10 November 2005

aAaAh.. eUrOpA!

starbucks asks, "when was the last time you did something for the first time?" a sweet question indeed.. and my answer is.. europe! i'm sure that counts! :p

the stories behind the pictures!
note: these are just a few of so many pictures! descriptions are from left to right, top to bottom..

geneva, switzerland! geneva is a nice, simple, architecturally beautiful city. this is lino looking out at lake geneva, where we saw maybe 20 swans just swimming around.. beautiful!

just across the bridge, on the other side of the lake, right smack in the middle, you see the tallest fountain in the world! you see that bluish grayish vertical line beside my face? that's it! the buildings around it were just around 1/6 its height.

after a long walk from the main area of geneva going to old geneva, is a main town square with a museum, park, and operahouse. this is me resting my feet in my oh-so-cool pink trench coat (hehe, its care of my friend pam picazo) by the steps.

zermatt, a ski town in switzerland! zermatt is beautiful. it looks like a village in disneyland, or a cartoon town, but its all real! this is me having hot coco in a small cafe, with the swiss alps behind me. (whoooa!)

zermatt boasts of offering ski slopes all year round. lino was sprained, and i had no gear nor experience.. so it was ate pia and our friend alf who went skiing. this is ate pi on a snowboard. aliw!!

but of course, we were there already, we just HAD to take the cable car all the way to the top! this is me 4000 feet up high! it was so high up, that we really felt the air was thinner. but it was beautiful! snow capped mountains as far as the eyes can see!

paris, france. paaaaarrriiisss! aaack i still can't believe it! ever since i was a kid, it has been my DREAM to see the eiffel tower. i finally did.. wow! actually, story goes, is that when it was built, the people either loved it, or found it so obtrusive. when you're there, at first its of course spectacular, but when you stare at it, you sort of do feel how obtrusive it is. its just.. its just.. SOOO huge!

we paid a visit to the louvre, one of the most well known museums in the world, and this is me with the venus de milo aka aphrodite behind me. very nice! we also saw the mona lisa, cupid and psyche, nike the goddess of victory, all those egyptian artifacts.. yep, all that jazz! ay grabe!

right outside our hotel was the notre dame. such a beautiful church! yes, that's where the hunchback of notre dame story was set! when you go near the walls, the details sa architecture are amazing. and this is me in my oh-so-asian get up. hehe. i stood out like a sore thumb in my bright outfits, black hair, and brown skin.

i was so enamored by the eiffel tower that i just HAD to see what it was like at night! i was so lucky, because apparently, the first five minutes of when they turn the light on, there's a sparkling light show!! as in! the eiffel tower sparkles! it was so beautiful i couldn't stop jumping and screaming. hehe. then it dims down to this nice golden glow you see in the picture.

as a memory of my first ever europe trip, i had a second ear pierce put on my right ear! yahoo! hehe. nothing big really, its just sort of a special remembrance.

across the street from our hotel, is a bookshop that has been up since 1902! its called shakespeare and company, and its this nice, quaint, charming little book shop! looks like a page out of harry potter! i bought a book on philosophy. also, right outside our hotel is the sein river, the main river that runs through paris, and we spent one morning just reading by the river! this is officially my favorite spot in paris!

this is our last night in paris.. me, lin, and ate pi having a celebratory hot cup of coco in the coffee shop right by our hotel. haaay, nine days of tiresome walking, sight seeing, picture taking, and culture absorbing in europe! what an experience!!

LeT mE sHaRe..!

its really impossible for me to write and share everything i learned and saw and found beautiful in europe, cause really, every second, and just walking, just sitting down, is so enriching!

but. but! i did learn a few things i really wanna share, more of things i saw there, that i wanna suggest for here in our country.

1 - making the city more tourist friendly!

going around europe makes you realize how un-tourist friendly the city is! in fairness, manila is making a big, big effort.. but how about makati, pasig, and quezon city? really. if you were a tourist, saan mo gugustuhing magpa-picture in these areas? greenbelt, rockwell, at abs-cbn at gma na lang ang pinaka! what happened to the landmarks? everywhere you go in europe, buildings, churches, monuments, even park benches all clue you in on their culture and history. you'll even see specially made spots perfect for posing for pictures! i don't see much of that here in the city.. its not just boracay, palawan, cebu, or davao that we have to offer! department of tourism, our main city is tourist worthy too! even those painted taxi cabs in london are a good idea for us here! or at least its a start!

2 - designing of the mrt stops.

in their main subway in paris, each stop has its own distinct look. for example, the franklin roosevelt stopped had a very american look and design to it, the stop nearer the champs elysees and eiffel were more posh and sophisticated, and get this, the stop for the louvre was actually a mini museum already, with art on display! we got to thinking, why not get our national artists, or even budding young artists, to give each mrt stop a different look, or feel, or even a mural of something that happened in the history of that area. it'll contribute to beautifying the area, promoting local artists, awareness of history and culture, as well as being tourist attractive and friendly! sa pamunuan ng mrt, suggestion at panawagan lang po!

3 - support for the local film industry.

ate pia travelled for official business in geneva, where she met senator del picchia of france. on the train from switzerland to paris, the french senator sat with us and we all shared stories about the differences between the two countries. (yes, there are a lot!) but one very noteworthy one.. he mentioned that in france, lawmakers are allowed to sort of sponsor a certain film, and in the end, the film features something of the same interest to the lawmaker! for example. example lang to ha! a congressman from sorsogon has budget to sponsor a film by star cinema. star cinema in turn conceptualizes a story revolving around sorsogon. as a sort of x-deal, star cinema gets money to make the film, sorsogon gets exposure for tourists and pinoys alike! galing no? (sana lang kung mangyari dito, walang corruption na mangyari.)

fOr aLL tHoSe pRo-yOuTh eMpOweRmEnT!

the alay sa bayan community and its partners recently launched its "alab ng pusong pinoy" campaign which fights for youth empowerment through development in three specific areas. sports, to train our young athletes for international competitions and support them by coming up with various programs. very crucial in a young person's life are the teachers he encounters in school, so another thrust is teacher formation. the young today will rule tomorrow, so youth leadership is also a main advocacy of the group.

there is still so much hope for our seemingly hopeless country! please support and visit the alab website.

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trish said...

hey.. grabe sooper nakarelate ako.. big factor talaga ang mga profs in making a subject fun/lovable or boring.ü and yes, the notes na parang bible na (ganun na sha kahalaga, especially for your classmates..) hehe..

hayy,, cge goodluck ha.. keep us updated through your awesome blog. ü

zwirl said...

nice post bianx:) feeling ko rin i'm there!;D can't wait for my turn to go there, too!;) God bless you always:)