04 January 2011

i got a forwarded email years ago. it asked me to name 5 notable scientists, 5 notable presidents, 5 notable athletes, and so on. at the end of the email, it asked me to name 5 people that made a mark in my life. guess which was the easiest question to answer? :) more than fame, wealth, or beauty, what matters most in life is the impact you make on other people's lives. that idea is the inspiration for this list.

this post is dedicated to those people who made a difference in my life this year, my little way of saying thank you for all they've done, whether they know it or not. :)

mikaela lagdameo-martinez.
one of my bestest friends in the world who has been like a sister to me for a decade now! mika and i met way back when, and i've seen how she has grown to be one of the most beautiful people ever made by God, an amazing mother, wife, model, businesswoman, leader, and now stockbroker! to be honest, she is the real supergirl! sometimes, even i wonder how she can do everything she does! she is extremely hands on with every role she plays, is an amazing multi-tasker, still finds time for friends and a social life, always putting family and God first, and she does it all with ease! she may be two years younger than me, but i always tell myself how i want to be like mikaela when i grow up.

liz uy.
undoubtedly one of the biggest blessings of my life this year! liz and i have known each other for years now, just on a hi, hello basis, but it was in the middle of this year that our status changed from being acquaintances to boyfriend-girlfriend. hahaha! i guess we met at a time where we were both single and we both just wanted to make the most out of life, have fun, go for our dreams, make new dreams.. and we did just that! she was my rock at the lowest point of my life this year, and my confidante when the high points of my year started to kick in! liz is a force to reckon with in the years to come, not just in the fashion industry as some people might think, but as an all-around inspiring woman.

pam picazo-garcia and maui garcia.
it was truly an honor for me to be the maid of honor at the wedding of my best friend pam! pam and maui have been my friends since college, and our barkada has seen them go from platonic friends, to steady boyfriend-girlfriend, we've seen them during their worst fights, their little tampuhans, and their happy, laugh out loud moments. i could not stop crying as they finally tied the knot may of this year, on the beautiful island of boracay. theirs is a love that grew more and more, apart, together, through thick and thin. pam and maui were two people i never would've thought would end up together, but now, after all these years and all they've been through, i cannot imagine the two of them apart.

pepel santos and patricia gangoso-santos.
many of you who have read my blog know about the extremely inspiring love story of pel and pat. if you haven't read their fairy tale love story, you can read it here. june of this year, after over 11 years of being together, they got married in the midst of their family and friends. aside from being one of the most gorgeous pairs ever, this couple really defied all the odds. to quote pel, they will go down in history as the coupled that proved that.. "1. you can meet the love of your life in a soiree, 2. long distance relationships DO work, and 3. with enough perseverance and determination, the nerd could end up with the hot cheerleader and live happily ever after…"

my unicef team.
with God's amazing grace, one of my dreams in life came true this year. in march 2010, i was appointed to be child rights supporter by unicef philippines! in the photo are my big sisters in unicef, gina of the fundraising team, and pam of the communications team. you know how people believe in you so much and support you so much, than in turn, you end up being more inspired, more passionate? that is what gina and pam have done for me. this year alone, we have gone on visits to camarines norte, cebu, and various areas in manila, and the more we see, the more we know there is so much more to be done. if you also want to help, please check out the unicef website.

gang badoy.
gang is the one woman i have been wanting to meet for years now, and finally, on a random afternoon late this year, i met her. getting to meet and talk to gang exceeded any expectations i might've had! what an inspiring human being! and her energy is infectious! this year was a big year for gang. the end of nu107's rock ed radio, the handing over of the reigns of rock ed, the anchoring of a tv show on anc, and this year, gang received not just one, but two awards that are a testament to how amazing she is. the towns (the outstanding women in the nation's service) award and the toym (ten outstanding young men) award. aside from all these big entries she might have on her resume, the one trait that gang has that i truly admire is how genuine she is. she has a good heart and her aura exudes it!

fr. rudy malasmas, sj.
abuelito, as we fondly call him, is my mom's uncle. he is an institution in the philippine jesuit community, having spent his life serving the ateneo de manila campus, and his latter years at the ateneo de davao campus. july 2010, my abuelito peacefully joined our creator in heaven. yes, i'm sure he went to heaven. he was truly, truly a man for others. he was never selfish. he was always laughing and smiling. he gave and gave, never expecting anything in return. to this day, so many random people come up to me, or tweet me, or post on my blog, about how my abuelito made a big impact in their lives. they speak about how he was so proud to be my abuelito, but i hope he knows that i am even prouder to be his apo.

president noynoy aquino.
yes, my vote went to pnoy. he came at a time our country needed hope the most. he may have been the reluctant candidate, he may have won because of his mother's demise, but he gave everyone the hope that united us all. "matuwid na daan", "kayo ang boss ko", "hindi ako magnanakaw" may be all tag lines used during the campaign, but these are all lines that we filipinos acknowledge as key to our country progressing in the years to come. i don't know about you, but ever since pnoy's administration, i have felt a certain "lightness" in society, like i feel that people feel less burden on their shoulders knowing that we have a more honest government. and our positivity as a nation can certainly go a long way.

aissa gonzalez.
aissa is my one and only sister who i've shared a room with since birth. september this year, my sister made the biggest move of her life. she didn't just move out of the house, she moved out of the country. she now resides in london, is studying furniture design, and shares her life with her boyfriend james. i'm so proud of my sister. not everyone can leave everything behind to move on to a new chapter in life! but she did it. they fought for love. and i cannot be any happier for her! my mom and i miss her terribly, but thanks to technology, we are constantly in touch. my sister is the kindest human being i know, and i know only good things are bound to come her way.

roco elias pamintuan gonzalez.
yes, all one foot, 20 plus pounds of this one-year old baby is part of the people of my year! anyone who knows me know how i am one of roco's biggest fans. every week i boast of a different wallpaper on my cellphone, everyday i make it a point to watch a flip video emailed to me by my brother, and wow, see how my face instantly lights up when i talk about roco! roco was born november 2009 but it was only in 2010 that i met him. february when he was four months old and i came to visit him, and december when he came home for christmas. everyday there is something new with roco and everyday he inspires me and my whole family! now i know what it means when people say that the joy that a baby brings to a family is priceless!

thank you for taking time out to read about the people who made a big difference in my life! i hope that we all continue to make an impact on others' lives as well! how about you, who are the people of your year? :)


j pimentel said...

i super like!
im such a fan. Beauty and brains.


Eena said...

I've been waiting for this! NICE ENTRY! Good luck to your 2011 life Bianca!:)

Reena said...

i remember Fr. Malasmas! i studied in ateneo de davao in gradeschool, until i was grade 4. and eventhogh i was still so young, i could still remember him. he made a mark in me for life! sad to know he passed away but i know he will be with our creator, smiling happily and content with the work he made on earth.

katedadz said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. :) SUPER LIKE. wala na kong macomment. aside from roco's adorable there. :)

justjen said...

hi bianca, your twitter follower and blog reader here.

this is one of my favorite blog post of yours every year. this post inspire not only you but us readers as well.

thanks for sharing and stay beautiful !

kristine said...

Hi Bianca!! I was waiting for this post!! I really love this I even got inspired to have my own people of the year.:))

I'm a big fan of yours and Mikaela.

You are surrounded with amazing people and blessed with so many good things because you have a big heart.

I wish to meet you in person this year!!

otep said...


and the person of the year goes to...

{tug-tug! tug-tug! (heart beat)}

BIANCA! ♥♥♥ :)yehey!

evangelinetanalvez said...

i wrote the same entry in my blog because i was inspired with your previous post of the same title. i like your writing style. telling-your-bestfriend-kind-of-writing-style. it's so light and inspiring!

theen said...

Im an avid reader,all your entries never fails to amaze me!it really reflects your a good person!

AA Cardenas said...

You are luck Ate Bianca to have them in your life. I'll make one like this too. Maybe. God Bless you! :)

L said...

i have the a list like this too. and you were in it bec you influenced me to make one when i read yours way back 2008. i hope you dont mind. more power to you. keep on inspiring, good soul! :D

joseph said...

bianca is in my list of PEOPLE OF MY LIFETIME!!! ♥

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet. You just keep on inspiring not only me but a lot of people. Please stay being one.
By the way you're on my list! :)

zeny ann said...

a very inspiring blog! :)
hope to read more from you :)

Vangie ♥ Life said...

hi superbianca! ☺ i'm your follower. stay beautiful. ♥♥♥

michelle said...

bianca, ang gwapo ng boyfriend ng ate mo! haha!

chase said...

i like gang.. used to watch her show sa ANC nung nasa pinas pa ako..

anyway, this is the 1st time i won't be attending your annual hklp party.. :(

yourfanforeveratebiancs said...

Happy New Year to you ate Biancs and to your family! ^^

More blessing to come for all of us this 2011..

Anonymous said...

you are an inspiration bianca.:)

jodel said...

Happy New Year Ate Bianca!

All the people weve met can have impact in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca. I've been a fan of your blog for five years now. I've read every pages of your blog. It never disappoints me. When you write, I can see that it is coming from your heart.

Btw, I am coming home from Australia this April. I wish I could meet you and have some cuppa of tea, as how Aussies would say.

If your schedule can handle this or not, please let me know. give me an email at kristiandingle@hotmail.com

Kind regards.

Anonymous said...

this is a "lovtastic" entry!! truly inspiring.. I wish and hope of only the joys that taunts a smile to play for you this year - the beauty of friendship, family, love happiness & success.. happy new year! :)

i hope to meet you na this year.. (if by any chance you get to visit mindanao, drop by ka naman dito sa iligan.. hehe )

keep inspiring people.. :)

GRA said...

Very inspiring post..=) Might as well try this one some other time.
More blessings!=)

Reg said...

hi bianca, i really enjoyed your post especially the part about p.noy and pel+pat. i read their lovestory and got teary eyed :) happy 2011!


oliversiblerxn said...

nice post.. God bless 2011.

Meggie said...

hi miss bianca! ngayon ko lng nalaman u had a blog. i tried reading them.

i am inspired by your Magic. :)
keep it up :))

kriztinn said...

so mikaela is her name!.. yikes.. i like her.. shes beautiful and i am surprised na wife na pala sya and may kids na.. thanks for a nice post bianca!

Anonymous said...

Keep inspiring people supergirl! not a wannabe because you are a supergirl in your own simple ways.

Stay one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) in the showbiz industry.

I want nothing but the best and more blessings for your 2011.

Continue sharing your beautiful thoughts. You may not be aware but it makes people happy and realize a lot of good things about life.

Sue said...

nice post bianca!u are indeed beauty and brains!keep it up!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

Hi bianca! Just found your blog and i'm really glad that i did.. It's heart-warming to know that i'm not alone in missing a sister this year.. My own little sister, who has been my roommate since birth also left for australia with her boyfriend last december to take her masters in nursing..there was a void that only my sister could fill but i do have to move on..

Anyway, your blog is amazing.. Hope you could also visit mine: gizellefaye.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

oh i super love mikaela too! saw her at glorieta days after i watched her interview at Mom Works! she's so simple and so pretty :)

-- janet

dockie said...

hi bianca!

you know what? you are one of the people of my year not just in 2010 but also in 2009...you inspired me to make a blog of my own and share my thoughts and sentiments about love, life, joys and pains...thanks for the inspiration...keep blogging and continue inspiring people like me...:)

EFFER R. said...

Hi "Ate" Bianca, I am a follower of your twitter and blogger account and I admire you for being such a beautiful girl inside and out :) Your blogs are really inspiring. :) Can I ask how can I volunteer in UNICEF? I want to be part of it :)

cheryll said...

hi bianca!

i just had to comment because of fr. malasmas. i studied at AdDU since Prep to Grade 6 and I remember (if my memory hasn't failed me) that he was the Headmaster (might be after Fr. Barcelon and before Fr. Millar). your SIL tracy was i think about a grade younger than me (my classmate was her cousin jo-ann). anyway, i felt sad hearing about fr. malasmas's passing but i really enjoyed reading your entry about him.

stay cool!

Dondon said...

Hi Bianca!!

Youre so spontaneous!! I love it. Yor nephew/pamangkin is super cute!!!. GBU. more power. all the best ..

thins said...

Hi, Bianca! Knowing that a lot of people were inspired by you rest assured makes your heart happier. : )

Hope to meet you someday. Thanks for the wonderful post, I'll do the same in my blog too.^&^