02 February 2004

cArEeR cHaNgE..?

i never would've thought in a million years that by age 20, i'd be a retired anything. well, now i am. hehe. okay, thing is, i haven't been to abs for two weeks now. why? because two weeks ago is when we found out that the show we have been writing for has been shelved. shelved!?! well actually, it was said to be postponed indefinitely. but that's just another way of saying shelved - as in sacked, done, finished. (breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.) yup. hay. the main reason why i am not graduating on time.. what we all have been slaving over for around five months now.. what made my skin bad and what made me gain weight (okay that was a very superficial reason, but still).. hay. so now, at age 20, i am a retired tv writer.

so, what now?

well, the past two weeks, my co-writer isel and i have not stepped into abs. we had to take a breather, de-stress ourselves, and take a break from the blinding fluorescent lights. we're still part of the brainstorm group cdg, which was our original job before being plucked out to write, although we'll start going back this week. about writing for tv, well, maybe in the future who knows, but now i realized i'm too young to be working this hard for something i'm not even sure i wanna spend the rest of my life doing. so there. a two-week break did me good. :)

needless to say, i've had a lot of time to think. (and read books, egad! haha! eeeceh*.) i've had serious existential thoughts on the meaning of life, the philosophy on being human, and the purpose of bianca. thoughts that if i discuss here, people would find me weird beyond human comprehension. so i'll focus on the less serious stuff.

job options that crossed my mind.

1 - i seriously thought of being a teacher at my high school, la salle zobel. i have this really kengkoy ex-carpoolmate named drago who was the epitome of a class clown. but he's now teaching history in zobel. history! haha! if he can do it, so can i. di ko nga lang ata kaya history, maybe anything comm, or filipino.

2 - volunteering for the jvp was also an option. jvp is the jesuit volunteer program, where they send people to go to different areas in the country to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. yes, i know i'm sounding like a mother-teresa-feeler, but really, i'm serious.

3 - living the life of an indie film director-slash-writer-slash-assistant-director-slash-production-manager also holds a place in my heart. damn. if only money didn't matter in the world and if everyone can do what they're really passionate about without having to worry about putting food on the table or giving their children a good education.

4 - well, there's also the surreal option of me and justin going away to live in hawaii or australia or something and him being a pro-surfer and photographer and me being a local school teacher and dive master. (feeling ba. :p)

after much research, this is the result.

two weeks of thinking got me to my next possible job. i wouldn't call it a career, i think its something for me to do while finishing school, but something that i'll learn a lot from. i'm gonna start to be a contributing stylist for pink magazine. naks. haha. i dunno, its something that i think is fun, i'll get to work with all the people i love working with, and at the same time i get to shop without shopping for myself. haha! my first official job is to style the cover (yikes! a bit too much for a first time pero kaya yan!) of their march issue. bebeth, the eic and a good friend, told me to look for a trend that we can focus on for this fashion spread inside the magazine. but i find this as a major problem in my would-be-feeling-fasyon career, cause i was never a "trend" kind of girl. i have no idea on the newest fashion in new york or milan, or what's gonna be hot in the coming whatevers. good GoD! lord help me. may i find the website, person, or shop, that will help me in my new endeavor.

also! hmm. and this is quite interesting for me. today, i met with boy abunda. yes, boy abunda the king of talk. after two weeks, i once again stepped into the halls of the abs compound, not to write or brainstorm, but to meet with mr. the buzz himself. he's quite a guy. very intelligent, very showbiz yes, very real, very sincere, very driven, very focused, and very determined to train and develop young-ins like myself. what the outcome of this will be, i don't know. only time will tell. :)

and to add to my interesting day..

after i met with sir boy, he had to run to give his hosting class their final exam. lo and behold, the original judges-slash-panelists had left (cause it started so late) and so i was asked to sit in the panel for his class. (altogether now.. "what the?!") goodness gracious. a third of the final grade of class three of boy abunda's acting class were in my hands. hay! all 25 hopefuls, who have attended 30 hours of training, were to be judged by me - a dugyot kid who is undergoing an existential crisis. geez. well, in case i didn't know what i was talking about, there were still two judges. one of which is jet, a handler under boy abunda's management group called backroom, i.o king este queen, and new found friend. the other is jobert, a long-nice-silky-black-haired co-host on the buzz (hindi siya nagpa-rebond, di ko lang natanong, baka nagre-rejoice siya), funny laitero, and sweet guy este gay. so. i sat there, listened to all the hosting class students, learned from their mistakes, laughed a bit, then a lot, listened to the hilarious and fantabulous** gays beside me, and scored to the best of my abilities.

twas an odd but cool day for me.

*eeeceh - adjective. an exaggerated way of saying "easy lang". [origin: my brother and his friends]
**fantabulous - adjective. obviously is the fusion of "fantastic" and "fabulous". [origin: me on one creative day]

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Joanne Eli Oasan said...

I am currently reading your blog Miss B, even your old old old posts. :) Ohmyy, at a very young age, you've been indeed a successful one already, being into such fields as writing or brainstorming or anything that's definitely in MassComm field. Hands down to you. Aaaah, you're such a witty person. Hope to meet you someday, hehe :) I am also a Mass Comm student, an aspiring writer, director or anyone who works behind the camera. Just telling you these. Just felt of sharing. I hope, despite of your busy days, you'd get to read this. Mucch love miss B :) Say hi to ate Tin Gonzaga. I am fan of you two :)