18 October 2004

warning! this is a looong post.

fiNaLLy i'M oN sEm bReAk!! yAhOo!!

ahh.. the joys of sleeping, eating, staying on the internet for hours and hours, watching endless dvd's and tv shows, sleeping again, eating again, going out to the mall to do nothing, sleeping more.. WOW. its great. :)

when one has this much time on his or her hands, one must have a "to-do list". well we all know that this exists in theory but not in reality (like a new year's resolution, a yellow light, or a humble atenean), but its fun to make one nonetheless. this is my list of things to do this sem break:

1 - watch a dvd a day.. so many movies, so little time. among those lined up are the family guy (thank you pel!), wong kar wai films (thanks alexis!), and other must-see movies i've missed like sixth sense ("what?! you haven't seen sixth sense?! shame on you!".. yeah, yeah, i know, i'm a loser..)

2 - go out of town!! lined up for me are the beach and tagaytay!!

3 - make a christmas list.. yikes. scaaary.

4 - clean my room and my desk! (yeah right.)

5 - exercise. (okay now i'm just being ambitious.)

to everyone on sem break.. enjooooooooooy!!

nEw bAby, oLd baBy.

meet my new baby, oubli.

i've been warned that this will be the end of my social life as i know it, and so far, that theory is proving to be true.

meet my old baby, robert.

when i was a freshman in college, i took up environmental science and one of our projects was to take care of a plant. (some people actually failed the class cause their plant died, would you believe.) after the sem, i took home robert. and that was that, i didn't need to take care of him no more.

the other day, my sister aissa came running to me, "bianca! bianca! you remember.. bogart?" bogart? i asked myself. "your plant! your narra plant," she said. "robert," i was quick to correct her. then she said, "he's in the garden!!" i ran down the stairs, like a mother about to reunite with a long lost son, and there he was. six feet tall, with more than five branches, with nice, big, healthy green leaves.. i had no idea that all this time he was still alive. i thought he just wilted and died, along with all the other unloved plants back in my science class. but he's a big boy now, around four years old. i'm a proud momma, who feels bad she neglected her son during his growing years. i vow to be a better momma from now on.

baTTeReD aNd bRuiSeD.

exactly one month ago, i was asked to lose ten pounds. i was put on a no-carb diet. as in no rice, no bread, no potatoes, and all i could eat was chicken with no skin and unsalted fish. no sweets, no oily food. for a junkie like me, that's torture. i felt like a battered little girl! but for the love of work, i did it. i went on the diet for two weeks, then the big day of the shoot came. this is me (with eyes bulging out from all the weight loss) and my new found friend omi. (cute
snake ain't he?) he was quite heavy, and all the weight i lost didn't exactly make my muscles stronger, so it was quite difficult to have to carry the snake, fix its pose, project youself, suck in your stomach, and work with your partner all at the same time. in the end, the pictures came out great, which made it all worth it. also, now, my mother can't be any happier that i've learned to eat less junk now. miraculously, all it took was a temporary diet like that to make me eat healthier food.

this is a bruise on my leg from this karting challenge i joined a few weeks ago. it was only my second time to go karting (ever) during the big day. the men's race came before us and wow, they just all knew what they were doing, and that got me so scared! to think i was up against some professional racers! egad! when it was the women's race, i got into my kart, made the sign of the cross, and took such deep breaths that my helmet fogged up. GO!! there i was.. just driving along, minding my own business, wishing the seven laps were over, when WHAM! another kart crashed into mine. ooouch! it gave me a bit of a sore neck but then it was my leg that hurt more than anything. i woke up the next day, rubbed my leg, and saw.. that. aray.

mUsiC LoVeRs, LovErS oF bEauTy.. uNiTe!

last friday, i hosted the oktoberfest acoustic beer jam in eastwood with my friend franco. its amazing how even a "steady" acoustic night can draw hoards and hoards of people - i have never seen eastwood that full, ever. it was the third of the five oktoberfest parties, and i was glad it was an acoustic night because i've heard that during the rock nights, people really throw bottles and cans and who-even-knows at you. it did prove to be a steady night. plus, i learned something too. i didn't know that paolo santos was still sooo hot, as hot as he was when he started this whole acoustic craze. man, i gotta give it to this guy. even he must be sick of "moonlight over paris", but he sings it with such gusto and passion until now. and the crowd? well. they knew every single lyric to all his songs. amaaazing.

last sunday, i judged the gay queen of the east 2004 grand finals in sta. lucia east grand mall, thanks to my friend jet and franco. i thought it would be fun, and i've always been curious of how a miss gay pageant goes, so i agreed. and boy, rather, girl, it was fun! i found out a lot of things that day!

first. apparently, the gay queens aren't introduced by their real names. they go by a screen name. there was "sandara park" (who incidentally also won the texter's choice award), "aubrey miles" (who had no similarity to aubrey miles whatsoever), "carmi martin" (who really looked like carmi martin and won the gay queen of the earth 2003), "cristina gonzales" (who cried on stage when she wasn't included in the final eight), "sharmaine arnaiz" (who i had no idea was considered a gay icon), and many more. the big winners of the night were "heart evangelista", second runner-up and the fifth from the left in red, "diana zubiri", first runner-up and fourth from the left in blue, and the grand prize winner was "beyonce", left most in green.

second. they all have prepared answers for the oh-so-common miss universe questions. so whatever you ask them, from "do you agree with the way media portrays gay people?" to "ano ang gagawin mo kapag nakaharap mo ang tunay na artistang kapangalan mo at sinabi niyang wag mong gamitin ang pangalan niya?", they will always end it with "i am a woman of substance, beauty, and strength," or something to that effect.

third. they really go through the works of a beauty pageant! there was a best talent, best in costume, best in swimwear, best in evening wear, most photogenic.. and yes, i did say best in swimwear. well of course no one wore a two piece. they were all in a one piece suit, with a small sarong around the waist. but mind you, they were sexy! some of them had huge breasts, some had tiny waists, and some even had naomi-campbell-legs! i got so insecure! haha! and while the floor director was rushing them for the swimwear portion backstage, "anne curtis" screamed, "sorry ha! hindi kami babae! madaming kailangang itago no!!"

mY nEw LoVe.

takeshi kaneshiro, one of the stars of "house of flying daggers", is gorgeous!!

he joins the likes of brad pitt and hayden christensen in my foreign crushes list. :p

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