06 January 2004

maLiGaYaNg pAsKo aT mAniGoNg bAgOnG tAon!

ano ba yung "manigo"?

new year was cool. its my favorite time of the year. i dunno if its the feeling of rebirth or rejuvenation, or maybe just the festive mood in the air. maybe its both! aah, i love new year.

this is me and justin all dressed up to greet 2004! (naks, feeling.)

i spent midnight with my family in cavite, then post midnight with all of my friends. first up was ponticello (which was as usual a can of sardines, and so was racks), then the studio 23 party at the rooftop of rockwell (odd thing, when we got there, they started playing jologs music.. hmm..), and then to greenbelt (but that was around 530AM na and there weren't much people anymore).

january one breakfast is always the best. last year i had it with my friends in country waffle in rockwell, but this year, it was a road trip with justin. we checked country waffle, and it was closed. hay. justin, half asleep, agreed to checking out pancake house in paranaque na. closed too. so i suggested mcdo in alabang, which is a major branch so i assumed it'd be open. nooo. that too was closed. he was on the way to drop me back home, now sleepier than ever, when i suggested mcdo in petron all the way down south super before the southwoods exit. game naman si justin. so there we were, on a road trip, with one of the most beautiful sunrises i've seen in manila (the clouds were so bright, they looked like a sea reflecting the sun), finally arriving in petron. i was in my brown dress and justin in his sweater and beret, and there was everyone else bagong gising ready to go tagaytay or the beach. dyahe. pero astig.

i can say my year started out right. that's good. :)

sUcKy jAn2.

well this day sucked, as opposed to my fabulous january one, where i was even able to have a catch-up-dinner with my "ghelz" marion and justine in town. yey.

friday, i was stuck in abs revising scripts ten million times, with a fever brewing up, and a head being attacked by migraine. geez. what a way to cut short the holidays.

i did get cool new chucks though. yeah! i have four na! they're so cute when they're beside each other. a black one with white boxes, a plain baby pink one, a plain baby blue one, and my new funky pastel striped one. i want more! (ack, patay.)

mY pOoR bAbY.

monday morning, on my way to school, this a**hole crashed into my baby. my poor wje.

hay, leche talaga siya. so i went down my car, uber furious, and i really started fighting the guy! i am not one to do that, but it just ticked me off when he tried to reason out that it wasn't his fault. the policeman came to check things out (ugh, i hated it, he was so inattentive, pa-yosi yosi lang siya dun.. a poser policeman!) and finally, the guy apologized. WELL. so much for his apologies. the left side bumper was totally screwed up and its just around a month old. hhhay.

so i got all his info, the best thing i could do at the time, cause we didn't have time for police reports.. (the system here takes so long, i'd rather not.) he gave me the number of his employer (he drove a red van, some shuttle service), and other details. when i told my mom about it and she called the number, aba! wala daw ganung pangalan dun! hayayay! the nerrrve!! ginag*g* pa ako?! tsk, tsk, tsk.

thank goodness my brother has a friend in the lto. i finally got my card license (yay!) and they helped me track down the address of the driver from the license number i copied.

hahah! maghanda ka rowel calvelo tenoso with plate number PYZ147.. bilang na ang mga araw mo.

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