23 December 2003

keLaN bA mAgiGiNg "mErRy" iTo?!

hay, kelan ba magiging "merry" and christmas ko? its december 23 and i'm working!! we're all being rushed to meet deadlines. hay!

aRoUnD 24 hOuRs LaTeR..

i gave the boss a kick ass presentation folder last night, complete with outlines, plus a christmas card! i hope it finally passes. :) it'll be a pretty merry christmas naman siguro. people may not have been ganado to buy gifts, nor fix parties, but that doesn't matter right. i'm slowly feeling though that christmas is really something for kids to enjoy. as you grow older, you still enjoy christmas, but not in the same way! i wonder what it is..

anyway, happy christmas to all! enjoy noche buena!

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