13 June 2004

tHe cuTe aNd tHe dEaD.

meet bacci and bannie.

the cute.

bacci, also known as banchuy or bangchingching, is the chow of my brother's girlfriend tracy. ain't he cuuute?! (you can find him on dogster.com by the way, the friendster for dogs!) my mom doesn't like having dogs at home so having bachi during the weekends is something we look forward to.

he'll be joining a dog show in eastwood next sunday. full support! our whole family will be there. he's cute and behaved, so he can totally win best looking dog or something, but he has no talent!! his only talent is being cute. maybe he can give the judges a puss in boots look so he can win. hmm..

the dead.

very unoriginal name, yes i know, but it was my sister who decided to name the rabbit bannie. bannie was an extra rabbit in justin's house (his sister is fond of rabbits) and so my sister asked me if we could just have it. bannie is around a year old now. they loved bannie so much in this house that my yaya decided to buy a companion for her, which they named terry. justin had more extra rabbits so we got another guy, which they named bauer (obviously fans of 24).

last week, bauer passed away. apparently, bannie bit bauer's nose a month ago, and ever since, bauer got galis. the weeks passed and the galis ate him up. there was nothing we could do. (note: bauer's picture was not displayed to protect his privacy)

..moment of silence, please..

when i have my own family, i want to have two dogs. :D

at wala lang, i just HAVE to share this picture.

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