29 June 2004

tOp tHreE..

things i vow to do in a month.
3. fix up my room, and i mean clean it up and throw away all the clutter.
2. finally go out of town with jet and drew.
1. change my hair.

movies i recently saw that i absolutely loved.
3. harry potter three (cuaron did an excellent job! at ang ganda naman ni hermione..)
2. girl with a pearl earring (great cinematography, acting, and story)
1. my sassy girl (non-chick flick beautiful korean love story.. thank you chigo!)

things that made me happy over the weekend.
3. went to my friend iya's debut in full formal gear.
2. saw my high school and college friends at an uber-good japanese dinner (thanks chuck!!)
1. fabulous teen girls i got to meet at the meg anniversary party.

favorite daydreams of the moment.
3. going to the states to visit my best friend pepel.
2. having clean, clear beautiful skin.
1. getting a closet-full of clothes i designed.

things i miss doing.
3. reading blogs, blog hopping, writing decent posts in my blog!
2. having girls night outs with mar, crissy, and justine.
1. sleeping!!

things that made me go "ooh".
3. the bar of chocolate i just finished. :p
2. fun, exciting, and promising things at work.
1. might get to hike mount makiling with my brother soon.

uhm.. useless post ba?

disclaimer: useless post does not mean useless blogger. :s

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