26 August 2007

the big bangkok bash!

friends finding their way around bangkok..

one of the best shopping districts ever, the jatujak weekend market!

a night out at the uber gorgeous distil and sirocco..

steady watching victoria's secret 05 and 06 at vic's place!

the famous reclining buddha at wat po!

the maaajestic grand palace..

more shopping at the siam area!

meet ange, pam, maui, mitzi, and henry!

dear bangkokers!

suuuper saya grabe! i'm so happy that we were able to do this!

super hospitable vic.. iba kaaa! thank you for taking us out and bartending pa for us!
mit and hen.. yahoo! here's to our 2008 travel dreams coming true.. mag-ipon na tayo!
pam.. super good job with planning the whole thing! let's do this again soon.. :p
maus.. happy, happy, happy birthday!! hope you had a blast!
ange.. partner! we will go for gold in all things, okay? :)
love you all!

td.. next year, dapat tayong lahat na ha! bago kayo ikasal guys!! hehehe. cheers team!

khap khun ka!


xo ange said...

bi! partner! hahaha....im sooo glad u were able to make it grabeh, id be a 5th wheel forever if u didnt come!!!!! GO FOR GOLD! Welcome life as it hits us in our faces...

"we can never know what to want, because, living only one life, we can neither compare it with our previous lives nor perfect it in our lives to come."

i want mr. burma boy to email me!!!!!!!!!!! shet...kilig yung dream ko ha.....

Celine said...

Hi Ate Bianca!
Nice photos!
It's good that you get to go to places and share pictures with us.
I'm glad you had so much fun.
GoD bless!

drey said...

nice pix =)
keep on posting!
take care..

jishinka said...

wow! this is my first time to comment on your blog. Nice naman you've been to thailand. I want to go there too.

I like you, bianca. I like your blog too. ü

jishinka said...

wow! pareho na kayo ni jc me photo with ronald in thailand. Nice.ü

freyti said...

hello lola bianca!
another adventure in bangkok!hehe
im looking forward to do this also with my HS kada..i miss all of them!

Anonymous said...

the pictures you took are really good. not just because we know that your cam is pang-pro na rin =P but the shots you took are really interesting, pang-blog tlga =) the kind that's really nice to share with everyone.

hai, i'd really have to study harder to earn harder in the future so that i can travel just like u do.. haha.. cheers! God bless!

Francesca said...

Ooohh! Is that really a pink taxi or is it just the picture? Anyway, if it were pink, CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

hi bianca! :) ur such an inspiration to me. i love traveling also and conquering the whole world is one of my dream. as in super dream, hindi yung surface dream! well.. im juz 16 and i guess i have more time to make my travel plans and siyempre magipon! haha =p for now philippines lang muna ang destination ko.

i like you also coz we are both photographers-wanna-be! hayy event ko talaga yan! :) though i like taking photos of myself, mas trip ko magtake photos everything surrounding me!

i super love school also! :) pero ikaw working na hehe =p pero learning naman is never-ending! lifetime as they said. :)

and most especially, pareho tayong kuyas girl!!!! :) can relate me talaga. magic! :)

continue blogging bianca! :)


The Wifey Diaries said...

hi, ms. bianca! super cool pics of all your travels... hayyy, wish i could do that too. nothing is impossible... will find the time to do that someday... good luck in your career and God Bless!

she said...

haay.. sana ako din. :(

nice pics. :)

Jez said...

Hello, Ms.Bianca!
You look gorgeous on your shot with Ronald McDonald :D
Wee.. is that the same McDo statue that your kuya posed with before?

Miss Manderley said...

hi bianca! Me and my family always catch your shows TFC Connect and Entertainment Live on TFC here in California.

It's so cool that you blog!

Viel Catig

gyk said...

wow! i love your photos!!

Anonymous said...

heLLo po!
fave artist kita..
sbi nga nung friends and siblings ko.. kmukha daw kta e!
ingats po lage!

bhitzs said...

nice pics! cute ng pic with ronald mcdonald!

bagay kayo! hehe joke lang

kaRen_myxmatch said...

wow! super nice pix...galing ng mga details...

enjoy your trips girl... europe naman... yaman! nax! hahaha

hannah said...

you're so good with taking pictures already!!! (oh, right. you've always been pala.) gosh you're really good! and you're slowly getting close to seeing the world already! you go bianca! don't stop dreaming, you! muah!

bancroft (",) said...

hey bianca, how you doing? i remembered you when i saw this post in multiply for fairy guitar chucks :)


Take care!

Anonymous said...

hi bianca!

ang ganda ng pictures! love the layout too! paano ba 'to gawin sa blogger? please help!


mary elaine said...

Hi Bianca, really good photos! I'm one of the many avid fan of your blog. I like reading ur blogs, it inspires me. But now, i'm in my lowest point in my life..

I would like to ask for some advice from you, regarding relationships. Please Bianca, give me some piece of an advice how to move on...
Can I ask for your email address? or if not, please reply back in my email address its elainedefensor@yahoo.com.ph

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

kip on exploring!!!

i really idolize you...zupah

Anonymous said...

wow!!! nice naman.., keep on posting!!!

irish said...

Hey ate bianca, nice photos :) parang gusto ko rin pumunta dyan =p

nagbbrowse ako ng mga pics from your archives, nabasa ko sa July 2004 (i think) na entry mo na from san pablo laguna pala ang mom mo =) i'm from san pablo laguna rin kasi :) hehe

karlabebi said...


and i agree, bangkok is indeed a shopper's paradise. lahat ng money na na-spend ko for our two Bangkok trips were super worth it. i'd do anything to go back there again! :)

and it's also the place where i met and fell in love with elephants ♥ whee. hehe.

Anonymous said...



Rhizkey said...

you and ronald mcdonald looks good together!!! keep posting!! :)

Marco said...

overwhelming ang pics grabeh! galing! be back for more!! hehe

therese said...

wooow! ur photos are really great! ;)
idol mo talaga kuya mo.. u have similar photo (the one with ronald)..

Anonymous said...

haluw bianca!!!
so saan ang next trip mo or nyo??? australia? japan? or europe?

Anonymous said...

hai naku..i hate you BIANCA!!
nakita ng kuya ko website mo..at inaway nya ako!
sabi daw niya kung pareho lang daw sana ako sayo magmahal sa kuya!!
siya na raw siguro ang happiest kuya!!
eh..sobra namn kasi siya eh!
koteng bagay..aawayin ako!
tama ba yun??
tatlo dn kasi kami..ako ang bunso..si kuya lance ang ate jyka!
eh close kami ng ate ko eh..tapos si kuya..feeling close lang!!

Anonymous said...

great photos!! yung mga concept ng photography kitang kita..eheh.. the way you captured every picture has their own unique composition ;0

enjoy life ate bianx so travel to the max lng..ehhe

gilz ;)

eNocH said...

nice photos! kainggit naman! mapag-ipunan nga ang bangkok! :p

KrisAblan said...

They have a nice cultural show there called "Siam Niramit." Very entertaining with lots of cool special effects. I hope you guys were able to catch it during your visit.

cool_as_ice said...

the only thing i can say is....kakainggit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

next time sama mo naman kame...

Anonymous said...

hello miss bianca! been blog-hopping. i happen to see your blog from Mika. I have been reading her blog now and then. U can check her out at:

keep safe!

eeennnaaa said...

love the hot pink cab and the big ass calculator. hahaha! imagine bringing that to school. =)

the mcdo shot... just like your big bro's. sweeeet! =)

jekert said...

wow! kakainggit naman. sarap mag.travel!

karen said...

very nice photos.
kainggit naman.

irish_joy said...

wow! that adventure in bangkok was so cool! tama nga si ice.. i hope next time you could bring us na.. hehe. and the pics are great! pro na pro talaga ang dating mo... =)
take care always and keep the faith..

Anonymous said...


just wanna ask if u kissed ronald..u know why??!! baka sya na ung prince charming moh..wahaha buti pa c toni noh..sya lng ang may bf bwahahaha..

ate just want u 2 know that u inspire a lot of people..esp. d youth so keep up d good work...and esp..ME..

btw the 3 of u are doing good in entertainment live..i really like d three of u cuz u share a lot of things to us kahit dapat super private na yon..it makes us really happy..u know what?? i am really inspired by the 3 of u..ate u inspire me to study hard as what i know u had been doing in ur school days, ate mariel inspires me to be happy always and stay beautiful always(as if beautiful ako)and ate toni inspires me nmn not to have a boyfriend until i reach 23 and she also inspires me to be more closer to God and be good always to others..send my regards to them please and u should all stay beautiful or as what katropang ma says keep on shining!!

i really love the three of u..hope 2 meet u soon..kung maging artista na ako cguro...bwahahaha..just check out czar_esp0730@yahoo.com xa fwendster if u have tym kung pweds maging artista....wahahaha..

oh last..just want to ask if what age is required to join pbb teens..am just 13...huhuhu..

tke care olweiz...and don't forget to pray everyday even how busy u are..owkeee??!!

Laurene said...

bangkok is a wonderful place. :) ang bilis nga lang ng patakbo ng mga taxi nila. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi BiaNca!

in no time, u will see the world na... I'm happy for u really, will always pray for ur success...

nways, just read phil entertainment portal's write up bout Y_speak:

"Y Speak" celebrates its fourth anniversary on Studio 23 this September
by:Jocelyn Dimaculangan
Saturday, September 1, 2007
05:25 PM

Studio 23 marks the fourth year anniversary of Y Speak with a month-long celebration that celebrates the youth and the relevant issues facing them today.

Know what and how the young Pinoy thinks by joining Bianca Gonzalez and the rest of the Y Speak Squad on Studio 23. On Y Speak, no issue is taboo when the youth comes together every Saturday to take stand on issues that can affect their future.

Now on its fourth year, Studio 23's flagship show Y Speak celebrates the memorable journey all September with lineup of activities right up young people's alley: the First Y Speak National Pop Quiz, Y Live Concert and special topics that also concern the youth.

On its first week…

...With endorsements from the Department of Education and National Youth Commission, recognition from Anak TV and the 2006 Catholic Mass Media Award as the best TV Talk Show, Y Speak has definitely solidified its position as front liner in advancing the interests of the youth.

NEW EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. This year also sees additional responsibilities for Bianca Gonzalez, who has been a part of the show since it started four years ago.

Y Speak was originally broadcast on ABS-CBN hosted by Ryan Agoncillo and Karen Davila with Bianca as the segment host. The debate show later moved to Studio 23 in summer of 2003.

"Bianca is now one of the executive producers of the show. Mataas ang involvement ni Bianca sa content," explains Leo Katigbak, managing director of Studio 23. "The different themes that the youth are interested in, lalabas sa Y Speak. Open ang format niya—pwede siyang debate or pwede siyang documentary—or whatever else Bianca and the team will recommend."

Y Speak has established itself as...

...The perky young host, who can also be seen in the Saturday showbiz show Entertainment Live, narrates how she became an executive producer for Y Speak.

"When we still had Fr. [Tito] Caluag and Ryan Agoncillo, we really sit in the meetings and brainstorm for the topics. Naging close friends ko na rin yung mga producers and the writers so that's why I would sit in the meetings and pitch topics," she recalls.

Leo also points out the dedication that Bianca showed for this job. "In the case of Bianca, dumadating siya sa lahat ng brainstorming sessions and sa lahat ng meetings, so ang feeling namin she is really giving more than what a TV host should be giving. It was proper and fair that she be accorded a producer credit."

The managing director gives his assessment on the role of Y Speak in the lives of the Filipino youth. "Y Speak is the voice of the youth through Studio 23. It's one venue for young people to articulate what they want or what they need. We're giving them a forum."

Join Bianca Gonzalez and the rest of the Y Speak Squad Mo Twister, Bam Aquino, Patricia Evangelista, JC Cuadrado, Ricci Chan, and Betinna Carlos render voice to the youth every Saturdays, 8:30 p.m., after the encore run of Lost on Studio 23.

naks naman, happy kami sa lahat ng nararating mo SuperGirl, and proud kami saU, sobra! Galing tlga!

GoGoGo! God Bless Always!

cRaZy JouRnaL of zEtH c",) said...

Hi Bianca!... I always admire you for being smart... nice blog!

-ChL said...

Henry's a cutie..hihihi

Lizle said...

Hey Bianca this will be my first time namagleave ng comment. I had my practicum last summer sa Arizona. Tapos marami din Thais na andun for the same reason. Tama ba ko na ang Thais ay same din natin. hehe! lage pa nga ako napagkakamalan ng mga Thais na Thai daw ako. haha!:) hopefully this October matuloy kami. we're gonna visit our Thai friends sa Bangkok. yay!:)

anyway, ang ganda ng blog mo. crush ka ng bf ko. haha!:) siya pa nga nagsabi sakin ng blog mo e. hehe!:)

*kris said...

I'm sooo late in replying, but I love your photos! Jet setter ka na! I love it (:

See you soon superstar!

Holden Caulfield said...

hi bianx.. thats "khOp khun ka" :).. im no thai genius myself but i know that phrase for sure.. hehe.. keep up the nice blog! go ateneo

zwirl said...

nice pix bianca!:) you really have a hand in capturing moments!:) soo envy you rin 'coz you got to travel to my dream place! ehehe, but i'm happy for you!:) more places to travel, i hope:) ingat lagi!:)

md said...

hi bianca, wow! you were here in Bangkok!! kung alam ko lang tour around kita sa iba pang places (kala mo magkakilala tayo hehe)... hindi ko lang ma-imagine ang sarili ko if i saw you!! baka super tulala.. haha :D nice pictures.. thai na thai si ronald 'no? naka *wai* talaga..

md said...

hi bianca, i read that you would love to tour around different places? include kerala, and bangalore, india. beautiful places to go to. been there and people were just so loveable. i cannot suggest the other parts of india for i have been to the 3 states of the south only.

if you love fashionable and beautiful accessories the nice place to go shopping is bangalore. woohoooo... that's a shopping paradise to go to.

Anonymous said...

wow bangkok! i love that place. super init lang pero sarap mag-shopping and love the food too! wuhoooo! :)

whats up biancs? -ish

natalie said...

Kewl pics! That's why I want a new raw camera and take pictures of places and people. It's way better than digital cam but it's still OK.

It's great to travel.. WOW!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hi miss bianca! :)

nice photos. btw, i'll be going here probably at the end of next month. also in singapore.

just hope matuloy. :)

sana mapuntahan ko din yung mga places na napuntahan mo.

any suggestions pls? or recommends?

noldzki said...

hey miss bianca... GOOD LUCK on your career and continue sharing your blessings via unicef... you're really helping a lot of less fortunates... godspeed!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! where did you stay in bangkok? my friends and i are planning to go there during the summer and we're on a lookout for a good enough hotel without creating a hole in our wallets since we're spending more time out of the hotel anyway and touring thailand :)

thanks and to more of your very nice blog entries :)