15 January 2004

fiVe tHiNgS tHaT mAkE mE sMiLe!

tagalog translation: "ang saya saya, no?"

1 - my new favorite tv show.. "the family guy"!

thanks to my best friend pepel who bought a dvd set, i can enjoy this abnormal, psychotic, and absolutely hilarious series. but of course, there's still my "hey, arnold", "seinfeld" (hassle wala na..), and "sex and the city" (hassle pa-wala na!).

2 - my growing collection of chucks. yahoo! lima na sila! just bought a yellow one. papagalitan na nga ako ng nanay ko kasi papantayan na ata niya yung flip flop collection ko in a few months.. hmm.. and i'm looking at the site din now, hanep to ah.. (pero pucha $125!?)

3 - i was allowed to go on leave from work to go to boracay 28-31!! yay! and.. we finally have a headwriter overseeing the scripts we're writing. hindi na kami gaanong papagalitan ng big boss! yehey! haha.

4 - mapapaayos na ang baby ko. the culprit (rowell calvelo tenoso with plate number PYZ147) actually went to my house this morning and brought a mechanic to estimate the damage. he's a nice guy, and smiled immediately when i saw him. "good morning po ma'am! pasensiya na ulit ha!" for a moment there i actually felt bad that i was getting mad at him when he bumped my car. but then i was looking at him as he walked to my car, saw the bump, and thought, "nah.."

5 - i'm here in justin's house now typing this blog. we haven't spent an afternoon bumming together in so, so long! now, time to watch "the family guy". :)


today i had to research for work on the song with the most remakes ever. apparently, its "yesterday" by the beatles (my absolute favorite music!) with a grand total of 1600 versions! from frank sinatra to elvis to boyz II men. astig. (la lang, just wanna share, hehe.)

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