07 December 2003

mY sEx aNd tHe ciTy mOmEnT.

saturday night, after a job for a magazine, i hung out with three of the most fabulous gays in manila at the coffee shop of westin philippine plaza. they were ricci chan, make up artist and actor, ronnie salvacion, photographer, and luis espiritu, editor in chief and stylist. usually in my group of friends, i'm the carrie (either cause of the way i talk, the way i dress, or feeling ko lang ako si carrie), but last night, my goodness! i was the charlotte! i was just so fascinated, listening to their kwentos and chikas. well, i may be biased. you see, i love gay people. there's this charm and honesty that just absolutely draws me in. well, there are those really annoying ones that pry into your life and stuff, but then god bless them na lang because they have their reasons right.

we had to catch the sunset but it was so traffic everywhere that night, and ricci was making kwento that it was 4:45 (and so late) so he checked his smart zed service.. it said, "sunrise was at 5:35AM and sunset will be at 5:29PM," and he panicked to death daw! super late na siya, bababaan pa siya ng araw! (that was the fastest make up job done ever i swear.) haha! they were also talking about dating, and how ronnie and luis plan to be nuns na lang and put up an ala-pink sisters convent, but then ricci argued he can never survive there cause they have a vow of silence.. then ronnie said they do talk naman siguro, and he knows that they are allowed to sing.. ricci goes, if he's there and he had chismis, he'd just go, "mother.. alam mo ba ang latest..!" (in a high pitched voice). goodness gracious i couldn't stop laughing the whole time! then at the same time, there was a wedding, and the couple was having their photo shoot with this photographer by the grand staircase. we just kept on assessing and thinking what the hell the photographer was taking. as in behind the stairs was a buffet, then people were passing pa, plus lighting was horrible and their faces were full of shadows, but the photographer was just clicking away! haha! we really couldn't figure out what their wedding album will look like. i found their remarks quite mean and frank, but if you think about it, its really true! hhhay that was quite enjoyable. :)


well after that, justin picked me up and we were supposed to go to the dinner of our friend alvin, then head on to follow our friends at our friend ponce's house.. well. i thought i had a totally free day but i was wrong! i got called for work. and it was at the oddest of places! it was at the parks and wildlife center near qc circle.. game k n b? was taping there and our boss was there so we had to all meet there. hay! there goes my night out. we ended at 4AM. eck. :s

cHriStMaS sHoPpiNg.

i just got home from my first christmas shopping session for this christmas! for some weird reason, i don't know anyone who is ganado to go shopping this year. everyone either doesn't wanna give gifts or just wanna make something to give as gifts. wala kasing pera mga tao!

(bianca's theory on why her phone and many other phones have been stolen the past week: namumulubi na mga tao, kailangan ng mga celphone para isangla!! mga leche ang mga kurimao* na yan.)

i was able to buy a good number of gifts naman, and thank GoD my list is shorter.. i am the ultimate promotor of the exchange gift program among all my friends. i really organize it cause it makes things easier (and cheaper!) for everyone. :) so there. i went to the annual st. james bazaar and it was pretty cool, lots of nice things, but even if i vow not to buy anything for myself until i finished shopping for everyone else, i just couldn't resist! i bought a top, earrings, a bracelet, a bag.. oh no. hay!

merry christmas. :)

kurimao - noun. refers to anyone who is a useless entity on earth, people who are just a waste of space, time, flesh, air, and water. (learned that term from people at work!)

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