25 April 2004

oH, Oh, tHe sWeeTeSt tHiNg..

thursday, april 1 - justin leaves for baguio, to stay and work there the whole summer. hay.

in between this time - my phone bill rises.

monday, april 19 - justin and i get on each others' nerves cause he said he'd be coming home for the day, and i cleared my work schedule to spend the day with him, but he wasn't coming home. a big argument starts. both our pride levels flares up, meaning, "bahala ka sa buhay mo, manigas ka diyan, i won't text you." and we didn't text then on.

tuesday, april 20 - i am out with my friends in tiananmen that night, having fun, still not texting justin. i am talking to my friend henry when all of a sudden, an all-too-familiar smelling hand covers my eyes. i look up. tears just come rolling down my cheeks and they wouldn't stop. (very tgis, but believe me if you were in my place you'd write about it the same way too!)

i think i felt my smile reach both ears. :)

wednesday, april 21 - i have work the whole day that i can't get out of.. sadly. justin spends the day with his family and some friends, and that night, i bring him back to the bus terminal to make his way back to baguio for his work on thursday.

right now - my phone bill continues to rise. haha.

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Anonymous said...

this is soooo sweeeeet....
sana magkabalikan tlga kayo...