20 December 2003

mGa kWeNtOnG mRt.

i recently discovered a great love for the mrt. :)

before this week, the only times i've taken an mrt was to get to araneta to watch uaap games (cause parking is impossible) and i would always be with friends (go mrt surfing* with either pepel or sila miko). i don't know why, but i've always had this fear of riding the mrt alone. fear that i might end up going southbound instead of northbound or vice versa. (weird.) but last wednesday, i had to face my fears and take the mrt alone.. alone! "i can hack thesis defense and major presentations, i can hack this," i said to myself. (haha pangit, kala mo naman ang hirap ng gagawin. a-sus.)

there's this thing with me in an mrt. i almost feel like i came from the movie "what a girl wants" starring mel gibson. in the movie, he hears everything women think. me in an mrt is kinda that way. its sensory overload for me! when i go in and look at the faces of the people around me, its almost as if i can hear what they're thinking then i can actually see scenes in my head. i go crazy! i mean, i love it, i'm an observer by nature and i enjoy watching people, but the mrt is something else. i look at one guy seated with a hopeful look in his face as if on his way to propose to his girlfriend, i look at another side and see this woman with this look of despair as if she had just lost her job and is on her way to nowhere, and on another side is a delivery man barely awake as if just fighting his tired body just to get the job done. i make up all these stories based on one look at them! boy, you can just imagine my mind spin and go wild in an mrt during rush hour. phew! but what takes the cake is my trip from quezon ave to ayala last wednesday.

it was around 530PM and i had just gotten in the backmost train of the mrt. i find my spot and lean on the window. the door bleeps as a final warning, then i suddenly hear this kid scream to the top of his lungs. i quickly looked back and wondered if his hand or foot was caught in the door. apparently, the crowd was so packed that when the kid just stepped into the mrt, the doors closed on the mom and dad, separating them. the kid was banging on the door crying, "mama, mama," as the train pulled away and the mom cried from outside "anak ko! anak ko!" man. it was like i was watching a scene from a teleserye!! i couldn't believe what i was seeing! the mom ran with the mrt as it ran faster, shouting "anak ko!" with the security guard outside trying to talk on the radio while running with her. inside the mrt, we were all panicking, "yung emergency button!", "kunin niyo yung bata!", "itigil niyo to!!" but it was too late. the train had pulled away, which left the kid crying like anything. the man who stepped in the mrt just before him tried to talk to him, he put his arm around the kid to comfort him. "taga-saan ka?", he asked. "sa pumbao po.." (hmm, wherever that is.) "ayun, taga-pumbao din ako! intayin na lang natin mama mo dun." (its nice to see good samaritans still existing in the world.) a couple other passengers and i started talking to the kid to stop him from crying. i looked down at his feet and saw he was missing one slipper. apparently, it was left too. the moment i saw that, my mind cut to a scene where as the train pulled away, the mom lovingly held the slipper in her hand, crying. hay. really. i never thought i'd see the day that a real-life teleserye scene would happen before my very eyes. hay. that was something.

tRaFfiC, tOo bAd nAkAkA-BaD tRiP..

"..have a beer have an smb, five thirsty.." well, in my case, i don't drink beer. and it was more of six thirsty, seven thirsty, eight thirsty. and i was literally thirsty!! damn the traffic this christmas season. okay, here's the deal. it usually takes two minutes to get from my house to town center and vice versa. yesterday, it took me two hours. two hours!?!??!!?! hhhay!! traffic was literally a stand-still, and literally bumper to bumper! hassledeck!!

i left town at 630, and the phrase "inching your way through traffic" never meant more to me than then. i was listening to urbandub, and before i knew it i was on the last track. i was so bored and so pissed, i decided to play this hiphop disc my friend carlo burned, and danced. (yes, dance. i was THAT bored. thank GoD my tint is dark!) one song after another.. i noticed the clock read 730, and i saw people from jeeps and fx's go down to just walk. now, it was rem's "everybody hurts" playing in my head. it was exactly like the video where hoards of people were just weaving through the traffic jam. the difference here was the treatment. it looked more like the maze game that mtb starts with, the game with mahal, mura, and dagul in bumblebee outfits making their way through the maze? that's what it looked like to me. people moving through cars, looking where they'd fit and where there's space. medyo laughtrip. but i so wanted to do the same thing! i could have literally left my car there, walk home to have dinner, come back with everything in the same place. but i realized that with all the things going on in my head, (or is it stuff i put in my head?) it wasn't as stressful a situation as i thought it would be. it was actually pretty funny.

aNtiCiPaTiNg BoRaCaY.

yey. everything's almost set for my boracay trip with justin and friends after christmas. i'm so excited. i've been needing a break from school and work, plus justin and i (even my friends and i) haven't been seeing each other much, so this is a well-deserved and long overdue vacation. :)

*mrt surfing - noun. a game to play while passing the time in an mrt, the only rule is no holding onto anything. (okay, its not really a great, exciting game, its just fun to do. may payabangan factor din ng konti. konti lang.)

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