30 April 2004

eLeCtiOn fEvEr.

last week, i met eddie gil.

yes, the very same eddie gil who claimed he will give every filipino a million pesos and will even pay for the country's debt, should he be elected into office. i shook his hand, he smiled at me, and my attention was diverted to the top of his head. i wasn't able to get a picture with him, but i did take his picture with my gayfriend* jet. we had quite the hilarious conversation after that encounter.

i should've gotten my picture taken too. damn!

the worst election plugs.

1 - jinggoy estrada's ad showing him with his dad behind, ahem, chicken wire.

2 - the fpj "trendy" youth ad showing the top ten reasons why we should vote for fpj.

3 - the loren plug showing a kid dreaming to be like her. patay.

the nicest election plugs.

1 - my favorite would have to be the mar roxas plug. that smile plastered on his face is classic!

2 - i actually like the production value of the brother eddie ad (i mean as opposed to other plugs, refer to topic above) with sila jolas.. won't vote for him though.

3 - i actually like the enrile plug! "problema mo, sagot ko!" or maybe its just bias.. (hi ina! we miss you!)

who to vote for?!

i still can't decide whether its gma or ping.. geez what choices naman kasi. haaay. GoD bless our country.

and to all those not registered.. shame on you!

*gayfriend - noun. a gay "boyfriend".

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