so much! :)

raiya said...

ur a good model to the youth..keep it up

trish said...

I really love the way think and on how you inspire youth like us. =).. galing! idol tlaga kita Miss bianca =).. more power

marge said...

bow ako sayo ate bianca.

Natalie said...

Very nice post! Something you should be proud of - doing your own little big way. God bless! :)


Anonymous said...

hey!you inspire me a lot.thanks!merry christmas!too bad i wasn't able to see you nung pumunta ka dito sa cebu.pls bumalik ka.huhu!i am one of those people who keep on saying am your no.1 fan coz i think i am eversince i saw you from that yogurt commercial.hehe!napansin ko lang ah,nahihirapan ka ring magpronounce kapag may "r" like me.haha!we have so many things in common.one thing,i also love seinfeld.haha!bumalik ka dito sa cebu ah,lalong-lalo na dito sa usc.sobrang welcome ka dito.mwahhh!

Anonymous said...

we're soooo glad you liked cebu,hope you had a great time here. if i had known that you'd be here sana we could have waited for you at the airport, cicc, etc.. just to see you kasi sobrang fan mo kami ng daughter ko, sayang tsk tsk... sa tv na lang muna

Yeni said...

CEBU loves BIANCA!!! =)

wantingout said...

uber sa inspiring talga blogs mo! hopefully,there will be a sorta movement/group for kabataan like me na nsa tambay mode to start doing something for a change apart from my career pra masaya just like the medical mission i just participated in. thanks! keep on keepin' on!

ainaf said...

role model ka talaga ng kabataan..! we love you..

BB_ANNE said...

pls do continue to be an inspiration to everyone...^^

irish_joy said...

you're really a hope warrior, and you're really exceptional! you are indeed a true youth leader who inspires your fellow youth. who reminds that we, the youth can make a difference. keep the faith biancs! take care always!

irish_joy said...

hi! ako ulit, you don't need to post this one, can i ask you a big big favor? my bday is on the 28th, and as a gift to myself, i want to meet you sana personally. kasi hinde pa rin kita nakikita in person eh. if this is possible lang naman, kahit over coffee lang. pero kung hinde ka available, it's really ok lang po. thanks for reading this!

ashEr said...

Ms. Bianca G., super idol poh kita.. thank you for being an inspiration to all of us...

orly said...

Hi, Bianca!

It was indeed such a pleasure to have met like you who's heart is in the right place. I never expected you would be so level-headed and down-to-earth. That lunch at Pino was awesome because of your company.

Keep the zeal!

With much admiration,

bianca jr said...

hi! actually, what you have done is really on my wish list..
first, to go to Cebu..
second, to speak in front of people and talk about youth power..

i want to really become an accomplisher of dreams.. act now!
"...not of us has given enough time to do what is right..." -celine, mskm .. hehe!

Anonymous said...

hi ate pbb!!!

grabe we enjoy e live kanina...
sobraang saya namin,kahit na di ka na namin na meet...just to see u, ok na kami...pero sana na meet ka namin, kasi ang dami namin kanina, at mas naging mas masaya sana, pero ok lang po, kc my next tym naman,,hehehe...
and please say to tita ofel thanks for everything.enjoy kami parati pag kasama cia, like kanina.hope to meet u again ate!!! take care, and dahan dahan sa work..god bless and see u ulit.. sana soon..hehehe....

Anonymous said...

bad bad grammar = horrible blog

d'superme said...

y sUpErgiglwannabe?
dont u knw dat ur olrdi a
dats y 4 me ur
a moDel
evry youh sHud
lUk up 2

i love ur bLogs..
i rli do!

bwt d youth..
i thnk ur qyt ryt..
ds s also d age
wer d youth shud
wake up..
wat i min s
dEy 2 hAv evry ryt
2 particip8
2 ol d hapnins of
oUr sHattered cOuntry.

phil. nids ours voiz

l@! ch@ said...

~CEBU loves you lots and more B. =)

~yay! it's my first time to view and browse over your blog.and i'm pretty sure i'd love to frequent it in here =) btw,, i'm laisah from CEBU =) if i only knew you came here for a visit?! i should have rushed my way to USC..ha-ha really? next time do text me please...lol my hyperness often shames me I SWEAR..ha-ha i'm like smiling even if the whole worlds falling down on me...ouchie ayt?! i hate to pretend but i always do..ha-ha just so you know?! i would appreciate it so much if you read this for me..then tell me..am i CRAZY or am i just over-reacting?! =(
by: l@! ch@~
right now? i'm NUMB..Don't ask me why coz i'm gonna throw the same query back at you...but lemme dish out some of this predicaments...have you ever been doubted by someone you cared so much?! well! if you did you may feel the same way as i do..but if not,, i bet some of you will not agree that it's the most painful emotion to endure...it's all part of LIFE i get that but i never imagined it to be this heart-punding and mind-buggling not to mention degrading...who am i to complain right?! there are alot more people suffering than i do...i should feel blessed that i still have my loved ones with me...i still got me! =) and that's all that's left with me...Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think everything's ok and everything's alright...i've thought moving on was easy if it was i shouldve been easy then i should have opt to walk forward...i just can't help but look back when i don't care for anybody else except myself and nothing makes me cry except when i get to be wounded while playing around...but i need to grow...i need to get hurt for me to realize my worth..to learn that i'm a LOSER and that's all i'm gonna be...i don't hate anyone except me...for being so attached and for thinking that things can be possible with friendship..with love and REAL life...maybe i expected too much and i'm taking the downfall seriously...i must stop dwelling and start living...i got to beat the logic now...that i just have to be contented to where i am and to whom i'm with..beyond that?! i have to lift it all up to GOD...i know i can finally be happy...i'm not afraid of losing but i just don't wanna be there when it happens.But what i'm feeling and what they made me feel is that i've always been "MISUNDERSTOOD" =( *sighs*

mode: listening to mary mary's song (STILL MY CHILD) =)

airkisses and hugs,,
l@! ch@~~ xoxo

Anonymous said...

" the person who says it cannot be done should not get in the way of the person doing it"

-mau jud...dili jud ta angay maghuna-huna og negative kinahanglan positive jud ta always! og dili gani ka gusto magrant imung dreams or madungog imug tingog, ayaw pagreklamo sa mga nahintabo nimu!..

"with firm conviction and belief in my fellow youth, i say we are ready. and if we feel we're not so ready, we will make ourselves ready. ready, willing and very eager to take the challenge"

-of course we're ready! kinsay nag-ingon nga dili?!..basta sa ikaayu sa atong nasud og sa atong mga tao tinabangay ta!..ipakita natu nila nga kaya natung mga kabataan! ayaw ka ulaw! ayaw ka talaw! magkauban ta ani!:p

-hey ate bianca...it's me again CHE...matagal-tagal na din akong hindi napadpad sa blogger, busy na kasi sa feasib namin...musta na po?!...xenxa na po sa comment ko huh?!..binisaya ko na po kasi u said u like CEBU tapos napunta ka pa pala dun(kaya ka cguro wala sa uber noh?!)..hehehe..so binigyan nlang kita ng task(oh! ndi lang po c kuya ang marunong magbigay ng task huh?!!)..hehehe..u myt be wondering y alam kong magcebuano e taga laguna ako..kc po ung mama ko from leyte and minsan na din po kaming tumira sa leyte so ayun natutu ako...but anywayz, ang ganda ganda talaga ng mga pinopost mo sa blog mo, PROMISE!...so INSPIRING!..ang bait bait mo pa po! and so well-grounded!..karapat dapat ka talagang maging modelo ng mga kabataan!..u really deserve to be happy...and to be heard!

Merry Christmas!
God Bless:>

please let me know kapag naintindihan mo na po ung comment ko!..salamat po!:>

Anonymous said...

to nineafter909, are you bianca? Im not pertaining to your crap ms or mr defender of this blog. when i said this blog is very very very redundant i was writing about the shitness of the old ideas posted here. the only great thing aboit bianca is that she's popular nowadays. and she uses her popularity to gain attention and doing the same routinary acts which are also done by hypocrites. there are many people out there who are doing much noble things than her works. and they are unnoticed because they keep their good deeds unknown.
i also agree with another 'anonymous,' this blog is horrible, very bad grammar. maybe bianca should study grammar books before pointing her so-called activities on this crap.

Anonymous said...

me mga bad vibes na namang dumapo sa napakaayos na pamumuhay ng blog na to, haaaaaaay....

basta ang sa akin ay simple lang, ~ mamatay na lang sa inggit at inis ang mga bad vibes, bianca and the rest of the fans and friends na nagvivisit d2 ay masaya, maayos ang buhay, no hurt, no guilt, no insecurities, handang umakyat sa langit, sa mga bad vibes, pasunog nyo lang ng pasunog kaluluwa nyo sa ****, kung jan kau masaya...

to bianca and the rest of the good vibes, happy holidays! more blessings as the new year comes!~

nidanshy said...

ehhh..i was passing by..=)

just to correct you poh, USC (alumni poh ako eh..=p)is not the oldest University it's the oldest school in the country lng.. and im missing the college days..hahaha

Emilie said...

I've been visiting Ala's and I found this link of yours. Pinagtyagaan ko talaga basahin from the very beginning.

Good Job. Stay Cool.

ADRIAN said...

Hei bianca!

i've just come across this blog of urs.. thank u so much for gracing the event in San Carlos

and thanx for being a part of our Tingog carolinian Family.. :]

Anonymous said...

just stumbled upon this site... wala lang.
tungkol sa bad grammar... well, it's forgivable. for one thing, she is a celebrity, not a grammarian. we shouldn't expect anything grand from most local celebrities in terms of stimulating readers intellectually. they're here to entertain us, not to lecture something as lame as subject-verb agreement ya knoooo!=p
save for ala--i think she's got the bombsss infused in every of her antics lol. well hindi pala i think. remove the "i think" there.
so yeah... wag niyo na lang pakialaman masyado at magcommento ng mukhang loser. hahahaha there's an art in shutting one's mouth (or in this case, one's web browser). all right. now it's my turn to shut up. cheers =)

Anonymous said...

with or without grammatical errors, this blog is nothing but a waste of webspace. Boring and very predictable.

Anonymous said...

kakazira ng araw ung mga evil anonymous!!!

la ba tlaga kaung mgawa... kung ayaw nio c bianca ...wag nio na lang i-browse to, tas mgcocomen t p kau ng ewan

jekert said...


sayang talaga. why did i have to graduate a year earlier?! di na kita naabutan mag.speech sa school namin. huhu.

cebu is love. i want to go back home.=(

Anonymous said...


This is my first time I've crossed your blog. I read your blog URL in a magazine (USC-TC guidance paraphernalias), I think its a 2004 ed.

Anyway, I was there.
Luckily we have an org meeting that time.
I was in that forum.
You're so GREAT!
I can't believe that everyone was SooOOo inspired in that talk.
Me and my friends are..
Boy Abunda too is superb.

And USC is the oldest school not university.

Stay the same!
God Bless!


Anonymous said...

hi BIANCA!!!im also a carolinian...happy ako nakapunta ka sa USC...alam ko mrami na inspired sau..i love the way u r gurl.heheh.SUPERBIANCA KA TLGA..iKAW SI PINK SODA GIRL.

czha said...

i like what you are doing you are sharing yourself in such a way that you inspire other people..in that way you are worth the attention not just because you are a public figure but a worthwhile and inspiring one...

Ling2x said...

Hello Bianca! Just to inform you that University of San Carlos is the first school in the Philippines. It was founded in 1595 under the name Colegio del San Ildefonso. It was originally managed by the Jesuits. But the University of Sto. Tomas holds the distinction as the first University founded here in the country (founded in 1610). I corrected you because you jotted that USC is the first university, not UST. UST is the first university, USC is the first school!

Ling Xiaoyu

PS 1: I was a graduating grade schooler when we celebrated our fourth centennial year. That was 1995.

PS 2: I have a page too...www.pinkknight9.blogspot.com. I hope you could also check mine too!