08 August 2004

sOmE iMpOrTaNt qUeStiOnS mOviEs aSk.

q: there are four movies i saw recently that pose very important questions that really make you think about life..
a: i shall attempt to give my answers..
r: and my rating, based on a rate bar of 1 to 4, 4 being the highest.


q: "take comfort in knowing you never had a choice," tom cruise said to jamie foxx when jamie was hesitant to do what tom was asking him to. can you really take comfort in knowing you had no choice?

a: we often feel regret in life, during those times that we say to ourselves, "i should've done this!" or "i knew i shouldn't have chosen that!" my philo teacher had a twist to spiderman's line, he said, "with great freedom comes great responsibility," and its true! the pressure is actually heavier when you have more choices as opposed to when there are just a few. but how about when you don't have a choice? i don't think its comfort that i'll feel.. when i choose something that i eventually regret, the blame is on me. but when i regret something i didn't choose, the blame is on the one responsible. so i don't think i can take comfort, i'd just be passing the blame.

r: ((2.50)) it was an "okay" movie. i don't know, i guess i was just expecting tom cruise movies to be always great. the story was inventive, i think it just lacked suspense, action, and intensity. tom cruise does a good job as an are-you-a-bad-guy-or-a-good-guy character, though its the movie as a whole that doesn't do it for me.

13 going 30.

q: would you ever wish to skip a decade of your life, just to avoid all the awkward and harsh things in life?

a: its very tempting, and i can't say i've never wished it, but i don't think i'd ever want to grow older overnight. there are times i just can't take the hardships and pressures of life that i wish there was a fast forward button i could press. but then again, when i do get through that hardship and that particular pressure-giver, i find myself stronger and wiser. so as tempting as it is, i think every hassleduck, hassledeck, and hasslefeck moment in life makes us better persons.

r: ((2.25)) its an entertaining movie, but you're not missing anything if you don't see it. jennifer garner is nakakaaliw at times, the visuals are pretty, and it gives a couple of laughs, but aside from that its nothing striking. i won't be a spoiler, but the ending for me is a cop-out ending.. its like they made the story so entagled and didn't know how to get out of it, so they ended it that way.


q: how can a movie be so bad?!

a: i have no idea.

r: ((no comment)) i just think they could've used more time in planning, filming, and editing the movie.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

q: you can erase someone from your mind, but can you erase someone from your heart?

a: people have this great ability to "selectively forget" what they want to forget - its a great coping mechanism that GoD built us with. it may take some time, a lot of tears, and sometimes even a bit of cash (shopping to feel better), but sooner or later the hurt goes away and we choose to put it at the back of our minds. but from our hearts, are they ever erased? no, i don't think so.. wait, make that i know so. and this, is why i fell in love with the story. (charlie kauffman you're a genius!) you see, GoD also built us with this ability to squeeze in an infinite number of people in our hearts. cheesy but true! once someone touches our heart, there's no way on earth that space can be erased.

r: ((4.00)) i loved it, loved it, loved it. some people find it slow, some find it to be a movie you gotta be in the mood for, and some loved it as much as i did. the story was so simple and original, yet so basic and universal. the acting was great (i'm not a jim carrey nor a kate winslet fan but they were fabulous here), the script was dynamic, witty, and rich, the scoring was so emotional, the lighting was dramatic, and the structure couldn't have been any better. i watched it for the second time last night, loved it even more, cause its the kind of movie that reinvents itself the more you watch it.

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