18 December 2003

rEtUrN oF tHe KiNg.


yun lang talaga ang pwedeng sabihin about the movie.

i just got home from the gentxt premiere of lord of the rings, and it was grrreat. :) even the pre-program was great too! usually, the games wouldn't really be great, plus the prizes wouldn't be that enticing, and the crowd wouldn't be as ganado. but for some reason, everything ended up great kanina. i actually had to let people go back to their seats cause so many people wanted to join! they gave away posters, caps, cards, jackets, toys.. hay sana akin na lang yun. hehe.

amazing how much people wanted these tickets! the gentxt booth allows the first 400 people who sign up to get in the cinema. the premiere was set to start at 7PM (but you know pinoy time, it started at 8PM) and people were already lining up as early as 2PM! goodness!

so then the movie started, and ayun na. wow lang talaga. don't worry, i won't be a spoiler or anything, i just wanna list down the key words of my favorite scenes.

- pippin and the battle
- aragorn and the dead
- legolas and the elephants
- the hobbits and aragorn

hay, ang galing.

LaSt miNuTe.

we pinoys are super mahilig sa mga "last minute". last minute decisions, last minute changes, last minute revisions.. i mean, we even pronounce it so fast that it sounds like "lasmini". i've had lotsa these the past days,no make that hours, its driving me nuts!

1 - last tuesday night, three shows to be launched by studio 23 were to be presented to our over-all-in-charge-of-production guy. the meeting was supposed to be 7PM, but was delayed til 1AM. how about that for a "hassledeck".

2 - just this afternoon, i found out about a grid we had to finish by later noon. but of course i already had plans for the premier and work tomorrow, so i have no time to do it at all! guess i gotta do it now. "hassleduck" lang naman..

3 - i found out that i have something for work tomorrow and i quickly had to change my philosophy long exam date from tomorrow to next year na. hay!

what is it with these "last minutes"?! it totally throws you off at times.

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