06 March 2007

i love philosophy.

i've said it sooo many times and i'll say it again. i love philosophy! i fell in love with it so much that i took it up as my minor. i fell in love with it so much that it is in my plan to take up masters, then when i get older and wiser, teach. i fell in love with it so much that i was crazy enough to sit in a 730AM philosophy of man class yesterday morning!

meet dr. leovino garcia, the dean of the school of humanities in the ateneo.

you know how they say that sometimes, you meet a professor in college who changes your life? well, that's doctor g (as we fondly call him) for me. my kuya took his class, loved it, influenced my sister to take his class, she loved it, influenced me to take his class, and i ended up taking a total of like six subjects under him. he was my first ever teacher for my introduction to philosophy, he helped me get over my fear of a terror philo teacher (hi sir eddieboy!!), he encouraged me to take my minor, and he continues to encourage me to further my studies. nakakatuwa ding malaman na yung prof na pinaka-naimpluwensiyahan ka, proud na proud pala sa iyo!

super tagal na naming pinaplano ng former classmate at friend ko na si tammy na mag-sit in sa klase niya. nakakatamad lang kasi imagine, 730AM ang klase?! haha! but finally, we both decided we were insane enough and thirsty enough for thoughts on "being"! (thanks tammy!! next time, ayain natin yung iba ha, hehehe!)

i was the type of student na parang nagsusulat ng libro kung mag-notes, kaya photocopied to death ng mga kaklase ko yung notes ko kapag malapit na ang exams! haha. but i was also the type of student who loves to doodle. proud to be a dork and nerd ako! share ko sa inyo ang mga notes ko from this morning..

haha! feeling student talaga! :p

itutuloy ko na ang sharing streak ko by telling you about one of the ideas brought up in our discussions about emmanuel levinas that fascinate me the most.

i am an "i", different and apart from an "other". but i am an i that is a being-in-the-world-with-and-for-others. what makes up my being is everyone i've met, loved, hurt, and gotten hurt by in my life. a person who hurt me will teach me about pain, and will help me decide that i do not want to hurt others. a person who loved me will teach me how it is to give love, and will make me want to share love with others. a person who was kind to me will make me want to treat others with kindness. when we experience, we often think that it is an act of taking in.. but more than that, it is an act of pouring out. being open to the possibilities of this world, and the possibilities for us as beings-in-the-world.

okay, practice lang yan sa mga future ten-page papers na isusulat ko pag nag-aral ako ulit. (mag-iipon muna ako ng pera at experience. :p) hahaha!


pye said...

hi bianca!

napa comment ako sa blog entry mo ngayon. wow! i love ur sharing! very well said. im glad ure finally back.

keep them coming bia!

angel jayme said...

Agree ako diyan. Philosophy really is a fascinating subject. Though medyo nakalimutan ko na yung ibang lessons namin nung freshman Philosophy, that subject prompted me to realize that there really is more to man and life.

Mas masarap siyang pag-aralan pag walang pressure na memorizations, exams at grades. :)

Try reading "The Tao of Pooh." by Benjamin Hoff. Nakakatuwa yung device niya to teach philosophy. :)

riza said...

hi bianca. Pareho pala tayo na teacher si doc leo sa philo - (101 & 102) ko sya teacher dati (1999 pa ata un). i loved his class pero di ko naintindihan yung lectures nya dati kasi ang lalalim tsaka medyo nakakatakot sya nun -- bigla na lang may surprise graded recitation! :) Nung nag 103 ako ke ms. clamor, dun ko lang na-gets yung sinasabi nya. Ok din si Dr. Manny Dy (104), sya yung best philo teacher for me. comediante to the max! yung 103-104 ko are both tagalog so mas na-enjoy ko sya.

ciaring said...

philo was also one subject that i looked forward to when i was studying in lasalle. kahit na terror ang teacher lalo na pag exam (we also experienced a one-question-essay-type-exam, katakot pero astig) pero ang galing nya magturo, as in, na kahit na i did not do that well on that one-question exam, what i learned from her was priceless. it can never be quantified by grades. alot of what i have become and what i chose to believe in was a result of that 45min,TTH class.

anyway, if you become a teacher, can i sit in? :)

VJ said...

Wow Biancs!It's so cool to be back in school talaga. And the notes ha... parang mga illustrations sa book talaga...SUPER! PERFECT!

semi-imes said...

I'm going back to school for a short term course lang din. I think I'm used to take summer classes during college, that I'm taking one this season. But it's not for the heck of it, but for work din naman. I like foreign studies = )

myckle said...

Hi Ate Bianx!

I am at work while reading your blog. it helps that i read your blog bcos it makes me laugh in a call center environment where you take calls frustrated customers. my friends are also starting to read your blog...lolz anyway, ganda ng bago mong header...miss ko na ang "THE WORLD IS MY PLAYGROUND" header though...


saisho said...

hmmm. can't say the same thing coz i don't really like philo. lmao.

mamimiss ko maging estudyante.. going to graduate in a month, meaning wala nang allowance from my mom.

CATHE said...

I told my mom I want to take that as a minor someday but she said it was boring! :))

pallyne said...

the fact that you love to learn is very inspiring. im a proud nerd too! hehe. o.c. sa notes, and enjoying every bit of it. =) i hope you'll be able to start your graduate studies soon. Good luck!

skulgirltrx said...

bakit nga ba ang tingin sa mga Philo studes eh nerd? hehe when i was in UST ganyan din ang tingin ko sa mga classmates kong philo and theology major, ang feeling ko ang tatalino nila at lahat sila may calling sa priesthood!

our Philo prof. (Mr. Padilla, i still remember...yipee!)was way younger, and pogi naman. iniistalk pa ng mga classmates ko hehe... but he didn't inspired me enough, so, i ended up majoring in History instead. =)

now, i came to realize maybe famous Paolo Coelho was inspired by Levinas when he wrote the book "by the river piedra i sat down and wept", wherein he also talks about the Other as "the one who taught me what i should be like, but not what i am."

intellectual post Biancs, keep them coming! =)

Anonymous said...

i love philosophy as well.=)

>>>>angge said...

bianca!!!wahoo!you're back to blogging na!nakakamiss e.ang saya saya ko naman!Ü
masaya ba philo?siguro di ko pa narerealize yun ngayon.haha!
i just want to thank you for being an inspiration since my highschool days,di pa naman ganun katagal yun pero wala lang.it's just so nice to be inspired by someone who is so in love with life and God.saya!
you'll overcome whatever it is that you're facing right now (if ever meron),we're all here to pray for you naman e.go go go idol!may God continue to shower you and your family with blessings because you all soo deserve it!sige sige,babay for now!Ü

Gigi said...

Whoah!! you're indeed a nerd haha! nah, I would say brainy. I'm amazed of people like you who loves philo. People who are lovers of knowledge.

ezra said...

my notes are FULL of DOODLES. :P

Reema said...

I just checked out your site and was happy to find out you're back again. Wee, fun read. Moving on...

I would LOVE to study in Ateneo for college. Good thing I passed Interdisciplinary Studies. So anyway, can you help me? I'm totally clueless about college. I came from a high school located in Laguna. Somehow, the culture [and of course the surroundings] would differ from that in Manila. Anyway, I just remembered since my course in under the same school. Gosh, how excited am I!

angelique said...

hello bianca. :) i'm very happy to see that you are blogging again. I'm one of your avid readers. :)

philosophy is one tough subject, but I am getting it, slowly. I'm in my first year in UST and we're studying intro to philo and logic. wala lang. :) philo requires digging for thoughts. worth it naman. i love philo. :)

~pebsky~ said...

wow! at talagang panglibro nga!

kamusta naman ang dyosa at talagang philo ang favorite subject? :-)

anyway, good luck if you really wish to go back to school...

by the way, buti pa ang super twins palagi ka na nakakabonding... next time talaga pag nag-aya si big sis eh sana makasama na ako.

ang ganda mo sa Meg Mag!

take care & keep blogging!

kaRen_myxmatch said...

"face is straight away ethical" one thing i will not forget from my philo class last year. and of course doing an overnight philo paper about Chronicles of Narnia... tough subject...hehehe

teachers are inspirations! super!

hope you could pursue your plan on studying again :) goodluck

Anonymous said...

wah!!!! i love u more. hehe.
the best philo oh yah!!
yan lang ang complete attendance ko at school... lupet e.
parang sa Y-speak lang: open-mindedness.
hmm... wla nga lang me notes. =)

bka magustuhn mo ung novels ni milan kundera.. or nbsa mo na... SUPER!
astig, xempre nangunguna ung the Unbearable Lightness of Being...

good luck po sa masters. (todo na)

(hehe, ginaya ko from u, peace)

Bless God.

kaye maligaya said...

awww. naalala ko ang philo of man class ko last sem. hehe. god bless bianca g. :)

Anonymous said...

you are finally back! I love it.

nyzzmeh said...

love philosophy too! i had a good time reading your blog! god bless girl! you rock!

bhitzs said...

the only thing that i can remember in my philo class is that i'm always 5 minutes late sa 7:30am class hehe.

tracy said...

no wonder you're so smart... ibang level ang notes! haha! you must be an excellent note taker for your classmates to photocopy your notes.

I always have to take time to rewrite or revise my notes 'cause they're always so messy. haha!

Philo seems nice.. pero medyo apat na taon pa yata bago ako tumungtong sa college campus. :)

by the way.. happy birthday in advance! :)

Bam the Great said...

Is this the article "Experience of My Body" by Fr. Moga?

I love that lesson. Btw, if you had fun with that, you'll love the article about Intersubjectivity.

I forgot the author, basta it tackles about relationships, functions, and authentic love. ^^

Philo = boring? Nah! :)

Gale said...

Hey Bianca!

I met Doc Leo during my ateneo open house last Saturday:) He really is an interesting speaker. I was always inspired and am wanting to learn more about Philo when I get to college next year.:)You made it sound really interesting, and I am sure it is.

Haha, and I take down notes just like you do..minsan may pa colored ballpens pa!


Crissy said...

thanks for sharing. love it!

crazysexycool said...

im a certified sophie's lover--> after sophie's world. Philosophy gives me some kind of spiritual and intellectual connection to the worl. Write on!

mariel said...

i really enjoy reading your entries. :) i was a philo major before. i was hoping to be a lawyer someday (mala-legally blonde!). pero di ko na natapos yun kasi i shifted to another course. wala lang.

mhey said...

i hate philo!!

anyway i just want to greet you a happy happy birthday...! grabe! sobrang namimiz ko ung nsa loob pa kyo ng bahay ni kuya! miz ko yung birthday mo dun at sobrang saya!
well sana more bday's to come,more projects,and more succesfull in life!! i miz the "bianjoe" loveteam!! takecare olweizzz ateh! luvyah!!:)

mhey said...

i hate philo!!

hi ate bianc's!
anyway i just want to greet you a happy happy birthday...! grabe! sobrang namimiz ko ung nsa loob pa kyo ng bahay ni kuya! miz ko yung birthday mo dun at sobrang saya!
well sana more bday's to come,more projects,and more succesfull in life!! i miz the "bianjoe" loveteam!! takecare olweizzz ateh! luvyah!!:)

she said...

waaahhhh! you're blogging na again, bianca. hehe. sorry, feeling close. :-)

oh, i missed you. i missed your writings. nice to have you back on cyberworld.

my eyes weld up with tears when i saw your pics in US togehter with your brother. for almost 5yrs, i haven't seen my kuya as well. same sa'yo, bunso din ako and i'm close with my two brothers. kaya when one of my kuyas went to the states, ang iyak ko grabe. para akong namatayan. and i haven't seen him since then.

i know how it feels missing someone you love and being away with someone who is dear to you.. buti ka pa. :-(

pero vacation kuya ko this may with his family (with my oh-so-lovely-and-adorable nieces) kaya happy and excited ako. weeeee! :-D

sorry, off-topic comment. hehe. e kasi, hindi ako maka-relate sa philosophy. hehe.

where do you got to church, bianca? if i may know..

God bless you. Keep the faith. :-)

she said...

me again. sorry for flooding your comment box.

wala lang. gusto ko lang sabihin that ang cute niyo mag-kuya. namimiss ko talaga kuya ko. :-(

and my notes are full of doodles, too. hehe. panlaban din if you're sleepy in class. haha.

metallurgico said...

Hi bianca! Gud day!

I always read your blog and it makes me inspired I also like your template. May I know what template you are using?

tamara said...

That was fun. :) Such nerdy fun! I love it! We really should sit-in again. Yey for being existents. For experiencing jouissance.... and finding out that we exist in ways beyond jouissance... for the Other. :) I am like you, B - but different. Heehee. <3

So are you Bianca with big B or small B? haha. Okay. I'm dumb. Mwah! :) Mabuhay ang mga Dr. G fans!

floramay said...

I love Philosophy too. I should have taken Philosophy instead of Engineering.

Anyway, I'm glad you're back. It's been a long time.

By the way, I added you in my links. I hope it's ok.

I enjoy reading your blog. :)

akinah said...

hi bianca..1st encounter ko sa blog mo..i can't believe na i was actually reading stuffs from bianca gonzales..ang saya!aniwei,my mom loves you..as in sooooo much!pati nga boyfriend ko dyan sa pinas..hehe..aniwei,your post is giving me second thoughts na sa major na kinukuha ko ngayon..haha..i've always been wanting to take up philosophy,un nga lng medyo takot din..

i'll be lookking forward sa mga sharing mo bout that class..


MYCKLE said...

Speaking of notes...miss ko na ang school...miss ko na magnotes sa paper at motebook..hindi yung notes sa notepad at magtake ng calls..and most of all nagnghihinayang ako kasi di ko pinagtuunan ng pansin ang PHILO...lolz

imroanne said...

hey Bianca nabuhay ka! Ü

Glad you're back. I thought you're leaving your blog for good.

to make this comment on-topic, I simply adore philosophy in such a way that it discusses the way of life. I intended using the word "way" 2 times, because through philo, you can find awareness on things w/c are somewhat overlooked & taken for granted.

so, that subject, IMO, is a catalyst for better (and deeper level of) understanding.


PS: why is it that my other fellow bloggers are now gone? good thing you're back. I hope everyone else does the same too. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of your blog since I discovered it last 2005.

Good thing you are back in the blog world! Hehe.

PHILOSOPHY is indeed a very interesting subject/academic discipline kaya nga lang mahirap siya intindihan kung wala ka patience. And I guess depende din yun sa prof. =) Anyway,

More power sa shows mo BLOG:barkada log,Y-SPEAK and PBB.

Alvz said...

welcome back bianca!
its been quite a while.. i just found out today (march 10, 2007) that your back to blogging.. was watching pbb.. saw you in that lovely pink dress.. suits you well.. :) thats when i thought of searching you thru the net.. then i saw ur blogspot.. :) i got shocked when i saw its updated! yahoo.. nice to hear from you again.. i love your blogs! keep it coming b!

tracy said...

haaaappyyyy biiiirthdaaaaayy, ate Bianca! :)

haha! well, according to our clock at least.. ;)

DaddyStephen said...

Hello friend! Hope you got my YM coz it's really gonna change your life. Keep on bloggin'!

VJ said...


Anonymous said...

i saw again ur xanga..
i reread some write ups..
still a good read..

very philosophical too..


yrish said...


Anonymous said...

Happy 24th birthday ate bianca!
i wish u good health and good life, wish u all the best and success in life! take care and God bless! -yrish

DaKopiBoi Made His Mark at: said...

aww hello! =P
hope you can visit my blog!


i hate philo! =P
sorry, just not my interest..
i hate logic and all and that's why...
i don't really like analyzing things..
ayun, hehe =P
lalo na math, trigo at algeb at calculus,=P

raissa =) said...

hey bianca, finally ur blog is back. ngayon ko lang ulit tnry i-check to' kc before lagi naman walang change. i thought u wud never have the chance or time to update ur blog. i'm so haappyy! ur baacckk! i really look up to you. i'm a big fan of yours. well nice posts. ganda ng notes mo ah. parang scrapbook. hehe. anyway, you take care. Godspeed. =)

balikbayan_box said...

Happy Birthday and welcome back to blogging again!

Anonymous said...

super birthday!!!!!!
the real supergirl!!!
ur 24 and one of the most influential human person.
i pray for ur perfect happiness.


intoxicated said...

hei der ate bianca!

luv ur blog entries!fan nko sa blog site moh!!yeeey!

Anonymous said...


myka said...

ahh, the i-am-absolutely-for-the-other-Levinas. kakatapos lang namin siya i-discuss sa class under ma'am jackie jacinto, who coincidently, says that doc g is her mentor and the reason she wanted to teach. ayun. well, good luck on your dream to be a teacher.

thess said...

am sorry bianca, I don't think my earlier comment was really meant as a reply to this post.

craggyrecess said...

hi bianca' :)

i read your talking about philosophy. i'm new to the subject. can you recommend me any book? i've become interested since a lot of my friends love it as well. i'll appreciate your help :)

craggyrecess said...


Anonymous said...

hi there bianca! im new to your blog. it was really cool reading it. aside from the fact that i really love to read.

eniwei as with your post about philo and sitting-in, masaya talaga mag sit-in kapag gustong gusto mo talaga yung topic or yung nagtuturo.

hindi ko masyadong gusto ang philosophy pero enjoy ko yung philo class ko nung freshman ako lalo na yung reasoning haha!

i learned a lot with ur sharing, not just with this entry lang..

and sa notes mo, haha funny kasi mas gusto ko din mag notes sa sketch pad/drawing pad kesa sa ordinary notebook kasi mas nasusulat ko lahat tapos personalised pa dba?! ndi nga lang ako magaling magnotes.. yun ang gustong gusto ko ma master, ang mag notes in a creative way. yung hindi boring. eniwei, next term aayusin ko pag notes, nainspire ako sa notes mo haha!

so yun lang, sana nababasa mo din lahat ng nagcocomment sa mga post mo, kasi it feels good to know na nababasa mo din pala talaga mga comments namin hindi yung nagpopost lang kami sa parang hangin lang hehe.

nga pala, belated happy birthday! i forgot to greet you on the day of ur bday kasi.

GodBless you always bianca!

Anonymous said...

oh shoot! u really are reading all our comments! kahit glance lang kasi it says here, na lahat ng comments dapat may approval ng blog author, sorry i didnt know about that. im new here kasi. hehe

belated happy birthday to you again!

GodBless! Ü

Kathy said...

I never fully grasped Philosophy although I excelled in the 3 classes I took in college. Maybe it will always be a mystery to me.

If I had know you were in San Fran, I might've met up with you there. How long has it been? Almost 7 years right? I need a vacation badly.

Venice said...

Belated Happy Birthday, B! :)'Hope you had a good one! Be Safe...

jhenny said...

go go girl!:) that's the spirit :)

Marco said...

bianca babes?! glad ur back, miss ko na ang mga pananaw mo hehe! hapi bertdey nga pla...

keep on bloggin' you are wonderful!

see yah!

mightykenneth said...

Belated, Badtrip tong PLDTDSL, ngayon lang naayos since last week! =)

MYCKLE said...

Hi Ate Bianx!

Happy Birthday! uhmm....ang tagal ng next post mo...kasi nga birthday? lolz

Anyways, happy Birthday again!
Hanga ako...

P.S. if you need our help para sa HELP KIDS LEARN project..I am very willing to help!lolz

Lara said...

Hmm, there's a theory of knowledge called transactionalism, which is also linked to phenomenology or, perhaps more correctly, phenomenological hermeneutics. These and other related theories posit that we are "persons-in-action-dealing-with-things", that we are engaged in a dynamic transaction with our environment (natural, social, etc), and that all that we know - all that we are - is shaped by everything around us. In the same manner, we inform the existence of everything else.

I'm glad you like philosophy. I myself didn't major in it, I'm certainly no expert, but I like reading up. Few people appreciate it, but it's important. Or rather, the constant thirst for knowledge that is inherent in philosophy is important.

Glad your blog is up again. Something new to read. :)

KrisAblan said...

Good luck on your quest in being a philosopher. The only thing I remember about philosophy in ateneo the term "medyo-medyo", or the "mean". For the life of me, I forgot the name of the professor who taught me. It definitely wasn't Dr. Garcia.

Anyway, my blockmate, Jacklyn Cleofas, after graduation, took up her Masters there in Ateneo. While studying, she taught sa undergrad. Afterwards, she applied at NUS for her PhD. She's there right now on scholarship. I think she'll be there for 4 years.

Maybe you can do that as well. All it takes naman is a little determination.

Good luck again!

the whitelighter said...

hi! i was browsing for doc leo's lecture when your blog appeared. i didn't know that it was really your blog=)
natutuwa ako sa iyong papatunay na ang pilosopiya ay hindi lamang kalipunan ng mga konsepto at salita, kungdi mismo ito ay ginagawa. katulad na lamang ng pilosopiya ni levinas na isang responsibilidad sa iba. kung ganito ang lamang ang iisipin ng karamihan palagay ko ang daigdig ay magiging isang lugar na kung saan naghahari ang kapayapaan at pagmamahalan.
pagpatuloy mo sana ang pagpapatunay, at higit sa lahat ang maging isang halimbawa lalo na sa iba. isasama kita sa aking panalangin. sabi nga ni padre ferriols sa akin noong isang isang araw "magpatuloy ka na maging saksi at mamuhay sa katotohanan!"
mabuhay ka bianca g!

monte carlo said...

hay it's so nice po talaga pag binabalikan mo yung pagkabata mo grabe idol ko po talaga kayo love you miss bianca

layla said...

your entries are an inspiration. :)

keep it up. I'd love to exchange links with you. Do you mind?

Purgy said...

Wow! I think I'm going to love Philo, too! I'm an incoming Eco-Honors freshman in ADMU, and I'm really looking forward to my whole four-year stay there. I just hope and pray that I could maintain my scholarship!

I'm an OC note-taker, too! As in kulang na lang i-record ko ung voice ng teacher and take everything down. It really helps me whenever I take tests. Haha..=)

m a r g e said...

hi! that was cool. masaya mag sit-in sa mga fave subjects/ prof. (wish i can do that). anyway, that was really nice insight. the person not trying to take himself completely of the Other. parang ganun ung idea.

amumu said...

hi bianca! i love philo as well! It is very interesting for me. When I saw your notes, I was reminded of how I write mine. haha. I love to doodle as well. and my friends also photocopy my notes kase sobrang adik note-taker ako. :)