23 January 2004

wHaT's iN a nAmE?

i asked my sister aissa to buy me cheap gel (ie. babes or whatever but it should smell good) cause i recently ran out, am too kuripot to buy anything expensive like loreal, and i only need it to keep my fake curls looking decent anyway. so she got home and showed me what she bought. michael gel. interesting. it came in a clear plastic bottle, it had this uber 80's high hair drawing in front, and it smelled pretty okay. i read the description:

"this modern gel has been developed expressly for keeping your hair in place all day.. ..your hair will have more body and easier to control."

modern gel? what's that supposed to mean? and it was developed "expressly"? like what, they made it real fast, and if ever, does it matter? well, the last phrase just uses wrong grammar but i guess that's fine. well. that's until i read the directions.

"after shampooing, apply a tablespoon.."

okay no need for me to say anything more.

well, i did want cheap gel. and it works pretty okay so i guess its fine. what's in a name nga naman?


i remember this cute pink pencil case i gave my sister (who was taking up interior design at the time), that i found in national bookstore. it read:

"let succeed be your guide to a top-notch designing."


then my brother, who just came from davao, was just telling us about their establishments there that had the funniest names.

mallengke (that was obviously a mall-slash-palengke)
kini rogers chicken
bill gets internet cafe
james tayloring
harry cutter
isda-best seafood store.

so cute, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...


Additional lng (from Iligan):
Mang Ronald's
Jolly Bee

I think I would start compiling spoofy names... :)