04 September 2007

happy fourth anniversary to superbianca.blogspot.com!!

and as promised, to celebrate my blog's anniversary, i have answered a few of your questions. thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who posted a comment or question or reaction on my blog!! ang saya, saya magbasa! thaaank yooou!! and i hope tayong lahat, we have many more years of blogging to come. :)

jaker asked..
random question lang what made you decide to study in ateneo for college? hehe.. no more lasallian spirit? hehe la lang.

anonymous asked..
what was it like to graduate from la salle for high school and from ateneo for college?

nicole asked...
since you went to my school (la salle zobel) where should you think i go for college? la salle or ateneo? i'm currently in my junior year in dlszobel :) i'm aware that you went to ateneo, why?

ang saya saya ko at napaka-blessed ko na makapagtapos sa mga schools na yun. if i were to do it all over again, i would still choose the same schools to go to!

la salle zobel.. prep to high school ako sa zobel. sobrang saya kasi kahit hindi number one ang school namin sa academics (compared to to other high schools i mean), priority naman ng zobel na maging well-rounded ang students. culture sa school namin na di lang galingan sa grades, pero pati sa iba’t-ibang extra curricular activities. cheerleading and basketball games were a big part of my life kasi yun ang celebration naming ng school spirit, joining student council and yearbook committees was great, forums kasama ang ibang schools, big, big part din ang inter-class or inter-batch play and filmmaking competitions, pati spiritual activities like search-in. ang saya saya ng high school graaabe!!

ateneo.. years before college, alam ko na na gusto kong mag-aral sa ateneo. dun kasi nag-aral daddy ko, kuya ko, at ate ko, so pakiramdam ko, ako din, meant to be dun. napaka-conducive to learning ng ateneo. ang ganda ng campus, ang competitive ng students, challenging ang professors, plus ang ganda ng diversity ng community. if you are more into the humanities, ateneo is the place for you.

pero eto lang ang added note. senior year na ako sa college nang umupo ako sa ateneo side kapag ateneo-lasalle uaap game! hahaha! sobra kasi ang attachment ko sa “la salle school spirit” na up until junior ako in college, sa la salle side pa rin ako umuupo at kumakanta nga alma mater! by the time senior na ako, tapos naging classmate at nakilala ko na sina larry, magnum, at la, na-realize ko na ang ateneo school spirit ko, at umupo na ako sa ateneo side. hehehe!

desiree asked...
bianca, what's the state of your heart?

105 over 62! woohoo! i’m one healthy gal.


but really? seriously? its fine! very much fine and blessed, and in love with the LoRd and in love with life. thank you for asking.

anonymous asked..
at this point of your life, alam mo na ba talaga yung gusto mo gawin sa life mo? yung certain ka na talaga sa mga gusto mo, like 10 years from now.

i can’t say i know for sure kung ano talaga ang path ko in life, but i do know that i want to help others who need it, and that i want to make a difference. (whatever that may mean.)

and i’ve said this and written this, that my ultimate dream is to be a great wife and mother. (yun, sure ako. :p)

avril asked..
what keeps you going, especially during those challenging moments in your life?

first of all, challenging moments in life are exactly that. challenging. as in. hindi siya madali at all. ang hirap!! and what keeps me going is still life itself. na kahit ang daming nakakasakit na pangyayari, you still have to know that life will give you so much more! both good and bad, but still, a lot more! faith will keep you going, hope and positivity will keep you going. and of course, love will keep you going.

atomicgirl asked..
what's the best post you've ever had so far sa blog mo?

mahirap pumili ng favorite post! ang daming sobrang memorable na posts, ang daming breakthrough moments ng buhay ko, madaming major life sharings. hehe.

most meaningful post na lang, yun ang masasagot ko. that was my first post for this year, my first post after being on blog leave for one year. i think i was even crying while writing that. major yun.

liz asked..
if you will be given a chance to create a philo name (like maybe biancaness haha!), what would it be at ano yung magiging details ng philosophy mo in general? thanks! :)

wow! pressure naman yun! haha! mag-aaral muna ako bago ako makabuo ng sarili kong “philosophy”. hehehe. but.. isa sa mga dream ko ay ang maging professor ng philosophy, and dream ko na magturo ng subject na “philosophy of love” or something like the “philosophy of realism and idealism”. hmm.. dream lang naman. :p

anonymous asked..
ang question ko ay, saan ka nagpagupit?

anonymous asked..
how do you take care of your hair??

alex carbonell of propaganda is the only one allowed to cut my hair!! hehe. and, pantene total care conditioner really does wonders!

orange asked..
i've been wanting to know ever since yung model ng cellphone mo. wala lang. mababaw pero that's what's bothering me :D hehe.

ngayon? a pathetic, super sira, at bugbog na 6230! pero plano ko to get myself a 6300 soon. :)

majee asked..
any advice on study habits? you've mention before na super nerd ka talaga..

yes! yes! definitely! certified nerd talaga ako! hahaha. ask anyone na kasama ko sa school.

my best tip would be.. to listen in class and to take down notes! pag nakinig ka in class na talagang todo kinig, tapos sinulat mo pa, kahit papaano, parang twice mo nang inaral. by the time you have an exam, because you listened, madali na yun para sa iyo!

another useful tip in studying is memorizing using mnemonics. for example.. the planets in our galaxy! mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, neptune, well nung grade school ako, may pluto pa. haha! ang naturo sa aming mnemonics? all the first letters of “my very educated mother, just serve us nine pizzas”. hahaha! i know it sounds so funny but it is still how i remember the order of the planets. :p

another tip would be to study the things that you find more difficult, first. para mas hindi ka pa pagod pag inaaral mo yun, para may patience ka pa, at para fresh pa ang mind mo. hehe! at kapag kinapos ka na ng oras, at least, it’s the easy items left and you can breeze through that.

also! it is very important to figure out when its best for you to study. afternoon, late at night, or early in the morning? (sobrang morning person ako and so i often woke up extra, extra early to study. i found my brain was like a sponge!)

lastly, i do highly, highly, highly recommend taking up a part time job while in college. ang dami nitong ituturo sa iyo including being independent, responsible, patient, lahat.. and if you do start working while studying, just a tip, never, never “stop for a sem” or go on “loa”. ay naku! as much as you can, if you’re working, kahit two or three subjects lang, super underload. basta finish school. :) you will make your parents so proud. and yourself as well! you’ll think, “grabe, nakayanan ko yun!”

go, go, go! school is cool!

palito asked..
what's the most important thing to you right now?

finding out what it is that the LoRd really wants me to do with my life!! :) yun ang top priority in my life right now.

gale asked..
do you ever keep travel logs (a diary or some sort) when you visit places? do you keep tickets, magnets, soaps from the places you stayed or anything from your trips and put it in one corner of your room

dream ko na makapag-frame ng malaking old world map sa room ko, at markahan lahat ng lugar na napuntahan ko, at lahat ng lugar na gusto kong mapuntahan.. one day, magawa ko sana yan. hehe.

but so far, what i do collect are my boarding passes and coins of the local currency from the trips i’ve been on!

maxine asked..
who is big brother in PBB? =D

naku! secret..

a curious mind asked..
oprah's favorite question: At 24, what do you know for sure?

that there is sooo much more to know. (so very “atenean” ng sagot, pero totoo!)

anonymous asked..
what's your perfume?

my nose is really sensitive sa mga pabango.. for everyday, i only like using johnson’s baby cologne, as in yung blue, yung regular. ang bangooo! hehe. tapos pag may mas importanteng pupuntahan, i love baby bulgari. :)

lilith asked..
are you happy/contented with your life right now? (coz sometimes i'm worried whether you're feeling down or not)

before answering that, gusto ko lang mag-thank you. aaw. ang sweet mo naman to be “worried” for me! thank you. and “feeling down” is not something to fear. some of our greatest life lessons are learned at the times we feel down!

yes, i am very much happy and contented with my life right now because GoD is so good and i am so blessed.

beekeetot asked..
what is your shopping philosophy?

if you like it, if you feel the price is right, then go for it.

have your fair share of expensive items and el cheapo buys.

classic pieces like dark jeans or polos are worth spending a lot on.

di ako mahilig mag-fit ng damit, i find it a hassle. (but this is not a good shopping philosophy!)

ask yourself, ‘do i really need this?”

pel asked..
my question. when will you visit me and jc? =)

pel!! naku!! sana, soon!! sanaaa!!

mejas asked..
what should we do for the world to be a better place?

a girl named kate sent me a personal message with a quote she heard on the tv show “boy and kris”..

“everytime you do good, the world changes.”

poinks asked.
uhm la lang, just wanna ask if have you ever thought of parang forgiving yourself for loving a person too much?

beautiful question poinks..

the best way i think i can answer this is one line of angelica panganiban in the movie “a love story”, directed by the great maryo j. de los reyes, and written by vanessa valdez..

“alam mo bang hindi ko pinagsisisihan na pinaglaban ko ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo? kasi nalaman ko kung gaano kita kamahal..”

at least, para sa akin, agree ako sa linya na yun. you will only regret if you held back your love.. pero kung binigay mo lahat, sa tamang tao, at unselfish love yun, there should be no reason to feel bad about it. GoD-given love yun. :)

rainbow asked..
anong brand ng shades mo with white frames na gamit mo sa singapore?

oranges asked..
where do you buy your sunglasses?

ray ban ang shades na yun! gift sa akin ng good friend ko na si toni during a trip we had recently. terno kasi kaming magkakaibigan nung shades na yun, iba-ibang kulay lang. :p

eLi asked..
where do you usually hang out? :D

alabang town center is, for me, the best as in best place to hang out! favorite mall ko din ang powerplant sa rockwell. if not, friend’s houses lang talaga lagi.

anonymous asked..
i just have thoughts about guys moving on so quickly after getting out of a relationship. i feel disrespected when my ex did. i'm happy for him but why so quickly? just wondering.

hmm.. i really don’t know how to answer this question.. but i’ll try.

hilary duff was quoted in seventeen magazine about how she felt when her ex-boyfriend joel madden got together with nicole richie. she said, “i felt disrespected that he moved on so quickly.”

greg behrendt co-wrote a book with his wife, that they called, “its called a break up cause its broken”.

aside from that sharing, hindi ko din talaga alam ang sagot. maybe only those guys who have experienced that situation can explain how and why it happens. :p

tin asked..
what's the best color (dress) for tan girls like us..??

it depends!

if you wanna look crisp and clean, all white is great on tan skin. if you wanna look classic, black and white never fails. on the beach, bold, bright colors are the best! actually, hindi ko alam! hehe. kung ano ang mood ko that day, plays a big part in what color i end up wearing.

anonymous asked..
what's your secret in saving money? (how kuripot are you? kasi i just started working and i really want to save)

anonymous said...
my question is do u manage your finances??? i read in your other blog that ur smart with money...how do u do that??

to do just that! save money! hehe.

i’m not shy about saying i’m really the “kuripot” type. hindi talaga ako gastador in general. kapag kailangan lang, at sa mga tamang bagay lang. my family brought me up that way.

i make it a point to put my money in the bank, sa iba-ibang klase ng account (savings, checking, or time deposit) para may iba-iba ka din klaseng investments.

guia_franco asked..
like you, i'm also a comm major in ateneo. :) how was your college life like? what orgs did you join? where did you usually hang out in school? aside from dr. garcia, who are your other favorite professors?

my college life was very ordinary i think.. carpool to and from school, tambay sa bench during breaks, panic before orals, pila to death para magpa-photocopy ng readings, and pretty much a nerd and dork. :p

di ako masyado sumali ng orgs sa college unlike when i was in high school! but i did do a bit for ajma and acomm.

hang out! nung freshman ako, i was a proud member of the snake pit! my sister sat there kasi. hehe. pero starting sophomore year, nung tinanggal na ang benches sa edsawalk, dun na ako sa bench right outside the caf. di na ako sure anong pangalan ng bench nun. :)

other favorite professors? definitely sir eddieboy calasanz for philosophy of religion! pamatay sa hirap pero worth it! also, fr. adolfo dacanay for theology of marriage and family life. isa pang pamatay pero worth it! fr. nemesio que for philosophy of ethics, dr. queena lee-chua for mathematics, and sir jo-ed tirol for history. if you are a comm major, sir mark escaler is the best (comm theory will never be more exciting!) and so is sir sev sarmenta (kwentuhan sessions were our classes!) lastly, for physical ed, sir jobet morales is the coolest taekwondo mentor.

greenMangoes asked..
give me one irony in life that you can't live without.

love! it can make you the happiest person in the world but it can also make you the saddest person in the world. it is your greatest strength but also your greatest weakness. it is what makes your world go round but it is also what stops your world in its tracks. it is the greatest, most beautiful irony of life i believe.

summer asked..
you seem to be a very simple & level headed person...what is your trait that you don't like or wish to improve?

sometimes, i have a quick temper.. especially when driving. :s

aerol84 asked..
you have been involved in many advocacies. do u see yourself getting involved in politics someday?

tracy. asked..
oh, and have you actually considered running for office? i mean, considering the fact that you have all those advocacies and such..

mhay dela cruz asked..
do you think you have a call for politics?

honestly, i’ve never thought about it until i saw these questions. lagi kong tinitingnan sarili ko as someone na more than willing and more than happy na tumulong sa kung sinumang pulitiko ang may advocacy na pinaniniwalaan ko din.. hmm.. parang hindi ako bagay! hehe. magiging supporter na lang ata ako.. di na yung pulitiko mismo. hehe. we will see!

anonymous asked..
what scripture from the bible do you just turn to, esp in those really, really hard moments in life?

philippians 4:13!! “i can do everything through Him who gives me strength!”

kaRen_myxmatch asked..
what was your thesis in college? :)

a study for a youth-oriented television show that we called “pinoy pop”. my thesis partners were bobby bonifacio and dave corpin. sobrang pinaghirapan namin yun, and thankfully, we got an A. yaaay!!

seallet asked..
why did God allow me(you) to experience a super bad event to happen in my(your) life together with the trauma that comes with it?

for this, let me share with you an recent interview of w magazine with ellen de generes. (by the way, i looove ellen. aside from being such an entertaining personality to watch, sobrang inspiring din niya.)

this was ellen’s answer when she was asked about her childhood dreams..

“i wanted to be famous. i thought if i could find a way to be famous, people would love me. and then you get all that stuff—and i worked really hard to earn all that—and it sounds crazy, but i got the biggest, most wonderful blessing i could get, which was i lost my show, and I lost my entire career, and i lost everything for three years.”

then they asked why she thinks it was a blessing..

“because i got to learn that i was strong enough to start over again. i got to learn how to sit back and watch other people and learn what judgment was and have compassion. and learn that not only was i strong enough to make it in the first place, but i was strong enough to come back and make it again. how lucky am i to have learned that? that took a lot. that's why i look at it as a blessing.”

ang ganda at galing ng sagot niya.

anonymous asked..
my question is... is your surname spelled "gonzalez" or "gonzales"? :)

naku, thank you for asking!! madalas wrong spelling ang pangalan ko. it is gonzalez. thank you! hehe.

eDen asked..
when do you think is the right time to give love another chance?..

“right” time? “another” chance? hmm.. kapag binigay na ni LoRd ang taong tinakda niya para sa iyo, who are we to say “no”, right?! :p

anonymous asked..
three important qualities you think should a TRUE AND LOYAL FRIEND should possess.

respect is the most important. then.. i would say there is understanding, and honesty.

pia adela asked..
i dont know how or if am asking it in a right way....but i want to know your opinion about long distance relationship????

bilib na bilib ako sa mga taong successful sa long distance relationship! case in point, my best friend pepel and his girl pat. they’ve been together for around 8 years, and around half that time was spent apart. ang galing!! they’re meant for each other.

beetledom said...
who is your favorite beatle and why na rin?

i like them as a group!! but i find that paul was the most charming and si john naman ang genius!

anonymous said...
can you give tips on how to get over an ex-boyfriend?! My boyfriend of 2 years and 6 months broke up with me to become a priest. wala man lang akong makitang hint of sadness or pag-aalinlangan from him! I do not know what to do, mababaliw na ko!!!

aaw.. first of all, i am so sorry to hear that.. one thing i know for a fact? advice given sa mga heartbroken is very true, but much, much easier said than done.

actually, what happened to you happened to someone very close to me. and her answer? “i just think to myself that he couldn’t have left me for anyone better.”

agnes asked..
u said u are a 'morning person.' what time do u rise in the morning?

i usually wake up two to three hours before i have to leave the house! kadalasan, 10AM ako umaalis ng bahay to go to work, so by 7AM, i am up! i like drinking my morning coffee while watching tv and going online, exercising, then lounging around again before i actually get ready. :)

nineafter909 asked..
do you believe in 'destiny' and why? do you think you are destined to be with "that someone" you truly love?

i actually do believe in “the one”, very much! pero.. check back with me in 10 or 20 years.. i will let you know kung totoo ang destiny. :p


tim said...

congratulaions sa yo at sa superbinaca!

marge said...

ang sarap naman pong basahin!

Chinchay said...

hi superbianca :)
nothing mch though.
jus want to say i super like you kc kht sikat ka and everything, down to earth pa rin, humble etc. aun. hehe
carpe diem :P

vin said...

hey ms.bianca! sad to say i could still grab your photos even if right-click was blocked, coz if i left my mouse pointed at the pix an icon appears on the top left side of the picture... i dont how to fix this but just trying to let you know... im not going to steal your pix though... hehehe! btw what batch are you in dlsz? i graduated from bene batch00...

daniel-Jr said...

congratulations sa 4 years! more years to come! sana forever n atayo lahat sa blogging. ang saya talaga! pwedeng may pahabol na question? What advice can you give to us bloggers para tumagal din ang blog namin like yours? Congratulations uli bianca! --daniel

gzdp said...

pede pa another question?

about beauty! haha!

uhmm.. u use sally hansen's leg spray,right? gumagamit din kc ako nun. ung Tan Glow. May I ask wat do u put on your legs after? Kc anlagkit dba? tsaka prang andaling matanggal? Sally Hansen lng ba ang ginagamit mong brand? Natry mo na b ung bgong brand ngaun(forgot the name) pero cosmo awardee un e... sana u can get to answer my question asap. thank u!;)

sheena said...

congratz bianca! wow! 4 years of blogging! i started blogging because of you. i remember, sa game channel mo pa pri-nomote ang blog mo ^__^ you had the yellow and red blogskin pa. your tag pa was "a 12 year old trapped in a 21 year old's body" something like that. hehe! i changed blogs, kaya bilib ako sayo kasi you maintained yours for 4 years. good job bianca g!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the answers bianca. isa ka sa pinaka-totoong tao sa showbiz. :-) God bless!

Anonymous said...

congratulations superbianca keep on posting,many people esp. the youth look up 2 u!

beth said...

congratulations & thank u for being an inspiration, maraming kabataan ang humahanga sayo. good luck sa career mo sana magkaroon ka pa ng show sa abs aside from EL. GOD BLESS

Anonymous said...

oh wow you are back online na pala.. :) - kaihuang

icy said...

Congratulations to Superbianca!!!
You are such an inspiration!!
Hope to see you more!

chich.chard said...

wow .. 4 years huh?
it's nice to have a blog for that long (and actually stay with it, HAHA). i tend to look at my blog at xanga every once in a while that i've had since i was 13 (now i'm 17). it's always nice to look back and see how much you've changed in 4 short years. it's crazy, no? my blog always tends to make me laugh, then cry, then laugh again. i guess that's how it's supposed to be, hahahaaha!

congratulations to you and your blog, and may it live a long, healthy life on the not-so-tactile void that humans call the "internet." :D

Anonymous said...

God!super ikli ng mga sagot but simply amazing!you really have a gift of everything!!!

Anonymous said...

' waw. congrats. :) hehe. i was thinkin' if i could still ask you a question.. hahaha. even if its super late already. :))

uhm, its like this.. i have a friend and i introduced him to my bestfriend. i knew that i had this 'feeling' for him was when he told me that he will court my bestfriend. it was really a shoker for me that time. but then, its too late kasi he's gonna court her na nga. but then, i gathered all my courage to tell him how i feel. so ayun na nga. its like nothing to him kasi nga we're good friends. i also told my bestfriend. pero she's like the type of girl that gets everything that she likes so parang no hope. plus, she likes him. hay. then i've decided to wait na lang as in forever. aww. ayun. can you give me some advices except for making me realize na ang tanga ko. kasi everyone else is saying that already. hehehe.

ayun. you can email me my dear, kwengklengk@yahoo.com :)

and please visit my blog na din. hehehe.

aww. super duper thanks bianca. :)


clinE said...

wow! sayang ndi pla ako nkapag ask ng question sau.. sayang nmn i totally miss it!

but sobrang congratulations sau! grabeh! 2005 n ako nakapagcmulang magbasa ng mga blog entries mo eh..
hapi 4 wonderful years of blogging!

mwaaah! :o

syve said...

hi bianca! just drop by to let you know that i appreciate you. =)

take care and more power!

Anonymous said...

Hi BiaNca,


Kayang kaya mo ang lahat...

Maraming ngmamahal sa iyo, maraming ngprpray for you...

God Bless SuperGirl...

Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! super idol na kita:-).you're very beautiful inside and out.go, go, go superbianca!

freyti said...

wuhoo!just finished reading your blog..it took me 30 mins to read it..haha..but worth it!another lesson to learn from you..thanks for insipiring me,us,everyone..hehe
sobra pa toh sa mga magazine na nababasa ko ah..haba!hihi

zet said...

wow! reading this post entertained me. nawala antok ko haha :) sadly, you didnt answer my question. but ok lang! :) lovlotz!

Anonymous said...

You're the best binaca! Keep up the good work! =) God Bless you always!

Anonymous said...

congratulation bianx.. your ideas rock my world.. luv it!! more power and blessings to come..


ana said...

happy 4th anniversary to ur blog!

since you announced what you will be posting first for this month, i've been really excited, to see your answers to questions, mine and from everybody else (thanks for Phil. 4:13!). I'd also like to share that some of my other favorite verses are from 2 Cor 12:9, Colossians 3:23

God bless you more!

abBhy said...

ate bianca, congrats...question lang po, kasi ung tan0ng k0 po kasi say0 before eh, kung my relatives ka p0 from San Pablo Laguna, harhar....:)

c0ngrats p0 sa y0 and God bless...

thank you for inspiring me at hindi lang po ak0 ha? lahat ng nagbabasa ng BLOG mo...mwaaHh

much love,

Anonymous said...

ako may pahabol question! i just want to know your height.. hehe. :)

mejas said...

Thank you po.. God bless. Happy Anniversary...

Anonymous said...

I-quoteko lang ito ate bianca:

poinks asked.
uhm la lang, just wanna ask if have you ever thought of parang forgiving yourself for loving a person too much?

beautiful question poinks..

the best way i think i can answer this is one line of angelica panganiban in the movie “a love story”, directed by the great maryo j. de los reyes, and written by vanessa valdez..

“alam mo bang hindi ko pinagsisisihan na pinaglaban ko ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo? kasi nalaman ko kung gaano kita kamahal..”

at least, para sa akin, agree ako sa linya na yun. you will only regret if you held back your love.. pero kung binigay mo lahat, sa tamang tao, at unselfish love yun, there should be no reason to feel bad about it. GoD-given love yun. :)

tanong ko ate, pano kung mahal ko ang isang tao pero hindi pwede, kasi hindi niya ata alam, napakamanhid niya.. eh di ko naman siya mamahalin kung hindi siya nauna magparamdam sa akin. nagparamdam siya, ako di ko alam na ganun na yun. nun anjan na ako, siya naman nawala.. ayaw ko ipaglaban kasi question mark siya eh. pinipigil ko lahat ng feelings ko, suppressed na suppressed na siya, when all i want to do is walk up to him and say that i love him. ang labo niya kasing person eh.

kristine said...

hi Bianca -

sadness, hindi ako nakasubmit ng question before this post. anyway, happy anniversary to your bloG! :)

ur one of my favorites, i love the fact that you are doing what you love best- hosting and travelling!
i wish i could also do the same.

i actually saw you in person twice na :)
once,when you sat as an observer sa finals namin sa hosting class in sir boy :). (it would be awkward to call you a judge) :) hehe

i sucked sa finals, i was really kabado, but i never regret the whole experience! i learned a lot and gained really good friends.

i think you gave me an 82-85 grade haha!
il review my evaluation paper :)

pde magpahabol ng question? :)

"how do you manage your fears?" :)

the reason why i asked is because , ive been scared for the most part of my life and it really stopped me from doing some things that i wanna do.
but just recently , i bungy jumped in the world's highest skytower. i did that to prove to myself that
i can do sumthin dangerous and exciting-amidst my fear. ;)

now i wish that every life experience is like my bungy experience. even through my fears, i can just jump and do it.

i hope you can react to my lengthy comment :)

a fan,

(website : prettykristine.multiply.com)

ignore my nakakahiyang URL, hehe
it would be great if you can sign my guest book :)

more power to you! ang galing mo maghost :)

iya said...

additional question bianca.. (^_^)

"i usually wake up two to three hours before i have to leave the house! kadalasan, 10AM ako umaalis ng bahay to go to work, so by 7AM, i am up! i like drinking my morning coffee while watching tv and going online, exercising, then lounging around again before i actually get ready. :)"

so how long do u really prepare - dressing up and all? nag-wonder lang ako where was the dressing up part there :)

it inspired me to ask na rin after reading all the q's :)

iya said...

add again :)

can u share your beauty rituals? you're simple yet beautiful! true ;)

Anonymous said...

ate bianca, you're the best! keep on being one of our greatest and youngest inspiration :)

Sam said...

from bianca:

"my nose is really sensitive sa mga pabango.. for everyday, i only like using johnson’s baby cologne, as in yung blue, yung regular. ang bangooo!"

and that's why you're one of the few people in showbiz that people could look up to! sana ma-meet kita in person in the future. hehe.

therese abellon said...

hi bianca!
thanks for answering my question.. :D
happy anniv sa blog mo..
more power and keep blogging! ;)

thea said...

wow. i really waited for this. thanks po. i enjoyed reading the questions as well as your answers to them. galing. (^^)

say cheese said...

you got good stuff here! wish i could have the same perspective. kudos!

Bianca_Addict said...

nakakainggit ka! ang galing! kahapaon, september 4, my blog turned one month old. ikaw talga ang inspiration ko kaya ako nagblog. i am a huge supporter of this blog. nung una kong malaman to, nagustuhan ko agad. at naging avid supporter na ako.

congratulations to you, superbianca. and i just want to let you know that you are truly a good role model for the youth. you really inspire me. i really look up to you.

(added information-i really spent a lot of load noong big night ng PBB celebrity edition. i am sorry na kulang pa rin)

pero ok lang yun. i am so happy na masaya ka ngayon. dati, after PBB, i thought you'd quit ShowBiz. pero buti nalang hindi dahil inaabangan ko talaga lahat ng appearances mo. mula pa nung Y-Speak days(with Karen Davilla and Ryan Agoncillo--11 na ata ng gabi un at kahit may pasok kinabukasan ok lang), Stardance, at ung mga sumunod pa.

marami kang naiinspire na kabataan. ipagpatuloy mo lang yan since you are doing a very great job in moving and inspiring lives.

Sorry kung mahaba comment ko pero gusto ko lang talaga malaman mo na sobrang laki ng nagagawa mo sa buhay ng maraming tao. LALONG LALO NA SA BUHAY KO. haha

i hope makita kita in person. haha.

PS:to you and to the readers of this blog--HINDI naman ako stalker.(baka kasi yun yung maging impression nyo)

oranges said...

you answer questions so well...
additional question lang, don't you ever think of joining beauty contests? i believe that you are very pretty and very smart. you could be bb pilipinas universe, in my opinion.

:) congrats with superbianca. you really are super!! :)

Celine said...

Congrats SuperBianca!
Happy 4th Anniversary!
'hope you'll share more and more and more..
We learn a lot from you.
Thank you!

kaRen_myxmatch said...

ang haba pero worth it basahin...
thanks for answering the "thesis" question... hmmm.. sabi mo baduy ang thesis mo, hindi naman ah! hahaha... :)

jolan said...

my questions didn't make it. hehe. better luck next time.:-)

curlytops said...

and wow biancs, pareho pa tayo ng fave cologne, i super love the regular (blue) variant ng Johnson's baby cologne! :)

thanks talaga for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us, your blog readers.

thanks talaga!

Gea said...

hapi aniv po sainyo ng blog u... sna d ka mag sawa sa pag blo2g kz isa aq sa mga nag bbasa n2..hehehe God bless always.. pede po ba ask greet u nmn sa bday q sa blog q kz sa sept 7 po tatanda n aq..heheh if ever ok lnag yngt lge.. rock on

Anonymous said...

ang galing mo girl...i think ikaw ang pag asa ng entertainment industry...you can carry yourself so well and don't give a damn sa mga maninira...very principled ka..im sure very proud sayo family mo...good luck and continue to inspire filipino youth to aspire for excellence...

jong said...

hi biancs... we have two things in common.. perhaps...
you were born on March 13.. I was born on March 12... you are using 6230... I've been using 6230 for almost 3 years now...

just passing-by... please do visit my blog if you have the time...

Anonymous said...

hi bianca,

I found out about your site thru my cousin, denise,(who i think is your friend..hehe) and I like what you've been posting. your site is interesting and gives me a lot of insight..

when you said you are collecting boarding passes, i though i was the only one collecting things from places ive been. Like you, i'm collecting shot glassess.

congrats on your blog anniv..i hope you'll continue writing more ...

take care,

Anonymous said...

Yey! Thanks for answering my question about guys moving on so quickly. I never thought, i'll be flattered reading and seeing my question being answered. thank you so much! Kudos to you Bianca! God bless always!

Gelatin said...

Hi bianca! I really like your blog, the first one I read when I go online actually. Anyway, I love travelling too and your pictures really inspire to save for these travels. Take care always.

Anonymous said...

can u comment on what OPRAH says:
If a man wants u, nothing keep him away. If he doesn't, nothing can make him stay. Never let him know everything, he will use it against u later. he is a man, nothing more nothing less. You should never look for someone to complete you, a relationship consists of two individuals. Make him miss you sometimes. When a man always know where you are & know that your readily available he will take you for granted. They say it takes a minute to find a special one, an hour to appreciate, a day to love & an entire life to cherish.

KAI - big fan

bun = pau said...

very nice and real. =)

Anonymous said...

wag ka na!! huu!!! epal!

roxy said...

happy blog anniv! hehe mabuhay ang mga bloggers!

karen said...

happy anniversary to your blog! congrats!

karen said...

hi. i was not able to post questions but i was happy to read your answers to some of the questions from other bloggers. i really admire your honesty. you rock! happy 4th anniversary to superbianca. ü

KrisAblan said...

congrats to your blog!

Have you read or watched The Secret?

What are your philosophical thoughts on the Laws of Attraction?

Do you believe that thinking of your money will get you money, thinking of good health will give you good health?

-ChL said...

my questions were left unanswered...huhuhuhu do i have to wait until the 8thyr blogsary? hehe. Anyhow, i enjoyed reading your post. Thank you..

Pia Adela said...

hi bianca...thank you for answering my question...well just want to share with you, na kaya ko natanong un, kc am yan ang status namin ngayon ng special someone ko...and some people say na di daw 22o or something..some say its a waste of time...kaya am so happy to hear from someone like you...thanks again....congratulation sa blog mo!

ZaraH. said...

hi superbianca,
I'v been reading your blog for quite some time now. I actually read your almost all your article already. It is because of you why I started to do blogging but mine was a bit personal and call it my "TENSION RELIEVER" because when Im feeling down, i just write whatever I want to write. But you could check it out if you want.
>> Just one quick question...
Have you ever experienced being LOST in your life?
>> Meaning you're not sure if the thing you're doing is the right one. A good example is choosing a course in college. I'm taking computer engineering right now and about to finish it but Im sure if that is the one. There are some thoughts popping on my mind that I am not on the right direction that I have to change my major.
>> Have you ever been to that situation?
>> BTW, I'm 20 and just moved in New York last May 2006.


ioh hernandez said...

miss bianca i would love you doing a whole post about your travels.. all the places you've been to.. must sees.. tips.. the dos and the donts..

i dream of one day travelling the world too.. im fresh out of college and now trying my luck here in dubai.. i promised myself that a portion of every future paycheck i get will go directly to my own travel fund..

congrats and many thanks,

ioh hernandez

ioh hernandez said...

as pointed out by one of your concerned readers, people can still grab your photos because your image toolbar is still enabled.. you can actually disable it.. if you want to do so just check out this link


me again,

ioh hernandez

ioh hernandez said...

lastly, i miss seeing you on TFC Connect.. i actually thought you and viktor will be co-hosting the 2nd season.. well i was wrong.. hope you be back on the 3rd though..

i apologize for the 3-part comment..

still me,

ioh hernandez

happy birthday mara! said...

dear bianca! my name is alexi. i know this sounds totally random, but would it be okay if you visit my blog? im doing a surprise for my sister and shes a big fan of yours! :D it'll be a really really big help if you could! please please! thank you so much!

katrina said...

You are one of my inspirations! :)

Anonymous said...

GONZALEZ with all the z.. spanish ka nga talaga... hehehe that's the original gonzalez with all the Z... atenean din ako... Go Go Blue Eagles! hehe i loooove humanities, sobra! God Bless to you!

i said...

wow, you're blogging again! and i missed your blog's anniversary---

happy fourth! :)

lakwatsera said...

such a down-to-earth person :) Keep inspiring especially to the youngs!

kae said...

congratulations bianca! you've always been great in sharing your thoughts and ideas. thank you for generously sharing those.=) you are really an inspiration. stay happy! =)

kae said...

by the way, 6300 is nice. I got myself 2 months ago. I liked it the very first time i saw it. napakagaan dalhin. =)

jullie ann mier 12 y.o. said...

ate supergirl bianca ngayon ko lang po nalaman blog mo alam niyo po may bianca addiction po ata ako plzzz naman po pansinin niyo ako usa(uhaw sa atensyon) 500 years na po ako nagcocoment....hehehe....mzta na po lovelife ninyo

Tracy. said...

Wow. That was long. Haha. But very worth reading. :) Thank you for answering my question. :D Happy anniversary to your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

hey bianca,
thanks for answering the question i posted. and also, i idolize you for being so down to earth. keep it up because there are a lot of people who draw inspiration from you and your posts :)

Anonymous said...

hi bianca! sana ul get to read this: you inspire me. thank you.

beetledom said...

thanku..thanku..thanku for answering my Q about "who's your favorite BEATLE?" kaya lang bianx, all the while i thought 'john lennon' would be your answer coz bagay sayo na si john ang fave beatle mo kasi both of you have one thing in common...you're both GENIUS..naks!and to think that your fave chuck connor pairs is the 'jl limited edition.' (so, akala ko lang talaga, hehe).. bianx fyi, my real idol is john lennon..when i went to england (w/ my family), it was a must for me to visit liverpool..so i went and saw penny lane and strawberry fields and not to mention, the 4 beatles' birthplaces. wow! rare, diba? and when i went to new york city, for the 3rd time, i visited and paid homage to the 'dakota mansion', the site where john was killed and ofcourse, the 'imagine' grounds in nearby central park. galing ko, no? (cuz i'm really a john lennon disciple!).. hope we'll bump into each other someday, bianx...sa New York City, ha? :-}

Poinks said...

hi bianca! just wanna thank you for answering my question. it meant so much to me and i super agree with what you said that "you will only regret if you held back your love.. pero kung binigay mo lahat, sa tamang tao, at unselfish love yun, there should be no reason to feel bad about it. GoD-given love yun. :)" sobrang thanks talaga i guess i have to watch A Love Story na hehe :-) God Bless!

she said...

ang haba but worth reading. great advices and insights. :)

she said...

pwede pa ba magtanung??

san ka nagcchurch? you seem to have a deep faith with the Lord. thank you. :)

:D said...

nakaonlyn ka sa mga oras na ito ang saya

is there any chance for you to visit my blog?

if yes can you reply to this comment, and say yes. ( i will post another comment with my blogsite but don't approve it):D

Anonymous said...

biancs, in behalf of all those who posted their questions/comments, i say thank you for answering our questions. but unfortunately, there are still many questions left UNANSWERED! ahhh, maybe you're notyet done...baka may part 2 pa sa second post mo this sept.
let's just wait and see!! thanks again!

beetledom said...

i stand corrected...it's chuck taylor pairs pala, not chuck connors...hehe, dyahe!

ivy said...

hello po, miss bianca...alam mo, idol na idol kita, kasi even though sikat ka na, you are still down to earth. i wanna be a writer someday and sana ikaw ang gaganap sa story ko..hehe..joke lang. its really hard to believe, you know, to have an access to your thoughts, kaya heto, atat na atat tuloy akong makipag correspond sayo.i hope you stay as what you are.anyway, i am ivy 15.

shey said...

yehey! dami q nalaman ah.. hehe..

i love the movie my kuya's wedding (congrats, ryan).
it reminds me of my ex bf (3yrs ago) hus also my bestfrnd and her grlfrnd.. is it ok to do sweet revenge? i think men's cars are the key to girls' successful revenge. ehehe. tip yan. =)

Mac! said...

I agree, Jo-ed Tirol's the best in History!

Congratulations on your blogsary and here's to more years of blogging to come! :-)

Anonymous said...

hey bianca!! what an entry!! grabe, ang dami kong nalaman bout you!! hehe

nakakatuwa yung boutr dun sa scent. ang cute lang nung tought na yun yung pabango mo. hehe :)

tc. God bless

Anonymous said...

Bianca dear, parang talk show ang entry mo ngayon ah. So should I also ask you a question? Sige, bakit mo ko ini-snob nung nag HI ako sa'yo sa Ateneo? Answer: Di mo naman ako kilala eh. Sayang, magka-batch pa naman tayo. Yeah, I had a crush on you. :) I never took it against you my dear.

aerol84 said...

happy 4th anniversary to your blog !!!

thanks for answering my question and others as well. enjoy ako basahin yung mga sagot mo. you're very straightforward and honest !!!

anyways i've been looking your pics of your travel abroad. you're really such a lucky girl, bianca.

i hope someday i can travel also to many places around the globe. i enjoy kasi traveling to new places and learning new cultures. yan ung isa sa mga pangarap ko sa buhay.

anyways congratulations on your blog. god bless =)

GreenMangoes said...

this blog of yours has been a daily/weekly dose of positivities ever since it's started four years ago, and temporarily stopped a year ago.

it's not just a blog. it's YOUR heart , mind and soul that makes this four cornered blog a blog.

salamat sa pagsagot sa aking maliit na tanong. i'll carry that answer from the years to come! :)

GreenMangoes said...

oh and.. happy fourth year!

Mabuhay Ang superbianca.blogspot.com!!!!!

wishlistmaster said...

Share your wish now and reach out to the world. visit www.wishlistmaster.blogspot.com now.

cath said...

Ate biancs, i reALLY enjoy reading your blog,
more travel photo's and advices please!!

debbie said...

hello ilove you!!!!
biancs... anong pangalan ng alaga mong aso .................. take care

irish_joy said...

cheers to the four years of meaninggful blooging biancs! keep on writing so you can keep on inspiring us. you're really a wonderful person inside and out. that is seen in all your writings. even my queries were not yet answered, i hope i can find them replied soon. hehe.and i am also looking toward one day na ma-meet kita in person. good luck to all your endeavors.. i am praying for you. thanks ulit for being an inspiration to all of us bloggers.. :) take care biancs (esp. on ur driving). God bless and keep the faith.

sette said...

srap bsahin :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Ano po yung model ng phone ni Mariel? Ganda kasi all white, tapos lagi pa niya hawak sa uplate before=)


Anonymous said...

Hingi din sana ko ng advice, I just broke up with someone.. Our relationship lasted for 4years and 3mos. Nakipagbreak ako not because na-fall out na ko, but because I can feel na hindi niya na ko mahal.. Recently lang nalaman ko may pinopormahan na siya.. Pero tinatawagan niya parin ako minsan. Pero wala siyang binabanggit about sa girl na pinopormahan niya.. Ok lang po ba na magusap kami? or is it better kung hindi ko muna sagutin calls niya?.. Honestly its so hard to move on.. Kasi 4yrs din yun, at hindi ko ieend yun kung hindi siya nagiba.. Gusto ko na makaget over.. But how? Di ko alam pano magsimula.. Help superbianca..


jAnieL said...

i really admire you te bianca!! two thumbs up for you!!
by the way, kelan ba talga bdae mo te??

jAnieL said...

ate bianca..i really admire you!!

tin said...

Thanks for answering my question ate bianca.
That's what I call happiness.
Happy Anniversary again, on your blogging.
four is a lucky number for me.
I think that's for you also..

Catrina lou said...

congratulations!! gosh.. four yeaers of blogging..hehe.. i really like your post bout studying tips- i badly need it.*sob*.. hehe.. i look up to you so much.. god bles... *wink*

Anonymous said...

congratulations and thank you for answering my question..bout friendship..that's my wish and prayer for you bia, na you'll be blessed with friends (especially sa showbiz) who will not only LOVE you but will give you RESPECT, will UNDERSTAND you and will be totally HONEST to you. God bless you always bianca..Luv ya!

Natalie said...

Wow! Learned so much about you. ^^,

One thing that we have in common? Coffee

Have a nice day!

ria said...

hi bianca! pahabol question naman, parang blogspot uplate..hehe. ngayon ko lang naisip. eto, how do you keep yourself fit? what exercise do you do? and how do you lose weight? i noticed that when you started hosting for pbb after you joined it, sobrang payat mo! :)


F!nCh said...

what is your policy of eating food that has fallen into the ground?Lol!:)

ela said...

thank you! i've learned a lot. ^_^
grabe! sana i could be like you who looks at life in a simple yet refreshing way at the same time.

i wish i could learn to welcome challenges like you do.

Anonymous said...

what? zobel is not one of the best schools? aww.. hahaha

onlineako said...

hi bianca, bakit ang galing galing mo? share your secret sakin :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

congrats and more blessings...=) but don't forget to say thanks kay GOD and sa mga to the people around you.

-===friendster ko yan===--

nickel said...

do u have plans posing for a mens magazine..lets say.. UNO mas bagay ka dun... since mariel did MAXIM and toni at UNO... i guesss... kelangan kaw din... hehehe cge na! UNO magazine deserves biuanca gonzales.. and bianca gonzales deserves UNO. whoa!

nickel said...

hi super bianca...w8 ko po ung answer pwede sa blog ko?para mapagyabang q naman sa mgafrends q that i actually talking to you kahit sa net lang... posing for UNO..possible? hehehe

Anonymous said...

this blog is all the proof i need to say how good a person you are.. :) i was right about you. bad to judge but i knew from the beginning that you're nice.

Benedict said...

Hi Ate Bianca!

I'll ask you this question...

What's your opinion about Magical Powers and Telekinesis (Telekinetic) and what's your understanding on them?

Thanks! Hope you will answer that question!

- Benedict ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi bianca..super ganda mo tlaga..sana ma mit kita...

Anonymous said...

bianca bianca bianca.....superbianca..superganda mo tlaga!!!!!

Anonymous said...

good day ms.bianca..ü i just read your 4th yr anniv.blog..wherein you answered some questions.. i just want to express how happy i am to know that there are people like you who believe in long distance relationship.. coz you know what, im in an ldr and we're turning 2 years and 2 months on april 8..ü hndi ko maexpress ung nafeel ko.. all i can say is thank you..ü im runnin out of words to say!haha!ü Godbless and more p0wer super bianca..ü

Givenchi said...

You are a sweet lady bianca. I really think you have a good heart. God bless you!

Givenchi said...

You are a sweet lady Bianca. I've learned about your blog through a magazine. I really think you have a good heart. God bless you! =)

fHaye and mHax said...


ang galing mo talaga.. super idol kita .. and dati ntin common.. super girl k nga.. kya super d best k para skin..

can i request? penge namn ng mga pix mo....

myspace.com/projexam said...

I like your Beatles appreciation... They've written very good songs like how you've been writing a very good blog!!! Thanks for writing of course we'll keep reading...