09 February 2004

"sEniOr sYndRoMe."

are people who aren't graduating this year allowed to feel the "senior syndrome"?

i sure do feel it. blue roast awards.. friends finishing up thesis and defense.. friends planning their trips and or studies abroad.. gosh.. it makes me so sad.

crossroads are always a sad thing. they're always something wonderful, yes, but also something always sad.

i wonder what school will be like next sem when we're just a number left in school, with totally different breaks pa. here's to me, justin, patty, gabe, and all my other friends staying. cheers.

oN V-dAy..

i've never been a "believer" in valentine's day. that means to say i really think its a hallmark holiday, and that i'd rather celebrate it in me and my mahal's own good time, or (okay allow me to be cheesy for half a second) make everyday valentine's day.

i got this on friendster (yes, friendster is still alive, and guess what! my first account with 500 friends before, i now found to have 497 friends now!? i've been de-friendstered. dang. i dunno what to feel. but anyway.) and i think i wanna answer it just for the heck of it.

i don't know what these surveys are for. i think they're just to pass the time for bored-slash-geeky people like me. then again maybe they're to depress you (ie. "shit i'm such a boring person compared to the one who sent this, maybe i should fabricate some answers, it won't hurt, hmm..") or to flatter you (ie. "hah! he's only been abroad once, i've been abroad four times and counting"). please feel free to feel any of the aforementioned and copy and paste this to wherever.

single or attached?

happy? sad?
i'm always both at the same time. but in general, happy. :)

feeling the valentine's mood?
nah, i never get in that mood. i'm not a "valentine's" kinda person.

do you have a valentine?
yep, first name on my links to other blogs. hehe.

if your special someone asked you out, where would you want to go?

what do you want to receive this valentine's day?
intangible (to a certain extent)? a big bear hug. tangible? chocolate go nuts donut pa rin. haha ang babaw.

where are you going with your friends?
d'sound with friends and justin. then something i'm still planning in my head. :)

what's your valentine song?
oh GoD, none i think. any ideas?

*i'm sorry i deleted some questions cause they were really just kinda obvious.

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