27 January 2004

my mood for a week now..

the evening passed, staying warm, nice. noah listened to the crickets and the rustling leaves, thinking that the sound of nature was more real and aroused more emotion than things like cars and planes. natural things gave back more then they took, and their sounds always brought him back to the way man was supposed to be. there were times during the war, especially after a major engagement, when he had often thought about these simple sounds. "it'll keep you from going crazy," his father had told him the day he'd shipped out. "it's GoD's music and it'll take you home."
--"the notebook" by nicholas sparks

acutally feeling reader lang ako. i haven't read much books, just "tuesdays with morrie", "griffin and sabine", well, er if far side and calvin and hobbes are considered. oh and of course, the harry potter series. feeling reader means i don't really read, super skwater ko gusto ko lang dati basahin kung big font at may pictures. but now i'm trying and wow i really loved this one.

twenty four hours after this post.

bianca has done the unbelievable in bianca-world. she read a 318 page book in one day. (which is a huge feat for someone who falls asleep after reading two pages of anything.) it was a comedy entitled "mr. commitment" by mike gayle but she cried thrice. what a weirdo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

I just want to comment on this one. Im not a reader as well but I remember, the only thing that I read that finished it in an hour I guess or less than pa nga was the book "he's just not that into you" hahahaha. It was a gift from a friend when I first broke up with an ex boyfriend. Obviusly, it dint help me to realize something coz after that first break up had lots of break ups with him pa.

Rocel :)

DeniseLim17 said...

I can totally relate to "falling asleep after reading two pages of anything". Haha! Funny! Anyway, I adore you! I've just finished reading a few of your posts and I feel like I know you already. (feeling close eh. Haha!) You're amazingly down to earth and just simply a humble and happy gal. It's so fun to read your posts. Nakakatuwa! Nakakainspire to write. :)

Anonymous said...

it's so cool to know that, after reading your older blog posts, you're so bagets like just as, a typical teenager. wlalng ang cute! :D