25 May 2009

i love finding notes from the past!

i love finding old notebooks and reading thoughts from way back.
i love traveling.
i love seeing new places and learning new things.
i love people watching.
i love just staying still with my thoughts running in my head.

allow me to share with you a few entries from an old journal i just found again, with travel notes from two years ago. :)

on the plane leaving manila.

i love window seats. and i love it when i get exit row. much leg room. i lean over my side to try to nap. i hear the guy behind me on his celphone. "nasa plane na ako.. i love you.. ingat ka ha.. check ka ng email mo lagi.. i love you so much.. bye.. love you.." i shed a tear.

hong kong international airport.

i looove people watching at airports. i feel enriched by it. what nationality are they? why are they dressed that way, i wonder where they are going. what's he reading? what will she be doing when she lands there? are they on business trips or vacations? can she really walk in those heels? i wanna take a photo of them all. but i'm too shy.

sitting in front of me is this cool chinese girl (i think) with long curly hair pushed back by a red headband and her shoes are these funky pumas. she is watching something on her laptop with headphones on. i am so not the type to come up to strangers and make friends. i wish i were though.

beside me is an aussie girl (i think) wearing one of my dream chuck taylors - the timothy liles - designed with doodles like those in your high school notebook. i can stare at this departure board for hours.. london, phnom penh, los angeles, tokyo, munich.. ahhh.. wow.

i love traveling alone. i love the liberty and responsibility of having to figure out everything on your own. you become so much more sensitive to the things around you. your attention, instead of being on a companion, is on everything around you. the beautiful, funny, or annoying things around you. i hear nice blues music playing. very cool. is it the radio? i don't think so. where is it coming from? i look around.. ahh.. two boys playing the guitar. they're french. and paris bound. i'm about to board soon. for now, this is my school. and just like i've always been, i'm so excited to be a nerd, and an eager beaver student. take me far, far away!

i have this wild dream to one day, just go to the airport and decide on the spot, right there and then, where in the world i will go.


.acciemaj. said...

wow. when i read this blog,i feel like i'm reading mine coz i also do that. i love writing everything i am traveling.there's this one time that went to guangzhou alone to visit my dad and i got lost. it was scary but fun. i love reading my old journals coz it's giving me a reflection of how my life has been. thanks for sharing!

wacky said...

hey b.,know wat u realy inspire me a lot!!! for me to work harder so that like you i can also travel around the world..

giuliana said...

hi bianca! i visited your blog last year, then rediscovered it last week! your entries are very entertaining,amusing, educational, i can just go on and on... haha.i love how you love your family soo much.

i am so glad that i saw this blog entry first (hopefully, hehe)... i also like writing in my notebooks,journals, my organizer, little cards and notes,everywhere! ...and i also like rereading them. i can totally relate to what you just posted...

i am looking forward to the next one. :) take care.

Languages Internationale said...

the thought of you eavesdropping in that guy's phone call and dropping a tear from you heard is just so surreal!

i love bianca!

Anonymous said...

Trully an inspiration. I like to travel. I love your blog.
God blees you, Bianca.

Arthur Nielsen said...

hi bianca! good day! first time to comment here. i am with you on your thoughts on this post. I actually did my first international travel ever to singapore last april 4, and I couldn't be any happier. It's the thrill of discovering the beauty of a foreign country by yourself that makes the experience super worthwhile. And by the way, your postnote is the bomb! Just amazing. If only I have the means, I would have boarded the next flight to Luxembourg or to soe other cool country. Take care and all the best to you! :-)

karenina said...

i wish i could do that, go to the airport and decide where to go on the spot. that would be really exciting. =)

John Exos Nulud said...

hello ate bianca..obviously you don't know me, but you really inspire me a lot!

i love to travel, people watch and take notes from other people too, haha.

good luck on your future travels, and maybe someday go to the airport and then decide on the spot where to go. :D


markymark2099 said...

Definitely a great dream...one I'm hoping to do next year, God willing :)

celine said...

hi, Ate Bianca :D nice blog! i love it

irish said...

i am the same observer as you while on travel, but i just put it all in the mind, no chance of writing ir down. u're a better traveller than me of course! :) i'll bring this with me in my next trip. conquer the world, biancs. :)
thanks for sharing this old thoughts. i like the last part, which you said, what if one day, we can just go to the airport then think over there where in world we want to go. just like choosing a a resto where to dine. hehehe. :) stay safe.

Belle said...

Hello Bianca,
Whatta notes!!! I love the way you blog hope you don't mind of me following your Blog ;). Thanks for sharing your old notes to us! stay safe and take care!!!

Anonymous said...

you really do inspire me, before i am not interested in traveling, but when i got to read your blogs about it, you just told me how fun it is to travel and see all the beautiful things around the world.

you're the best.


Anonymous said...

aww sweet! kakainspire..

Kristelle said...

I love traveling too ate bianca! I just can't afford it for now but maybe soon. I love reading your travel stories. =)

Safari Tree Adventures said...

hey bianca! i can super relate to the whole rereading of old journals! i laugh sooo much whenever i read stuff from High School and realize how boxed up my world was before and compare it to now, when i know that there's so much more to explore and learn everyday! i love your travel adventures! I hope one day i'll be able to do the same! especially traveling alone and really soaking everything up! the closest i've been is a trip to Palawan and already, that got me super excited. What more the rest of the world? :D here's to more cartwheels everywhere! haha! -alexi

Anonymous said...

hello bianca, i will have my first international travel to the states next month. ive been a ktxt subscriber for three years. it was 2006 right? ill be going to new york and san francisco. Thank you so much for being an inspiration. ive been a fan and will always be.
Keep up the goodwork and stay inspired!!


Anonymous said...

wow! you just keep on inspiring me and really, thank you for that! you've just given me my passport to what i have been contemplating for a longest time, to travel by myself =)

merci beaucoup!

Anonymous said...

travelling alone is really one of the best things to do. i couldn't agree more with what you wrote. i hope your dream will come true soon :)

bampiraako said...

I love the way you record your thoughts while you travel. Very observant and..naughty.(eavesdropping..haha)

It really nice to bring not only a camera but a journal so that you can document not only what you can see but also how you feel about the beautiful/amazing things you've seen.

Nice one!

czharina said...

hi..I love to read blogs.esp from someone who loves to travel..though I have traveled alone I think it is still best to have friends and love ones along to share with the fun and fuss of traveling.

boo aguado said...

"i have this wild dream to one day, just go to the airport and decide on the spot, right there and then, where in the world i will go." ---> I so know what you mean, biancs. I work in Heathrow, the world's busiest airport, so you can just imagine how I feel E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y! Everyone around me flying everywhere...and I'm stuck there. =( How great would it be to wake up and go to the airport, not to work, but to just get on a plane - anywhere - and to be able to do that everyday! =)

Adrian Ayalin said...

Im sure love mo rin yung Love Actually, panalo ang airport scenes nila. Masaya, me konting lungkot. Nagha-hug mga tao sa salubong, saka paghahatid. Wala lang. Hehe.

Mayee said...

I absolutely love your travel posts! It's always been a dream of mine as well to go around the world, and it was supposed to be my first time traveling alone this summer, but due to some circumstances, I had to stay. I hope I get to live my travel dreams like you soon. :)

diane said...

hello ms. bianca!
like you i so love traveling whether i'm with my friends or family. unfortunately i haven't experienced traveling alone. haha. i haven't been able to go outside the country (i hope i can do this one in the next years of moi life...cross fingers!!!)thanx for sharing all your traveling stories. god bless and more power to your career!!!

Jun said...

The postnote: just like Carl and Allison in Yes Man, but not quite, because you want to go alone.

Keep safe.

HOMER said...

Wow! I do that too sometimes haha! sometimes feel like im in this certain movie where the main character narrates what he sees or experiences.. hehe!!

Another thing there's a point where I hear music playing on my mind thought there's no one actually playing or singing.. haha

selee said...

wow! im blogstruck! this may sound cheesy..but i have been an avid fan since then..my inspiration for buying gazillion chuck taylors, swimming, being tan..
sorry..really im star stricken..couldn't believe i stumbled into your account.

Neys said...

wow this is a very nice post! nakaka- excite while reading it..

jared said...

"nasa plane na ako.. i love you.. ingat ka ha.. check ka ng email mo lagi.. i love you so much.. bye.. love you.." i shed a tear.

------------ emotional bianca?
Love this entry.. ;)
Hey, I'm following you on twitter. my id is jaredpuge

ThoughtsbyPink said...

Super na-entertain at na-educate ako ng entries mo. I sooo luvvv travelling too kaya I couldn't help but read all your entries in one sitting.
Thanks for sharing!
Have you been to Cambodia yet?
If you happen to visit this amazing country, lemme know. it would be nice to meet you in person.

God bless you and your family.


kat said...

that postnote's very interesting. i saw something similar to that in the movie Yes Man. Dunno if you've seen that film. it's quite an inspiring movie about being spontaneous in life.

i hope to do the same one day.

---- said...

"on the plane leaving manila.

i love window seats. and i love it when i get exit row. much leg room. i lean over my side to try to nap. i hear the guy behind me on his celphone. "nasa plane na ako.. i love you.. ingat ka ha.. check ka ng email mo lagi.. i love you so much.. bye.. love you.." i shed a tear.


When I read that part.. my hart sank.. and sank.. and sank. Not too long ago, I had someone.. and he said the very same things to me too.. before he left for the US. He said that every time he would leave and one year, he left.. and he didn't come back.. long story.. but yea. Still sucks. It's been a couple of years now..


Alex said...

Parehas tayo one day gusto ko pag papunta ko ng airport dun pa lang ako magdedcide kung saan ako pupunta!

And I want to take photos of people that I see when I travel as well kaso nga nakakahiya.


Anonymous said...

hi! its my first time reading your post and i can totally understand what you feel. i also love traveling alone and the freedom that comes with it. even if i always get lost (thanks to my "good" sense of direction haha), its sooooo worth it. more power to you bianca and may you continue to be a greaaaaaaaaat role model for the youth!! god bless and take care!

Jing said...

Hi, Bianca! I've been a follower of your blog ever since I discovered blogging -- and that would be like, centuries ago. HAHA.

Thanks for inspiring a lot of people. I will work very hard to travel as well.

That thing about going to the airport and deciding right then and there where to go is super exciting. I can't wait to do that someday! :)

Here's to a thousand more places to go to!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

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Rej said...

i love the last part. i hope i can do that too!!!

Anonymous said...

bianca g..i love soooo much.....

OFW Blogger said...

nice blog..visit mine.



marjh said...

wooooow i love your post! i love the last part! hope i can do that too someday :D more power bianca!

sEEdnEy said...

i love to travel a lot and i'm just 17.. but you inspire me so much to study hard and work hard to attain my dreams of travelling to places i love.. thanks :)

marge0256 said...

Hi Bianca! I also love reading past notes and all that, even look at pictures from my multiply site. I had like tons of blogs since way 2006. And seriously, I most of the time laugh at all those, or sometimes shed a tear or two as well. It gives me that realization of how life's turn out because of my decisions and plans. I am also a huge blog person especially lately. And excited to read them in the future :)

Kcalii said...

bianca... the rapper...

i watched wowowee and you did great, hehe..

seriously, that makes you real person.

Kristine said...

Hi Bianca! I'm Kristine Go, a soon to be 22-year-old girl-slash-woman from Ozamiz City.

I know you probably get a ton of fan mails and blog comments all the time and I don't know how to convince you that this is different because I'm writing this as an eternal student seeking to learn from you, who I find incredibly inspiring, not only for your intelligence, conviction and beauty but also for the fact that you've always been willing to admit that you are human, that you make mistakes, that you don't always have it all together.

Like you, I like communications, philosophy, traveling, reaching out and pushing my boundaries. The only problem is, I was born to a conservative Chinese immigrant family that does not want me choosing a path outside the family business. Still, despite their disapproval, I have decided to follow my gut, pursue my passions and try, in my own little way, to make a difference.

I would love to hear from you. Your thoughts, a piece of advice, or anything at all. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, my email address is bear_hugs23@yahoo.com. Or you can simply drop a comment on my blog sippingcafeaulait@blogspot.com. I admire what you do, and I'm very, very curious as to how you got from where you used to be (wherever that was) to where you are now (which is definitely a fabulous place).

I don't want to make this too long, as I am not even sure you're going to take this seriously. But I hope you do.

Anyway, before I sign off, I would just like to say that you are an inspiration to many! God bless!

Kristine said...

Hello Bianca! I got your response a few minutes ago. Thank you. Thank you very much. I'll remember your words and continue to root for you.

I wish you deep fulfillment and happiness in everything that you do, now and in the future, whether you continue to do what you are doing now or decide to express your uniqueness in another way:-)

gail said...

i have the same dream too. definitely quoting you on that one!

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

If you're not a celebrity you'll definitely live by just blogging! haha. You're one awesome and super girl! Keep posting! :)

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

i soo loovvee reading tour blogs..so simple and natural..just like your personality..

i also love travelling!

Katherine said...

Exactly my thoughts about the airport and airplanes! I love watching airplanes fly overhead and I love watching them land from the boarding area. Plus I love your blog and I love manang's liempo too! :D

Bebe the bibe said...

Hi Bianca!

It's so fun reading your thoughts about things. Me and my hubby really admires you.

I just can't help myself not to comment on your post note about one day you'll be going to the airport and decide where and when in the world you will go. I'm sure now you know that on the airport you found yourself going to JC's world. We're so happy for you. Godbless your marriage. We hope we can meet you in person. 😀