01 August 2004

gRoWiNg uP.

young versus old.

first crushes and first kisses..
barkadas and barkada wars..
love letters and n-millionth break ups..
term papers and book reports..
job hunting and jobs..
babies and weddings..

and now, more than ever, the order gets jumbled up in really insane ways! so do "signs of the times" really exist?

optimism versus pessimism.

my favorite comedian, jerry seinfeld, had a very interesting observation about being young as opposed to being old.

he said, "when you're young, everything's up. 'wait up!', 'shut up!', 'can i stay up?'.. but when you're old its.. 'slow down..', 'calm down..', 'put that down!'"

endings versus beginnings.

"when GoD closes a door, he opens a window." these are usually the words of wisdom thrown at someone who just lost something valuable to him or her. and i happen to believe its true.

someone very close to me recently found out about his dad losing a job. sounds sad, but in reality, things aren't over. my philo teacher eddieboy calasanz once said that freedom is actually "freedom FROM something, to have freedom FOR something". and its true. sometimes we become free from something only to find out about many more opportunities we never saw before. and the loss of something becomes the gain of something bigger. as ate vi said, "its a blessing in the skies."

i don't know if i'm just being my "disgustingly utopian" self, but i recently just lost a job, and i'm actually enlightened more than anything. it was a great experience, i learned a lot, i gained friends who became family, i loved every minute of it, and i don't feel bad about it. which is great. its a great feeling that i just want to share. :) so now that this chapter of my life is over, i'm looking forward to turning the page.

the reason for this post.

maybe its a time that bianca-the-12-year-old who is in reality a bianca-the-21-year-old is feeling like a bianca-the-30-year-old.

losing a job, being a ninang (GoD bless you cristiana noelle!), attending a friend's wedding (congratulations martino and michelle!).. are these really things 21-year olds are supposed to deal with!? not to mention back aches, recurring migraines, and unsolicited weight gaining? my, my, my.

21 is such an odd age. you're not young, you're not old. then again maybe its just me. maybe i'm just naturally odd. :p

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