20 January 2004

i LivEd oN sEsAmE sTrEeT!

i took a serious walk down memory lane the other night, when we visited our family friends (since time as i know it started) in the village where we used to live. years that passed stared me straight in the eyes with all the kids running around the house. the family room where a 3-year old me used to play was now full of one-digit-year old kids who are actually the kids of our kababatas. gosh how time flies.

i looked around the village, couldn't hardly remember anything (cause i was 3 when we moved out of the village), but as my siblings helped me recall different memories associated with different places.. well.. er.. i still couldn't remember anything. :/ they did tell me though what a nice neighborhood we used to live in! super pang-sesame street! you have your good balance of sossy and dugyot kids, bullies and dorks, uto-utos and nang-uutos. there was a cute little pre-school in the village, there were empty lots where kids in the village used to play "jungle", there were the parents' mahjong nights, the nice neighborhood big house with a pool in it, and there was a milkman. a milkman!! i thought they only existed in cartoons! as in we used to leave those glass bottles by the door and the milkman would replace it with either fresh or chocolate milk. wow! that's a dream come true for me! too bad i can't remember it..

plus, i found out that our former village was a star-studded village. king dj logan of the morning zoo crew on 89.9 (the radio show i am addicted to) is apparently our ex-neighbor! so is veteran news reporter doris bigornia. naaaks.


this just in from my thesismate.. we got an a!! an a!!!!! i'm so happy! okay, back story. we were totally creamed in our defense, but our adviser believed in so much that he still gave us a great grade. (thank you sir anjo! go get david beckham!)

i love my thesis groupmates bobby bonifacio (direk, salamat!) and dave corpin (bienavoy, we did it!)!! thank you cities!

kiLL BiLL.

watched it twice and i think i wanna go for a third.. hmm..
i like go-go, she's cool.
the "chapter" stuff, gosh its so me.
that "bang, bang" song, its been playing in my head forever.
hassleduck, trilogy pala siya.

i love it.

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