21 October 2003

tHe pRiCe yOu pAy fOr tHe LiFe yOu cHoOsE..

one of my favorite quotes from my friend evan. hhhay. sometimes, when you're dog-ass tired and you feel like you just wanna sleep the whole week and do nothing but slug around for the next month, you ask yourself, "is this what i really want to do with my life?" darn. i'm so tired. and thinking about my week ahead, the supposed start of my sem break, isn't helping any.

tuesday - shoot for bulong four hours from now.. then go to abs to meet with my head writer about feedback from the "gods".. then meet my director cause he's planning to get me to ad for his new assigned special projects. (yay! get ready to die, but learn for sure.)
wednesday - shoot for my ajmamachine article in the morning.. go to our cdg meeting after lunch til evening.. get assigned segments to write for in the show.
thursday - morning til afternoon meeting for the show.. phew!
friday - submit scripts for assigned segments. submit ajmamachine article. lock in writing session with the bosses that will spill over til the next day..
saturday - spill over of lock in session..

hmm.. is this what i really wanna do with my life? to write and to direct? what happened to my real dreams of hosting for disney? will i really underload to become a writer and to train to direct? will i pursue my plans of getting a minor in philo since i'm extending anyway? what do i intend to gain from everything i'm doing now? do i really wanna give all my time to work now and in turn have less time for my family and friends? is this really GoD's plan for me? ano ba talaga si grimace? bakit ang coke, naka-bote at hindi naka-tetra pack? bakit ang yakult, walang litro size?

so many questions at three in the morning..


マリ。 said...

nyahaha..wala lang po ulit. nakita ko kasi si grimace kanina lang(may grimace din ba dito sa japan?). mahirap ata kung may litro ang yakult..hindi ba bubuhos sa yo ang laman nun pag tinungga mo na? anu kayang lasa ng yakult pag nasa baso na?

Niel said...

ahaha! natawa naman ako sa bakit ang coke naka-bote at hindi nakatetra pack? at bakit ang yakult walang litro size :))) fun lng. ang cute.