11 July 2004

mEeT gEraLd.

name: gerald rey dawal
age: 10
weight: 90 pounds
height: 4'4
position here at home: honorary little brother slash errand boy slash pet (hehe!)
background: both mother and father are bisaya, but he was born and raised here in manila

my brother jc and our yaya virgie (mother of gerald) were having a conversation about being bisaya. gerald was close by just listening.

jc: eh ikaw gerald, marunong ka ba magbisaya?

gerald: hindi eh..

jc: eh diba bisaya ka?

gerald: "half" lang.

oN uS piNoYs.

the concept of being "half".

it amuses me to remember the times when i was a kid na payabangan kami ng friends na "ah ako half-ganito", "talaga? ako naman half-ganyan."

i remember boasting to be "one fourth spanish" since my dad's lolo was pure spanish. i also remember friends who in our childlike innocence then claimed to be "half pinoy, an eighth spanish, a fourth chinese, and a fourth american". or something like that. why? hahaha! i can't help but laugh when i remember those times. we're pure pinoy!! hay. did we claim or do we claim to be "half-whatever" cause we thought or think we would be "cool" if we had mixed blood? i don't know.. in my case, i admit that i think i had that claim cause i thought people would find me "cool" that my relatives spoke spanish or i had a really sharp nose cause of this "half-bloodedness". but do i think its cool now? well i have absolutely nothing against real "half-blooded" filipinos, however us true blue pinoys have to be proud that we're pinoy. what's cool is to be proud that you're pure pinoy.

hoy, pinoy ako.

thanks to bamboo for the pinoy pride song that makes everyone proud to be pinoy.

i was at the araneta coliseum yesterday to watch the uaap opening, and during the lull of one of the commercial breaks, the pa system played "noypi". without any planning or prodding, the whole araneta broke into chorus to the highest decibel levels.. "hoy!! pinoy akooo!"

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cooLetbaiT said...

'' YAN ang PINOY ''

'pinoys to the worLd'

'pinas to guinness'

..yan aNg piNoY!!just saw a while ago from Rated K of ms.korina sanchez..gaLing tlga natin mga noypi, and i'm very proud of being piNoy..

_-what a coincidence-_
habang ngttype aq sa comment na eto the song "Noypi" of bamboo playing on winamp,,gaLing noh??i'm speechless ms.versatile