17 July 2004

mY tHoUgHtS aS a cHiLd.

on revenge.

close to tears, i come running to my mom saying, "mommy, mommy si aissa (my sister) o! inaaway ako.."

"then you should do something to defend yourself or get back at her," my mom was quick to reply.

a few minutes later i come running back to my mom, but this time with a satisfied smirk on my face. "hehehe, mama, i did something na.. hehehe.."

"o, what did you do," my mom curiously asked.

"hehe.. i put coffee in her water."

on socio-economic status.

having been born and raised in the city lights of manila, my mom wanted to immerse us kids in the simple province life of san pablo, laguna, where she was born and raised.

she showed us everything, from the coconut trees she climbed, to the sapa where they swam, from the poso where they used to pump water from, to the bahay kubos they used to hang out in. a very natural and comfortable atmosphere, very different from the commercial and fast-paced environment i knew.

after some thinking (or so i presume), i tugged on my mom's shirt to tell her something. "mama, kayo pala you were a little poor. kami now we're a little rich."

on the culinary arts.

allow me to share a recipe i wrote before for ice cream.

fruit of your choice

1 - crush the fruit with the spoon
2 - place in the refrigerator
3 - oh, don't forget the milk

tsk, tsk. kids say the darnest things.

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