04 June 2004

oHaNa mEanS FaMiLy.

my dad's electrolytes.

last monday, while at my sister's recital for trumpet's dance class, we got a text from my tita. chito got rushed to medical city.

my dad isn't exactly the poster boy for good health. he's 56, drinks quite a lot, doesn't get much exercise (ahem, kapal ng mukha ko kala mo ako nag-eexercise), is hypertensive, has had two mild heart attacks, and has a slipped disc. so of course, when we got this text, we all panicked.

apparently, due to some new heart medicine he's taking now, his electrolytes went down and that caused his feeling weak and nauseous. they ran some tests and everything seems to be okay. thank you LoRd.

this was our text conversation the other day.

me: you take care of yourself, health is most important. watch that diet and don't drink too much.

him: sorry, i might not. doctor said its okay.

me: but it said in your diet brochure you can't drink alcohol.

(a few minutes pass.)

him: i love you too much to argue with you.

damn. talo ako.


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junielynn said...

hello po, i just read this post and i can tell that u really loved ur father that much...

i remember b4 i always argued with my father bcoz of alcohol, he has this rheumatism at 2 paa nya ang laki ng bukol, he wont stop drinking until he realized that tama ako to stop drinking kasi dinala n sya s hospital at kailangan n syang operahan. after the operation, he promised to me that he's not going drink if he did just a single shot lang daw pangtanggal uhaw...hahaha nakakatanggal uhaw n pala ngayon ang alak...
i love my father & i miss him so much. im tatay's girl kasi..hehehe