16 August 2004

LoVe iS iN tHe aiR.

case one: age doesn't matter.

kinikilig ako whenever i see any korina sanchez and mar roxas feature. on the one hand you have this tough broadcast journalist, and on the other you have this simple top senator, and together you see them singing love songs to each other. haaay. flowing with the trend of kilig oldie love stories (jack nicholson and diane keaton in "something's gotta give", and pierce brosnan and julianne moore in "laws of attraction"), i can't wait to see how this love story ends. who would've thought we'd get kilig with grown men and women?!

case two: baby, baby, baby.

anyone who has seen mylene dizon lately will surely agree with me when i say she is just glowing. just when you thought she couldn't get any more beautiful..! beside paolo paraiso, they both just glow with happiness. its so great to see for once someone who celebrates and doesn't hide her being a mother. "a baby is always a great blessing", as boy abunda said. indeed it is!

case three: college sweethearts.

this is to celebrate the going-strong-but-at-times-rocky-and-cranky-but-still-crazy-in-love couples in my circle of friends.

i don't know if it was a trend in my school or it was just inevitable, but some of these blockmate-love-stories-that-started-in-freshman-year turned out great. happy three or more years!! here's to pat pelayo and patty laurel, who are just the most solid and most kengkoy couple i know. here's to alessa libongco and mark ibaviosa ("its not ibavio-SA, its ibavi-O-sa.."), who are the cuuutest and steadiest couple i know. and of course here's to justin ventura, who never fails to make me feel i'm special.

here's to my girls, and their guys, marion espano and jules del pilar, to crissy del rosario and cj javelosa, to roselle ramilo and duart loterte, and to justine ferrer and gabe borromeo.

they say grade school couples break up in high school, and that high school couples break up in college. i sure hope these college sweethearts pull it through.

LoVe iS iN tHiN aiR.

and then there is the other side of the coin.

case one: i don't want no scrub.

my fabulous friend v has been dating n for quite some time, despite our disapproval. this disapproval doesn't come from nowhere. n has this history of being a "scrub", yet v took n back because the feelings were just too strong. fine. the other day, v texted me complaining about n. this time, it wasn't scrubbing. it was seeing the ex after n just saw v. does n really think he's all that, that he can treat v like that?! the nerve!!

case two: tinimbang ka ngunit kulang.

my friend c just emailed me a long letter asking me advice about this girl he likes.. er, loves. he said he courted her for a while, he professed his love, she opted for friendship, but now he finds it so hard to let the feelings go. i really didn't (and don't) know what to answer.. hay love! "there is no easy way to break somebody's heart", and damn! it sure ain't easier to heal somebody's heart.

case three: i'm leaving on a jet plane.

my friend r and his girlfriend p were enjoying a long relationship when things started to get rocky. i didn't know much about their relationship, but when r suddenly shared a few stories, i found out that p was leaving for the states in a few days. whaaat?! i am in no position to give any useful advice, but since i'm ever-the-look-on-the-bright-side-girl, i would say that time and space apart would be healthy actually. at the end of that, if two people still opt to stay together, then that's lasting love right there.

thanks to the buzz, rated k, and mtv loveline for inspiring this post.

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