30 May 2004

gOoD sAmaRiTaNs.

yes, they still do exist!

mamang jogger.

around a month ago, i lost my driver's license. i had a feeling i dropped it in this building i went to in alabang, but of course there was no way i could get that back. i tried to look for it but the days just passed and so i surrendered to the fact that i had to apply for a new one. i had to go through the whooole lto process again. a week after that, i got something from the mail. MY LICENSE! :) someone picked it up while walking in the alabang area, and decided to give it to the mailman to deliver to my address. my deepest appreciation to you. :)

mamang mekaniko.

a few days ago, justin brought me home. (as usual, i was asleep. i'm sure guys everywhere can relate. :p) approaching the sucat exit, i woke up to "oh shit!" well of course that got me up and my heart raced instantly. justin was trying to step on the accelerator, nothing was happening. i've heard of losing your breaks but losing your accelerator?! kung baga, the gas pedal just flopped around, but the car's rev was still on 2 or 2.5! it was the scariest thing ever. i thought we were gonna crash! good thing, the brakes were still working. so before the toll gate, justin pulled to the side, put the car on neutral, and put up the handbrake. the rev went up even more!! 3.. 3.5.. vrooooom! i told justin to just stay at my house and we'll bring the car to the shop in the morning. he said "no, i can handle it, i'll step on the brakes all the way home." (ay naku, mga lalaki talaga.) i insisted instead to try and check out the gas station past the toll gate. so we did.

we were hoping one of the gas boys knew a little about engines so at least they could check it out. we pulled up into shell. the car was revving so hard we caught everyone's attention, so the only two gas boys in the station approached us. they knew nothing about engines. damn. a man went down this kia van parked in the station, and approached us. apparently, he was a mechanic and he happened to just visit his friend in the gas station. hallelujah! he took a look at the engine, and next thing we knew, he fixed the problem. thank you kind sir, thank you.

if you found yourself in a situation, would you be a good samaritan?

bLaCk eYeD pEaS.

"island flava" was the name of the event, and it was the worst event i've been to ever.

1 - event started at 4PM. walking in at 9PM, the place was silent.
2 - the hosts were showing off their fil-am accents too much that they couldn't catch anyone's attention.
3 - the acts were all playing unknown songs, with no back up dancers, no flashy lighting effects, leaving everyone just sitting down in boredom.
4 - the transition in between performances took forever.
5 - in the middle of the black eyed peas set, the audio crashed, and everyone had to take a 20 minute break.

the black eyed peas' performance itself was the only saving grace. their energy was up, they danced so well, and of course, allan pineda aka apl.d.ap was a hit. my ticket was free (thank you jet valle) but if i had to pay P2700 for it, i'd be so bad vibes.

shame on you blazing-something-radio-station-that-did-the-event. sayang.

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