16 October 2003

mUsiC LoVeRs, pLeAsE weLcOmE jAy-J hErNaNdEz.

i have friends who i refer to as some of the gods of music. they aptly go by the names jippo, ian, and chico, more commonly known as the "elitist dj's". i love and trust their taste in music, seeing them way back in their humble beginnings. actually, they used to listen to allure and 112 (i can't believe it!), there was a time when they (or at least one of them) adored lightsticks (ack!!), and of course our early love for trip hop (i still have the casette tape ian made me), which my brother calls "disturbed youth music". but of course they have learned and refined their craft, that's why they are coined "elitist dj's".

okay, info! here is jippo's exact message to me.

This October 25, Saturday, The Expo Exchange, 2/F Greenbelt1 Lost In Music & AJMA welcomes DEFECTED feat. Jay-J Hernandez (SF/Moulton Studios) and Latrice Barnett. Gates open at 9pm Free entrance until 12:30 am Fashion Show precedes the main event Also featuring Cyril Yarisantos (Lost In Music) and Jessie Suaco (Nescafe' Ministry of Sound World Tour) Tell all your friends and sign up with LIM (LostInMusic@nme.com) here in Friendster. See you there!!!

..i'm telling you Jay-J's the shit.. pangarap lang namin dati nila chico at ian to.. ngayon susunduin namin siya sa airport haha.. sayang naman sobrang galing tapos langawin, we need your help..

i admit i am not familiar with his music, but if the "elitist dj's" say they're good, then they're good. (hehe, peace jip! i use the term "elitist dj" in a good sense. :p)

(the above post has been inserted due to a good friend's request.)

mAxiMuM dOsAgE oF cAffEiNe aNd miNiMuM aMoUnT oF sLeEp.

how healthy. oh, joy.

my friend carlo told me the other day, "bianca, alam mo, ang tao.. natutulog yan, kumakain yan.. yan ang ginagawa ng mga tao, normal yan sa amin." but hey, i can't help it! i'm a nerd, i gotta study well. and i'm a responsible employee, and i have to attend meetings. and i'm a dork and loving it, so i have to check friendster, my email, and my blog. and since these take up too much of my time, and at the oddest hours at that, its not my fault that i forget to eat meals at times. i'm not anorexic though. GoD forbid! shoot me then!

a dAtE wiTh eDdiEbOy.

1030 tomorrow morning.. my date with sir eddieboy calasanz. twenty minutes, just him and me. we'll talk all about paul ricouer, and jean louis chretien, and saint anselm.. oh hell, we'll even talk about gabriel marcel! i better not get tongue-tied, i wanna make a good impression. maybe i'll splash on a little more of my johnson's baby cologne regular just to attract him. ooh, and i'll wear blue. i hear that's his favorite color. maybe that'll earn me extra points.

how exciting. oh, joy.

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