25 July 2004

wHaT dOeSn'T kiLL yOu mAkEs yOu sTrOngEr.

cliche, but true.

terror teachers.

i recently had dinner with some batchmates and sir eddieboy calasanz, my former philosophy professor in ateneo, also known as one of the "terror teachers" of my school. a brilliant yet intimidating man, he was once known for giving his students grades like "g", "p", or even "your grade doesn't even deserve a letter in the alphabet". i, like many others, was forced to take his class because there was no other class left during registration. there was no way out.

luckily i got through the sem, and even did much better than i had expected to. at the end of the sem, during my final oral exams, sir eddieboy revealed to me that a couple of colleagues had told him about my intense fear of him. (yes, i had confided my jitters to a few teachers and friends) he laughed at me with his notorious hearty, condescending laugh that ended with a smile. at that moment, he became more than a teacher. he became the challenge i had overcome, the ego booster i needed, and the friend i never thought i'd have.

love, sweet love.

its normal for couples to argue and fight, and in fact it makes both of you show your true selves more, and adjust to each other more. justin and i have been together for around three and a half years now (including the ten months we broke up.. yes my friends, you know about that) and i think we're the funniest, oddest arguers around. you could say that we have perfected the art of arguing.

we recently fought about such a mababaw issue. all because of a text i sent that he didn't receive cause his phone wasn't on. obviously, it was no ones fault, but still, we fought about it over the phone as if there was really something to fight about!

five minutes after that fight, i texted him: i hate fighting with you, i'm sorry.

to which he replied: me too. i'm sorry also. see you later.

and i said: okay.

its so odd that sometimes we just argue with each other to vent out frustrations on other things, then we fix it. we did fight once about a line samantha in sex and the city said. haha, labo.

here is true friendship.

around three years ago, my best friend pepel left to study in the states. he is one of the people i look up to and lean on most in my life. he left on his sophomore year of college, left his whole family, left all his friends and his then three year girlfriend, for bigger, better opportunities. he often got depressed and all i could tell him was how lucky he was and how much i would give anything to be given the chance to study abroad. i told him, "at least when you're 40 and you look back at your life, there would be no what ifs, because you went for it. who knows where it can take you."

at this moment, we are still the best of friends, he sees his family and talks to them every so often, is graduating in december, is still together with his girlfriend, and is up for employment in one of the biggest companies in new york. cheers to you pel, miss you.

other thoughts..

but then again, my workmate mae had another twist to this line. she said, "what doesn't kill you makes you want to kill yourself." hehehe. to each his own i guess.

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