23 May 2004

oH mY..! i aCtUaLLy hAvE a sPoRt!

my second biggest frustration in life (the biggest being i wish i were taller and had longer legs) is i wish i were the active sporty type of girl, with something like ten cool sports (ie. wakeboarding, tag football, etcetera) under my belt. hay. my brother and justin practically beg me to exercise my junk food ass, but i never can get to exercise.

when i'm asked in interviews what's my sport, i answer dancing (yes it is a sport, but it was way back when i was high school in zobel), swimming (thus the color, and yes, i did used to compete but that was way back in high school too), and gymnastics (i took it up from prep til high school). i played a little table tennis and badminton as a kid, but never seriously unlike the three.

lo and behold! i came from a weekend in tagaytay with my friends (HI TEAM DOSH!) and aside from drinking, eating, watching dvds, drinking, and eating, all there was to do was play table tennis. apparently the ol' dusty table in the garage and afternoons spent playing with my brother paid off! i kicked all their asses! haha! there was even i time i played five straight games (versus justin, miguel, carlo, miguel, carlo) and i won all! i can never beat gil though, the owner of the amazing place we stayed at.

pictures to follow!

bwahahaha! i can't believe i actually have a "sport". well there's gotta be something i'm good at, right!?

tAgaYtAy hiTs.

nothing beats a nice out-of-town weekend with your friends, especially if you all gotta cook for, clean up, and look after yourselves. nothing beats the quality of bonding you have, whether when they're drunk and sabog in the evening, half-awake and zombie-ish in the morning, or wacky and funny in the afternoon. and nothing beats an amazing, huge, mansion-ish house you can stay at for free. :p

i wish i were that rich when i grow up. i'd have a beach house, a rest house in the hills, a house in the states, that kind of thing. and then my kids and his or her friends can enjoy the same things me and my friends are enjoying now.

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