11 January 2004

iSaNg LiNgGoNg pAg-iBiG.

this week, i encountered major events of love within my circle of friends alone. however, names shall be withheld for privacy purposes of course.

case one-a: you thought you wanted to break up but you didn't.

i was talking to my friend GIRL and she was telling me all about her relationship with this guy going for her. they were having problems with their "getting to know" stage, and she was not sure whether the guy really liked her or not. but, the thing there is, she had already laid her cards down and told him she loved him. our conversation ended with her saying she'll end things already. that afternoon i got a text from her saying "oh god, he's breaking down, should i tell him na?" and all i said was to follow her heart and use her mind. to not be driven by her emotions but at the same time not ignore what she really feels. ahh, love, so complicated. they ended up fixing things that night.

case one-b: you have been broken up but you realize you never wanted to.

so let's say case one-a did push through, but say one of the two didn't really want to break up? this is case one-b. i was with my friend BOY and he has been trying to go out to see other girls, having been broken up with his girlfriend for quite some time now. i dunno, but some of us have this thing that there never seems to be enough closure. its like you put your foot down and say "once i see this, its really over". but then its never followed cause you keep on adjusting and letting yourself get hurt. this is the case with my friend BOY. he's one of the most wonderful guys i've ever known, who can get any girl he wants, but still, he loves that girl. he saw her out the other night with another guy, and he started to break down, as in really break down. ay love, such a complicated thing.

case two-a: the one who loves you or the one you love?

one of the most common love problems ever. my friend BOY has been going out with this girl who's very nice, treats him like a prince, and loves him truly. however, he can't seem to let go of the thought that this other dream girl of his, who brings butteflies to his stomach, might really still have a chance to end up with him. BOY and the girl who loves him has been going great, they get along really well and they look happy together. but BOY still feels hurt when he hears of the girl he loves going out with other guys. what is it? does he just love the one who loves him cause the other one didn't work out? that's not necessarily the case right? and what if the one he loves comes back to him, but he had already committed to the one who loves him? love is so darn complicated.

case two-b: does the one you love love you back, really?

if you think it stops with case two-a, think again. now you have to deal with case two-b. my friend GIRL has been having problems with her boyfriend of n years. why is it that some couples have that "habulan" thing going on non-stop? one wants out, the other doesn't. then when the one who wanted out wants to fix things, the other doesn't. this is the case my friend GIRL is going through. its been on and off for quite sometime and there are unresolved issuesn between them, so much so that she's not sure if her boyfriend wants to be with her or not anymore. why does love have to be so complicated?

case three-a: a bouncing baby girl!

here i can mention names. my sister's best friend since grade school, AYEESE, just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl with her long time boyfriend-cum-husband ryan. wow. :)

case three-b: a ... baby.

here i absolutely cannot mention names, sorry. i just found out that a friend of mine is pregnant.. she's worrying about what her parents will do when they find out. i guess if you're an "outsider" its so easy to say to keep the baby, but if its someone close to you, as much as you want to, you can't dictate on them what to do.. hay.

case four: happy together.

ah, here i can mention names talaga. i'm so happy for my friend ERIN who is happily together with her friend since grade six, marco. they got together last monday and her birthday celebration was last friday. a happy birthday to you indeed dear!

weird how love is so complicated, yet its actually the simplest, most basic thing ever. hmm.

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