01 April 2004

finally i get to blog! yes!!

wHaT a oNe wEeK.

wednesday, there was the blue roast, the annual ateneo grad party. by the way, thanks to ian for all the -ahem- help! the party was.. fun. that's if i got to enjoy it! i was running around the whole time, literally, and i mingled with batchmates and friends in five minute intervals while trying to catch my breath. i won the "female fashionista" award, whatever that meant.. i would rather have won the batch filmmaker award though (hehe! but congrats shar, and idda and pia too!) cause the fashion award is very subjective really. but cheers to all the flip-flop-or-chuck-taylor-wearing-people! apparently its "in"!

thursday, i had dinner with my future workmates.. well, for starters, i wanna introduce to you, from the left, chase, iya, me, aaron. details to follow soon.. i hope..

friday.. heart pounding one hour before my philo exam, all the way up til one minute before my philo exam. aced it!! haha, studied my ass off the night before cause i wanted to pull up my grade. to top the day off, justin and i ate in sonya's garden as a sort of "despedida" for him. that was quite the perfect ending to a stressful finals week.. :D

saturday was part three of our carefree factor mall tour. me and my co-host carlo ledesma (quirky, fun host of gameplan) play games for girls aged 13-30 (haha siyempre plugging) to promote the new carefree fun print packs. on april 17 we'll be in sm manila and april 24 in sm megamall for the grand finals! haha. then off to the candy anniversary party we went. it was fun! my first time actually. this is me and my friend mikaela contributing to candy in our own little way. :p

sunday. the most surreal experience of my life by far. shouting "the buzz!" to a mike on national (kung bibilangin tfc, international) tv. damn! so not for me. actually, i was quite out of place.. of course its the chismis show and there's no chismis on me so what they had was kaye abad and if sila na ni chito miranda. poor kaye! well, i guess its really "the price you pay for the life you choose".. which is a saying that struck me just today. i learned that someone (i shall not name names) commented to my boss saying, "boy, yung artista mo naman pagsabihan mo mag-ayos artista".. well! first of all, i'm not and never will be an artista. i don't have anything against them at all, i'm such a fan actually (haha!), its just that i know my strengths and being an artista wouldn't be one of them! second, i'm sorry if i don't like, thus don't wear make up, its really not my thing. so to relieve me from the culture shock, my friend jet brought me to my first ever ukay experience. WOW! wild talaga! i was like a kid in a candy shop on moving sale!

monday, went to work. apparently, management liked lots of concepts we made, and they might be made into shows. cool!

tuesday was stressful. i was so SICK!! high fever. damn. the solution to which is sleep, medicine overdose, water, sleep, and so on.

wednesday, i was miraculously better. i willed myself to get well and i got well. here's a snapshot of what happened today. hay naku, giving the short girls shorts. this always happens to me! why oh why?! but congratulations to all the staff of psbspds and backroom. and to my love jet valle!

lots of full days ahead.. which is a good thing actually that i'm very thankful for. my usual wish is still there though, that i'm hoping i can see my friends more often..

oh, and happy april trippin day to all! (whatever this means.)

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rizza tan panican said...

you're now an artista. :)