09 June 2004

rAnDoM uSeLeSs tiPs.

here are five random useless tips from random useless bits.

ate, yung goma.

i was at the stoplight of timog corner edsa when a little girl knocks on my window. i didn't have change of any kind at the time, so i lightly knocked on the window. "sige na ate sampu lang naman po," she pleads. i look around the compartments of the car, then gesture my hands as if to say "wala talaga.." she then spots the colorful bracelets i was wearing (oversized rubber bands, P20, boracay station two) and says, "ate, yung goma na lang."

after that stoplight, the 15 bands on my arm became 10.

TIP.1: give what you can.

a la punk'd.

the other day on game channel, it was us four hosts set for the day. we were all made up and good to go when we were told we were pre-empted by a breaking news program. hassleduck. chase (one of the hosts) was late that day, and as soon as he stepped in, aaron (another host) goes "chase! late ka na! dali dali dali!!" everyone instantly caught on and played a prank on chase. the make up artist fixed him up, the audio man gave his lapelle, iya (the other host) even blamed the delay on him.

in the end, the punk was on all of us. as we were all on the set punking chase, the director suddenly announces we are going on air. it was a double punk after all.

TIP.2: don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.

how low can you go?

after waiting for months, my brother just got the replacement for his lost license and his new abs id last week. he also just withdrew cash. yesterday morning, his wallet was stolen. hassledeck.

yesterday evening, just ten hours after the wallet incident, bad luck strikes again. he just parked in his girlfriend's place in nakpil, just to dress up to go out. when he got down, he found the window of the car open, and his big backpack gone. hasslefeck. how low can you go..

TIP.3: always take care of your valuables!!

thumb's up.

owned by dominic ochoa, this funky way of selling ice cream is something i am super addicted to now.

TIP.4: uh, wala lang.. masarap ang ice cream?

hero sighting.

he's really cute in person, with a killer smile to boot. when i did the unthinkable (for me at least) last sunday, every single girl who texted me that day asked if i met hero. damn! i didn't! i was so looking forward to it but he was busy the whole time so there was no time for introductions. balang araw, makikilala ko din yan. hehe.

TIP.5: bring a camera or camera phone when you know you'll be seeing "someone"!

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