09 May 2004

sUnDaY's bEsT!

hApPy mOm's dAy!

from left to right, that's my mommy, nanay, and mother.

my mommy, one of the prettiest and most young-at-heart moms i know. her name is ofel. she's actually 55, but everyone says she looks 40+. (she does look 40!) very maalaga to us three children, extremely hardworking, and must be commended for bringing us up very sensible and well-rounded. thank you mommy for everything.

our nanay! i've known her half my life! virgie has been our yaya since i was ten years old.. gusgusin at pawisin pa ako, siya na nag-aalaga sa akin. she knows the system in the house better than any of us do! she's a one-woman wonder, can do anything and everything!

my mother.. (yes, as in the gay sense of the word) jet is my mother-slash-gayfriend, and is my pseudo mother in the sense that when it comes to career, love, and the funny things in life, i turn to him. the craziest person i've ever known in my life!! like mother, like daughter!

happy mother's day to all moms!!


manny pacquiao is THE man. he makes us so proud to be a filipino, despite our facing a dim future considering it is election day tomorrow. my friend carlo said at the post-game interview, he was in tears, as if ashamed to have just gotten a draw. if he only knew. spirits were high when marquez fell thrice in the first round alone! with each punch, jab, duck, and footwork he did, my family and i watched intently. we did cause a slight commotion in the village i think, with all the screaming we did. haha!

he is indeed a hero and fighter, like what was written in the time article about him. he is what we need at a time like this. he gives hope, lots of it.


funny how the loudest song sung in sunday mass is kordero ng diyos. my theory? it comes right after the "peace be with you" part of the mass, where people make beso their boyfriends or girlfriends, where they wave hi to their crushes a few rows back, where they giggle with friends while nudging each other. (alam ko yan! ganyan din ako nung grade school ako. hahaha!) therefore, spirits are high and people sing with more gusto.

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