10 December 2003

cUriOsiTy kiLLeD tHe CaT.

why and how was the cat killed by curiosity? i tried looking it up on google, askgeeves, altavista, but i found no answer. will curiosity kill me too?

the past few days i've been so, so restless. i'm in a weird mood today cause malabo and sad things happened to me today, maybe that's why i'm like this. aaack! anyway. i've been thinking about certain things i did last week that are awaiting results. its like, i did my part, now i'm waiting for the ones on the other side to do their part. should i just sit and wait, or do i follow up on them? if i follow up on them, i'd be too much of a nagging eager beaver. but if i don't, i'll have to stay in this limbo-like phase. and how about false hope? if people give you something to hope for, but then nothing happens, is it okay to be upset cause you were given false hope? hay. hmm.. i wanna know why curiosity killed that darn cat.

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