25 December 2003

a hApPy, fUnNy, niCe cHriStMaS tO mE!

the 24th.

i woke up to the sound of my mom belting out "honesty".. apparently she had just bought a magic mic. dream kasi yun ng nanay ko dati pa. she's always wanted to buy a videoke machine, but the thing is, no one else in the house sings, so we always discourage her from doing so. siguro this christmas, napuno na siya, she thought 'hey if i give it to my kids as a christmas gift, they have no choice but to accept it!' so there. she went on to singing "paper roses", "killing me softly", and "oh, carol".. as in she put a mark na in the catalog of the songs she liked. sabi pa niya, "o, you make your own mark of the songs you like!"

"aaaaah!! help me!! help!!" i suddenly heard my brother screaming a few meters away from me. "why what's wrong?!" i said as i rushed to his aid, expecting to see blood gushing out from somewhere. instead, he shows me a cotton bud with one cotton tip gone. apparently he just got out of the shower and decided to clean his ears. sa sobrang intense siguro ng pagdidiin niya, natanggal yung bud sa cotton bud. i looked in his ear.. "i can't see it!" i told him. we were both panicking, i was telling him not to move, i was running around looking for tweezers, shouting out for help.. i finally found tweezers, and finally got the cotton out. wow, parang rescue 911 ang feeling ko. "thank you! you saved my life!" haha. pangit.

i was scrambling around the house, trying to finish wrapping up gifts, while our neighbors were blasting out christmas hits. i'm not really a christmas person (i think this happened the day i found out santa didn't exist and the magic was lost, or it might have happened after a series of horribly sad christmas seasons) so i don't really like christmas carols. but there are just some that are really sad. here are, in my opinion, the top three saddest christmas songs:

1 - "pasko na, sinta ko.. hanap hanap kita.." (hay naku, ba't pa nagawa ito, nakaka-depress ha..)

2 - "chestnuts roasting on an open fire.." (cue video of a guy alone in a new york apartment with snow outside.)

3 - "have yourself.. a merry, little christmas.." (tama ba namang ganto kalungkot yung tono nito?!)

my tito just called and said they had to be fetched cause they got into an accident on the way to our house. :'s some dark road where they hit this kind of road block or sign.. hay. but they were safe and fine, thank goodness.

i was shocked to hear my brother singing on the magic mic. apparently, there's a mode where you can make your voice chipmunk-ish or barry white-ish.

oh GoD. i already scored two 97's, four 95's and a lotta other 90+'s. good GoD, i fell into the trap. there was no turning back. i was the entertainer of the night and mic-hog as well. hey, but in all fairness to me, i really aced all the beatles songs. i did good with olivia newton john and elvis and sting too.. yikes. who would have thought. hay.

i haven't been getting texts at all but this time, i got 18 messages in a row. hassle pa cause i lost my phone and i don't have numbers.. so i had to ask most of the people who texted me, "who's this?" plus to add to that, my sim card is full and the phone i'm using has no phone memory, so i have an extremely cluttered inbox right now. hay, i wanna buy a phone na!

the 25th.

justin had just arrived in my house as my abuelito was finishing the mass. right after that, the party started. we had to rush to give our nanay (that's what we call our maid of 10 years) and her son gerald their christmas gift. it was justin who supplied us with the baby rabbit to give them, and it was transported from pasig to paranaque in a paper bag, so we really had to take it out. it was nice, fluffy gray, a little car sick, but cute nonetheless. justin also gave gifts to my family, and even gave me this nice disc that he made! (back story: a disc he burned around the time we met each other pa lang.) all this, with some titas singing music "from their time" on the magic mic, a pamangkin dancing the ocho-ocho over and over, plus some people serving themselves food to eat. i finally felt christmas.

i love opening gifts. :)

i just finished lunch with my family and decided to go on the internet. i was so happy to find messages that really made me smile!

1 - this guy named christian apparently got a copy of this short film i made last semester for my quark class, it was called "stoplight". he sent me a friendster message just to say how much he really loved it and how he thinks i have a bright future in filmmaking. naks! nakakataba naman ng puso yun. now if i can only get back my copy of the film from some schoolmates who borrowed it before.. hay.

2 - i had a classmate in journ class last sem, her name is rachelle, and one of our homeworks was to write a profile for a partner. she was my partner, and she posted a testimonial today for me, with excerpts from what she wrote. she's such a sweetheart and not to mention, a great writer too.

3 - its nice to see people introduce themselves to you on friendster saying "i met you when blah blah blah", or "i'm the ganyan of ganito".. then you get to hear from people you haven't heard of in the looongest time. friendster is really great for keeping in touch.

aLL i wAnT fOr cHriStMaS..

i've been praying to get certain things this christmas, but i didn't get them. i feel bad about it, but its a fact of life right? you don't always get what you want. GoD probably answered me in a different way, giving me other things i don't think i want but i need pala. something like that. :)

i'm excited to leave for boracay tomorrow, we're finally pushing through. :)

happy christmas everyone! :)

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