04 July 2004

mArKiNg yOuR tErRiToRy.

bench wars.

there's this culture in ateneo called "the bench", and basically its a territorial culture wherein only those who inherited that certain bench can sit there. yeah, yeah, it sounds stupid, i know, but that's the culture we had to conform with upon entering "the ateneo". we inherited our bench from the older siblings of some of my kabarkadas, and now, its time to pass it on to the younger siblings of our friends.

there's a certain sadness in passing on a bench. its like, you've stayed there your whole college life and now its time to let it go. you've crammed for philo orals there, got together with your boyfriend there, spilled your coffee there, spent six hour breaks there, got stranded there when it rained.. all these things. and now, seeing other people go through these things there, there is a certain sadness. sounds weird but its true! maybe its also the fact that we're growing old that makes us sad. that we are leaving school soon, and were actually supposed to have left school already. damn.

excitement at 230AM.

i finally got to catch a euro cup game live in ponticello last thursday morning. it was the semis, with portugal and netherlands battling it out. i went in not rooting for anyone specifically, but when the national anthems started, and i saw cristiano ronaldo of portugal, my bet was there. (haha! how cheap.) besides, they're the hosts of this year's euro cup, so riding on the high spirits of their countrymen make them play so well.

i've been wanting to catch a game live but it was never possible cause there would always be school or work the next day. but that day, i just really wanted to watch it, nevermind not having sleep for the next day! well, it was worth it! fabulous game, with of course, portugal winning 2-1. later tonight its the finals. portugal and greece.. both first-time finalists. that should be excitement at 230AM once again. and well, i have a date with ronaldo too.. :)

bamboo, oh bamboo.

i was excited to find out that i would be presenting the "best new artist" award at mtv pilipinas last thursday. i don't know what i was doing there, but i was psyched to present it nonetheless. it was me, drew arellano, and christian bautista.. logic there being we're supposedly the "newbies" in the business, so its fitting that we be the ones to present it. hmm..

and the winner was.. of course.. bamboo!! boy was it an honor to get to shake his hand. (smooth palms with a just-right grip i must say.) i am a huge rivermaya fan with rico blanco as lead, but i must say, bamboo with their launching single "noypi" made effortless tidal waves. he had no problem at all putting back his mark in the pinoy rock scene and i'm sure he'll have no problem staying there.

sE7eN hOuRs fOr hAiR.

i spent seven hours yesterday to change my hair. man. all in the name of vanity. but don't get me wrong, i'm like the least vain person on earth! its just that i have this thing with changing my hair every so often cause i get bored with it easily. (alex carbonell of propaganda is my official hair person. he's the bomb. :p) here's a quick recap of what happened.

WHAT: hair relaxing.
HOW: they spray your hair with straight therapy then dry it. then they apply the relaxing cream, make it sit, then rinse it off, then dry it. then they apply the finishing cream, then make it sit, then rinse it.
WHY: i had my hair permed a year ago, again was bored with my hair, and now i'm missing my straight hair.

WHAT: hair coloring.
HOW: they apply the cream on your hair, make it sit, apply cream on the roots, then make it sit. then they rinse it off.
WHY: alex colored my hair a light brown before, and you know how when its been under the sun so long it gets lighter? and the tips are much lighter than the roots? and it looks so bad? ayun.

WHAT: hair styling.
HOW: alex just snipped away, i don't even know what happened.
WHY: he wanted to give my hair a lighter feel.. it has a semi undercut in the middle section and he brought back my bangs. not so much of it though.

and thanks to photography by justin ventura (he's currently apprenticing under ace photographer bien bautista so goodluck to him) i can share with you my new hair.

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