18 May 2004

deLiNqUeNt LoLa.

i hereby proclaim myself to be the "delinquent lola".

delinquent cause i find myself posting just once a week, instead of the usual thrice a week that i so used to enjoy. even more delinquent cause i don't get to read other people's blogs anymore, which is actually the main reason why i started blogging in the first place. i love reading other people's blogs and getting to know what others think, so i wanted to share my thoughts too. so much for my thought sharing lately, sheesh.

now lola is a different thing altogether. (no, not lola in the gay sense of the word, and yes, i know i've been hanging out with too many gay people, but still its not the gay definition.) justin has been calling me a lola for the past year now, and the only difference from when we got together til a year ago was that i started working "more" part time. lola because i forget to do things, lola because i sometimes forget things that happened in the past, lola because i won't remember something you told me a minute ago. the odd thing is, it only happens with justin!

with all the work that i do, i need to be alert. i need to remember details, i need to do a million things at once, i need to balance my time, and so on and so forth. thus, there is no room for being a lola. i am quite known to be very efficient and responsible when it comes to work, but how come this lola phenomenon only happens with justin?

aNtiCiPaTiNg LoLa.

i have been promoted to non-delinquent because of this post. the reading of the blogs will come soon. but i am still a lola. except this time, i'm an anticipating lola. ever been so anxious and excited and sick to your stomach waiting for something to happen but you don't really wanna be too excited cause you might get disappointed but then you really just can't help but feel that anxiety?

yun. basta yun. wish me luck..! and like my gayfriend jet always says, "let's keep our fingers crossed and my legs uncrossed!"

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