13 December 2003

LiTtLe LeSsOnS LeArNeD..

1 - getting stuck in traffic during your drive home alone need not be a hassle.. it can actually be a peaceful experience! all this as long as: (a) you choose to not let stupid or kups drivers bug you down, that you just learn to let it go, (b) if you have good, steady music in the car like massive attack's "protection" album, and (c) if you don't have any appointments to rush to, obviously.

2 - if bianca forgets to eat, bianca will get a terrible migraine.

3 - i have to teach justin how to shop. :p believe it or not, i've never been in an ukay to my life! (not because i don't want to.. on the contrary, i've been dying to! i just don't ever get to plan it. :s) and justin is now in baguio and i have no idea how to describe to him the things to buy! hmm..

tHe oB-vAn eXpeRiEnCe.

last night was the bantay bata christmas special of abs-cbn in meralco theatre, and i had my seat not in the theatre, but in the ob-van outside the theater. (the ob-van! the portable control room.) i told myself, i'll look at all the monitors and see which shots i think should come next, and see if they match direk alco's choices.. then i wanted to see if i could keep intensely focused for the two and a half hour program.. then i would find out whether this is really what i want to do with my life or not.

the event had nine cameras.. nine!! two crane cams, six dolly cams, and one backpack.. in the ob-van, there was a total of thirteen monitors used for the christmas special, and you have to learn to pay attention to all at the same time. all the tech, eng, and prod people had headsets to communicate, and you hear all of them talking at the same time, and you have to learn how to tune in to one sound when you need to tune in to it. there is the executive producer beside you, cueing you how many lines there are left in a certain song number, who artist will enter and exit from where, what gimmick will come up next. you also have to take into account technical problems like cameramen not finding the shot you want, audio problems, mistakes by the performers themselves. and you have to be thinking of all these things, all at once.

my multi-tasking skills were put to the test like never before.

wow, it was one of the most exciting two and a half hours of my life. being a director is one extremely tough job.. i hope i can hack it in the future. :)

cHriStMaS uPdAtE.

well, i still have 2/3 of my christmas list unchecked, meaning no gift yet. its too nakakatamad to go out and battle with countless other consumers.. its too expensive to buy exactly what you want for every single person in your list.. its too depressing for me in general, the christmas season i mean.

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