30 December 2003

eNdiNg tHe yEaR riGhT.

how does one "end the year right"? do we follow feng shui stuff, do we right the wrongs done, do we remember things past or forget about them?

i did get a massage at the spa today.. does it follow that i'll have a stress free year? :) and i am spending the new year at the studio 23 party on the rooftop of powerplant.. does it follow that i'll be "up there" in 2004? and that jumping at midnight thing.. does it really make you grow taller? does wearing polka dots really get you more money?

and about new years resolutions.. i've never really had any, and from what i've heard, they're never resolved anyway.

aHh.. bOrAcAy.

hhhay. i was "home" again. i spent friday til sunday in one of my most favorite places in the world, boracay. its a sin to stay that short a time there though! (argh!) i've never been to boracay during this time of the year.. as opposed to the warm, humid summer days, i had cool, windy december nights. it is such a beautiful place.

top twenty reasons why i love bora.

1 - jonah's mocha rum shake!!!!!

2 - longga burger at aling merly's bbq (outside cocomangas)

3 - cafe 1920's napoletana pizza

4 - k.o chicken

5 - masahe with manang outside jony's

6 - sunset sessions at station one (unfortunately it was so cloudy when i was there, you couldn't see the sunset :/ )

7 - ceasar salad at cafe breizh

8 - lamb and couscous at true food

9 - isaw ng manok (which wasn't available when i was there.. i was devastated!)

10 - you get to wear bikinis the whole time (its so hard to have to wear jeans again, ugh.)

11 - sunset sailing (which was too cold to do when we were there.)

12 - night swimming and floating looking at the stars (which was impossible to do when we were there.)

13 - the smell of hawaiian tropic mixed with the sand and salt water.. wow.

14 - seeing janet, mika, itos, and all the other bora residents

15 - enjoying the walk (as my friend evan always says)

16 - having super steady days and super party nights

17 - you can take your pick to enjoy whatever music you want: reggae at bombom, hiphop at moondogs, live bands at pier one, and club at hey jude

18 - you can get a great tan (which was also not possible when we were there, too cloudy!)

19 - shopping at d' mall and talipapa

20 - getting to live beach life :)

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zwirl said...

wow! i miss bora tuloy!:) been there just this summer, actually. at last! bora's definitely a piece of heaven here on earth:) we're soo blessed!:D