22 March 2004

mY nOn-pRoM pROm.


saturday, around midnight, in il ponticello..
ria tanjanco, my friend: (shocked to see me in a dress) o! bianca! ba't ka nakaganyan!? haha para kang nag-prom!
me: (a bit embarrassed) uh, oo.. galing akong prom..

sunday, around dinner time, in justin's house..
kim, his sister: (with a look of almost-disgust) bianca! so justin didn't dance with you?!
me: (a bit sad upon remembering) no, he didn't..
tita bel, his mom: (with shocked disappointment) whaaat!?
me: (sighs) yeah.. we didn't dance.. he didn't give me flowers, no corsage din, and we didn't even have a picture together..
(all discussed in front of justin, mind you.)

back story.

i never went to my prom. i went to high school in de la salle zobel, where proms are held twice for everyone, that's junior and senior year. i didn't go to either one.

(why? things like this are not meant to be remembered, but to all my friends, you know why.. haha! its now time to let go. past is past. let us forgive. haha!)

so naturally, not having gone to any prom ever, i was so psyched to be invited by ateneo high to host their prom (pero weird nga lang, i didn't know proms needed hosts..) last saturday in westin philippine plaza.

that night.

it was quite the unglamorous prom.. (despite my gorgeous chocolate brown and gold rajo laurel dress care of my sister) instead of having that elegant walk down the stairs where my date would be waiting, looking at me with a longing gaze, parents also waiting downstairs ready to shoot away with a camera.. i had rushed from a hosting gig in sm fairview (more like "farview"), with make up nearly gone and sweat beads crowning my hair line, me changing from a sando and jeans to a formal gown at the back of a starex, while justin rushed driving to make it to westin in time.

the trip from quezon city to manila was actually much faster than the trip from film center to the lobby of westin. valet was full, so instead of me and justin walking glamorously out of the car and into the hotel, it was me, jumping out in all of my high heeled glory, and running as fast as i could to the main ballroom area.

and there it was.. wow. "so this is what a prom looks like," i said to myself. here i am, a 21-year old little old girl, with my 23-year old date not with me as he was desperately scoundering for parking, on my first and only prom ever.

the night ran smoothly. dinner was excellent, the batch performers were quite entertaining, and of course the awarding of the prizes, i totally couldn't relate to since i didn't know anyone and they're all probably gen z squared already.

the end of the program came, and as the prom king and queen danced in the middle of the dance floor, the lights dimmed, and laser lights made them float as if they were the only ones in the room. it was beautiful. i suddenly deeply wished i had gone to my own prom, to see my friends and batchmates all in formal attire, acting all regal.

there. so that was my non-prom prom.


a great, big thanks to bonz penalosa and cecille perez for being so nice, hospitable, and forgiving. :p

also to martin castaneda and dan napa, members of the ateneo third year council. you guys rock.

and to justin, my justin. hhhay. my much-awaited prom may have been quite disastrous, but your sweetness makes up for it. i forgive you. :)

sPoT tHe diFfErEnCe!

alin, alin, alin ang naiba.. isipin kung alin ang naiba..

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