29 October 2004

my name is joseton.

i've always wondered.. what would i be like if i were born a boy? would i be pogi? (some say yes cause i'd look like my big brother jc.) would i be torpe or a chickboy? would i be more into the arts or sports?

well the other day, i went halloween costume shopping with my friends jet and franco. jet tried on a punk-type wig, and i, just for the heck of it, tried out a wig too. tadaa!

so this is what i'll look like if i were a boy.. interesting! i'm definitely not a girly girl, but neither am i the brusko type of girl. i do have my fair share of un-girly qualities (okay fine, boyish qualities) that contribute to what makes bianca bianca. that's why i can't help but think, what if i were a boy?

boyish quality one - the way i stand.

since childhood, i've had bad posture. i've tried the back brace, the hilot, the stand-up-straight-or-else-you'll-get-older-and-shorter-threats-by-my-mom, but nothing worked. now, i still have bad posture. even the way i walk is so.. rugged. dragging my feet, shoulders drooping down.. i've never had the supermodel-chin-up-high walk that my sister aissa has.

boyish quality two - the way i sit.

i was being interviewed the other day and the interviewer suddenly asked me, "so brusko ka talaga?" that's when i noticed that the whole time i was sitting naka-de quatro! haha! very unladylike i know, but i've always been more comfortable naka-indian sit, de quatro, legs stretched out.. instead of crossing my legs!

boyish quality three - my guy friends.

i've always been playful with all my guy friends, nakaakbay, maag-aapear, makikiloko.. and my best friend is a guy. (hi pel!) sometimes, pel is more of the girl and i am more of the boy when it comes our friendship. weird. i wouldn't say i am "one of the boys", but i could adapt to that role if the situation calls for it. i think its also fun to be a boy.

boyish quality four - i was supposed to be a boy!

my dad and mom were expecting to have a baby boy. i had a ready name.. jose antonio.. nickname, joseton. my day of birth came and there i was, all 8.0 pound glory, ten fingers, ten toes, no *toot!*. oh my i was a girl!! it came as a shock to my parents, but of course they loved me. i was nameless for a day or two, but after that, they decided on bianca monica.

boys have perks to their being boys.. no monthly period, no giving birth, stronger muscles, lower maintenance when it comes to body hair care, higher tolerance to pain, ability to make the "first move" without being misunderstood, more appeal to teachers who are either girls or gays, more independence given by parents, the innate ability to know sports trivia and computer game strategies without even trying.. and many more.. but still, i'm happier being a girl. it IS fun being a girl!


jane said...

bianca monica. very nice name! :)

angelalouise said...

yes, it's fun being a girl. =)
is it true? girls are more intelligent than boys?
haha. =))
and also.. *agrees to jane*. Bianca Monica is a nice name. :)